Recycled Scrap Paper Craft Rainbow Fish Theme for Preschool

Recycled Rainbow Fish Paper Craft and Companion Story Ideas

If you are teaching children how to care for fish, this Rainbow Fish recycled paper craft is an easy, fun aquarium activity to make.

The story: Rainbow Fish is different and the other fish aren't very nice until they get to know him in all his glittery glory. Did you know he wrote a second story, 'Rainbow Fish to the Rescue'?  We have some fun, preschool companion book activities for both here. Rainbow Fish is the perfect theme for preschool curriculum.

Rainbow Fish Paper Craft and Companion Story Ideas Theme for preschool
Marcus Fister's Rainbow Fish. Fun theme for preschool.

Rainbow fish theme for preschool easy paper fishing craft ideas
Scrap Paper Rainbow Fish Craft for preschool.

We made this fish from our scrap paper box. You can photocopy a picture of Rainbow Fish to use as a pattern. Tip: Use Wrapping Paper scraps to make a sparkly Rainbow Fish Craft.

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