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Preschool and Sayings for Facebook? Follow Us Kids Creative Chaos :)

Follow Us for Lyrics, Sayings, and Quotes for Facebook 

We're trying to grow our Internet following. We are growing like weeds on Pinterest, but our Facebook page needs some love. We share lots of fun preschool ideas, activities, and quotes to share on your Facebook wall. Click on the Quotes tab above for images and sayings to share. Scroll down for the Lyrics to Tri Sigma's Follow Us.  Enjoy!

Follow Us Lyrics and Please follow Kids Creative Chaos on Facebook
Follow Us, Kids Creative Chaos on Facebook.
Please, hop over and join the conversations. I love to see your ideas. Feel free to share links to your blog posts on our wall too. 

This reminds me of a sorority song, "Follow Us". We sang it during rush at Ball State University. Hmm... Did you ever sing that song or a similar version in church? It was taken from a John Denver song,  "Follow Me".

Tri Sigma Greek Letters Logo: Sigma Sigma Sigma  Follow Us Song Lyrics.
Sigma Sigma Sigma  Follow Us Song Lyrics.

Sigma Sigma Sigma "Follow Us" Song Lyrics:

It goes something like this: 

Follow us where we go, what we say and what we do

(Yikes... that's creepy- never noticed.)

Make it part of you to be a Sigma Tri.
Follow us up and down all the way and all around.
Take our hands and say you'll follow too.

Oh my gosh, just found this Tri Sigma rap song on You Tube. My, how things have changed. 

Back to the point- You can follow Kids Creative Chaos, on Facebook, Pinterest (Pin it! Online Preschool Scavenger Hunt), Twitter (@playconnection), and You Tube

Make it part of your busy day too.

Follow us over here, over there, and everywhere.
Take our lead and be a follower too.

You know it's long been on my mind.

That's why I asked you to follow me today.
To try to find a way that you can help share what I say. :)

Thanks for following. We love our friends and followers. Feel free to start a conversation in the comment section following our posts.

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Online Scavenger Hunt: Pin it! Preschool Scavenger Hunt Art Projects for Kids

Art Projects for Preschool Kids from Pinterest Scavenger Hunt

The relaunch of Pin it! Preschool Scavenger Hunt is a huge success! We have accumulated over 5,000 followers and 136 pinners. If you'd like to play the game, request to become a pinner to the collaborative board. Comment on this post or leave a comment on the purple pin on our Pinterest board.

Art Projects for Preschool Kids from Pinterest Scavenger Hunt.

Congrats to Jo @Le Baby Bakery for this month's winning pin from +Allison McDonald @ No Time for Flashcards. See the pin Kandinsky Fine Art.

Recycle Lids: Art Projects for Preschool Kids from Pinterest Scavenger Hunt
Recycle bottle lids for this Fine Art inspired project based on Kandinsky.

This month's runner up is +Dawn Marelli with an Easy preschool project tissue paper chick from Blissfully Domestic.

Easy Tissue Paper Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten for Easter
Easy Tissue Paper Craft for Kids. Fun for Easter.

+Nicole Kiska is donating Usborne books to the winners.
See the
prize pack here.
APRIL Topics 4/1 - 4/30 

Find and pin these ideas: 

Book & Companion Projects (Children's Book Day 4/2), 
Science for Earth Day U.S. (4/22), 
Arbor Day Ideas(4/26), 
Re-use Projects for "Keep America Beautiful" Month, Things to do w/ Jelly Beans (Jelly Bean Day 4/22), 
Ideas for Nat'l. Pretzel Day(4/26) 
Penguin Day Ideas (4/26) 

LIMIT 35 pins total per person. You can pin 5 per topic or mix it up- 10 of your favorite topic, etc. It's your choice! Pins must lead to PAGE of source (website). Don't REPIN your own pins. Please pin to your board first, then pin to the Pin it! group baord. 

