Craft Fail: Kid's Science Celery Experiment

Celery Experiment: How do plants drink water? 

Good question. We never found out! This celery science experiment for kids is easy and educational if you do it right. It proves why it is important to carefully follow instructions. So, how do plants drink water?  Enjoy!

Celery Science Experiment for Kids
Celery Science Experiment: 
Grab a glass of water, insert a few drops of food coloring.

Celery Food Coloring Experiment
Stick in the celery and wait twenty-four hours.

My fellow Kid-Bloggers have been posting those beautiful colored carnations and various plants soaking the water up through their stems and coloring the tips of their leaves or petals.

First, ours started to die and turned brown. Then, I moved it to the window-sill. We've watched it everyday for three weeks. Along the celery stalk you can see very faint purple lines that stop long before reaching the leaves. I added more water. This celery is going to sprout roots before the leaves take color.

We'll keep it going until it rots or colors. Science or BUST. 

TIP: Wanna know why we failed?  

Yep, I didn't follow the instructions and cut legs in my celery. Do that first!

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