August 6, 2012 Pin It! Online Scavenger Hunt

Love the game? We started a special Facebook Forum

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Topics: Fingerplays (i.e. Itsy Bisty Spider), 
Things to do with School Glue, 
Preschool snack ideas, 
Math activities for 5 and under, 
Fun with pencils.

This week's winning pin from Kindergarten with Love pinned by Dawn Tryggestad Marelli

My Favorite Pin is from Obsessively Stitching and was pinned by Carole McIntire.

For official Rules Click Read More Below.

RULES of the Game:

Pin Limit is 10 pins per person, must pin all topics once for contest entry. So, to complete entry requirements pin 1 items for each of the 5 topics. Having so much fun you can't stop? Pin a maximum of 10 total pins. Maybe you just found 3 great finger-plays? Pin your 5, then add these to share with group. Any pins over 10 total will need to be removed. 

Comments can be left here or on blog. Once you are on the board no need to ask to play~ when you're in, you're in. 

Happy Pinning :-) p.s. if you find more great ideas pin to your own topical board to share later.

DISCLAIMER: Pin with the most re-pins is showcased here each week and the pinner wins a small prize package from vendor donations to the blog or my own collection of goodies. You can play as much as you want but prizes awarded only every 30 days. If you are so fabulous that you always get the most pins the Prize will revert to next highest pin.  

Prizes awarded every 30 days to residents of the United States (Sorry no Alaska or Hawaii). You can win no matter where you live and pat yourself on the back.

Game ends Sunday at 10:00 p.m. EST ~ No topical pins after that time will count toward the last week's contest. You may begin pinning new keyword topics at 10:01 p.m. EST if they have been posted in the Facebook Forum (your secret head's-up).

Winners and Topics are officially announced Monday at 12:00 p.m. EST (Noon)

Allow 4-6 Weeks for delivery (sometimes prizes come quicker). I reserve the right to send SURprizes to past winners and game helpers as the whim hits me.

Wanna join? Leave a comment on Pinterest to be added to the board as a collaborative pinner (under the purple tack). Or ~ below this post is a divider bar, on the left side you will see the words, "Tell us your two cents" click here to comment and get your invite to join the game! Any comment on any post will do, just let us know you'd like to join the hunt :-)

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