For a complete list of GAME RULES visit our Facebook Pin it! page.  Good Luck!

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How to make homemade Play Dough Recipe Ideas (Edible) and Pistachio Experiment

Ever wonder how to make play dough at home

We love to play with squishy dough. It is great for sensory play, especially when it has a scent. This recipe for how to make homemade play dough (Play-doh) is scented and edible, but not very tasty. Enjoy?

how to make scented homemade play dough easy recipe ideas for kids
Scented Play Dough for a true Sensory experience.

Pin it! Preschool Scavenger Hunt (Pinterest) Hearts Feb. 11, 2013

What a fun week of playing Pin it! Preschool Scavenger Hunt on Pinterest! This week brought many new pinners/players for tons more ideas for February Preschool Activities. Ready to start playing and pinning for a new week? This week's categories are all things remembered in the month of February but not necessarily winter crafts for kids.

This week's winning pin is the perfect preschool activity for Valentine's Day! Coffee Filter Heart Craft by Meaningful Mama. Who pinned it? Yes, Dawn! Lots of others were in the running this week. Kudos to all!

Pin it! Preschool Scavenger Hunt Coffee Filter Heart Craft Meaningful Mama
Easy Heart Craft for Valentine's Day by
I have a super easy shamrock craft made from hearts that got loved too :)

Easy preschool Shamrock Craft from paper hearts

Here's the list to get you startedFebruary is the month to honor these things: American History Lesson, Friendship Crafts, Bird Feeding (Easy Bird Feeder Projects), Grapefruit Recipes, and Responsible Pet Owners Ideas. 10 pin limit (1 per topic) ~ NO AD LINKS. Pins must lead to blog or PAGE of source. PLEASE don't REPIN your own pins. Pin to own board 1st. Find us on Facebook to chat about ideas.

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February 4 Pin it! Scavenger Hunt for Preschool Activities Search Words and Winners

Pinterest Scavenger Hunt for Preschool Ideas

Are you playing yet? Pin it! Online Scavenger Hunt helps hook teachers and caregivers up with great, relevant preschool activities each week. Anyone can play just leave a comment on this page or on the purple pin and we'll add you to the collaborative board.

Pin it! Scavenger Hunt Preschool Activities for kids search keywords
Pinterest Preschool Scavenger Hunt

Pin categories: Violets (Feb. flower), Teeth Lessons (Dental Health Month), Things to do w/ Hearts, Healthy Snacks,  and  Snowmen. 10 pin limit (1 per topic) ~  NO AD LINKS. Pins must lead to blog or PAGE of source. PLEASE don't REPIN your own pins.  Pin to own board 1st. Facebook Forum to chat with other preschool teachers or mommy bloggers 

This week's winning pins (it's a tie):
21 Presiden't Day Activities from Tip Junkie

When is President's Day? 21 Activities to celebrate from Tip Junkie
21 President's Day Activities from by Dawn Marelli.
and Groundhog Day snack from Smedley's Smorgasboard

Groundhog Day preschool Snack Pin it! Scavenger Hunt
Groundhog Day Snack by Nicole Kiska.

Pin it! Online Scavenger Hunt January 14, 2013 Preschool Activities and Homeschool Ideas

Are you looking for Preschool Activities or Homeschool Ideas? Then you need to follow Pin it! Online Scavenger Hunt on Pinterest! Each week, hundreds of Homeschool providers and Preschool/Daycare teachers scavenge the Internet for the best ideas for preschool, pre k, and early elementary curriculum ideas and pin to our group board with 3500 + followers. You can pin or just follow the great ideas!

This week's winner is a new collaborative pinner, Jessica Grove she pinned a plant collage animal for the key word, 'things to do with house plants' in honor of National House Plant Day January 10.

Preschool Activities Homeschool Ideas Pre K activity Pin it! Scavenger Hunt Plant Collage
Animal Plant Collage from

This week's keyword search terms are:  Things to do handwriting (Nat'l Handwriting Day 1/23), Winter Animal Crafts (Animal Blessing 1/17 Day), Eskimos (Eskimo Pie Day), Hug Crafts/Lessons (Nat'. Hugging Day 1/21), Football Curriculum/Crafts. 10 pin limit (1 per topic) ~ NO AD LINKS. Pins must lead to blog or PAGE of source. 

Still have questions? Join the Facebook Forum to chat with others and discuss rules and guidelines.

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Pin it! Online Scavenger Hunt for Preschool Curriculum ~ Week # 1 ~ 2013 Winner

It's a new year! What a great time to start following all the fun over on Pinterest. Each week, we host a scavenger hunt for the best preschool ideas on the web. There are 5 keywords to search and pin. You can follow for great ideas or join the fun and we'll add you as a collaborative pinner. As a pinner you get a chance to win crafty, kid-related prizes each week!

Looking for THINGS TO DO with Kids? Check out our Pin it to Win it ~ Online Scavenger Hunt. Resource for Preschool Curriculum Ideas

Each month we search  for new words related to kids crafts or Preschool/Homeschool curriculum THINGS TO DO. Players pin their favorite ideas from blogs or their classroom. A winner is chosen and announced  on Pinterest.

For more details and to chat with teachers and kid bloggers join our Facebook Forum. New rules and how to play preschool scavenger hunt on Pinterest.

Things to do with Kids Preschool Curriculum Pin it Online Scavenger Hunt

August 6, 2012 Pin It! Online Scavenger Hunt

Love the game? We started a special Facebook Forum

Chat with others, give ideas for topics, share ideas and make friends. Pin It! on Facebook

Pin-it Online Scavenger hunt ~ 4/23/2012

Join our Preschool Scavenger Hunt on Pinterest

And the Winner is (4/16)...  Sleepy Mom! Be sure to visit her blog and help enter the world of blogging.

Remember to Win it you must leave a comment on this blog post after completion of the hunt. Below this post is a divider bar on the left side you will see the words "Tell us your two cents" click here to leave a comment. Any comment will do :-)

We have several pinners but less than 10 are entered in the drawing each week!!!  

Leave a comment on Pinterest to be added as a collaborative pinner under the purple tack.

Most pinned (145 repins) pinned by Jennifer O. from the blog Housing a Forest Dancing Oobleck ~ Kid Science - Cornstarch.

My favorite pin, pinned  by Carole McIntire (9 repins) from the classroom of Carole McIntire: Earth Day or Arbor Day Classroom Bulletin Board.  

This week's keyword search topics are:
Cinco De Mayo Crafts
Kid Science ~ Sponges
Things to do with Clothespins
Easy Fairy Tale Costumes

Pin it! Online Scavenger Hunt

Preschool Scavenger Hunt: Pin it!

~ Join us on Pinterest to Pin it! and Win it ~

Pin it! Online Scavenger Hunt

Give Crafty Bloggers a Boost 

Have fun scavenging the internet, pin it @ Pinterest, and get to know more Crafty Bloggers. Your Mission, if you choose to accept it, is:

1. Type the words below into a Google Search. Find an image 
(Right click and copy url or save as the title below)

2. Pin it to Pinterest, follow our boards, and we'll add you to the contributor board where you can begin pinning away to your heart's content to win, learn, and make new friends.

3. Follow Kids Creative Chaos on FB or leave a comment for an extra entry.

Be sure to leave your two cents worth. You have exactly one week to complete the mission. Everyone who completes Scavenger Hunt tasks will be entered to win! There's a new list every Monday.  Let me know if you have an image you want included in the hunt. This week's prize is a kid's crafting essentials kit: everything a kid needs to get inspired ($20).

~Happy Hunting~

  • Popcorn Hearts
  • Tree of Love
  • Heart Shaped Pizza
  • Tube Crafts
  • Superbowl Craft