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(How a Bricks and Mortar teacher ruined the love of ART)

We've been contemplating Homeschooling for a long time. We needed to find a house in the country with a barn, so we knew we'd be moving, but had no idea where. It seemed the perfect time to bite the bullet. 

had dreamed of being an ART teacher but deplored my first college art professor and switched to THEATRICAL DESIGN and later to ARCHITECTURE. Ha-ha-ha. I have a diploma. I worked in various design capacities, but always preferred working with children. I am laughing, because, after having my own children, that is no longer my favorite thing. Now, I like to write (more about that later).

But, oh wow! Homeschooling gave me a chance to fulfill my first academic dream and become a real life art teacher! I could not wait to get started. When you cannot wait for something; well, you probably should. It never, ever turns out like you envision.

Things are finally starting to swing in my favor, so I thought I would start sharing our weekly projects here. I want to give all moms of budding artists hope and patience by sharing our grief.  We've learned so many great lessons along the way: How to clean up, How art can teach math, Patience is a virtue, Practice makes perfect, How to spell new words, How to make Mommy say bad words... you get it- you've lived it.  

Maybe you love math or music or language arts and it turns out to be your child's least favorite or worst subject. Time to put on your grown-up pants and grin and bear it with me.

Here is Jake's work from Connection's Academy Art LESSON ONE:  Draw a picture of yourself showing how you feel about school, specifically ART, use shapes and patterns within your drawing.

Elementary Homeschool Art Lesson Self-Portrait

Jake: "I hate art."
Mommy: "It is my favorite subject! I am not so great, but I try my best."
Jake: "I'm no good at it, and I don't want to do it."
Mommy: "Let's listen to music while we draw."
Jake: "Let's don't, and say we did."
Mommy: "Jake, here is a mirror draw your face."
Jake: "No."
Mommy: "Just Do IT!"
Jake: "This is not fun."
Mommy: "This is not fun."
Mommy: "Maybe this is why Mom's take up drinking wine."

Later, Jake informed me he had never used anything but crayons in his art class at school. They always had to color the ENTIRE page with neat, crayon coloring from corner to corner. WHAT? I've got the pictures and the grades to prove why he doesn't like art. 

She was a hardcore grader for an elementary teacher who made the kids use crayons as a medium! In fact, she killed his straight A+'s in first grade with a B- and a comment to try and be neater. He was devastated. I told him, "Ya gotta do what ya gotta do." He did it from that point on. 

Man, I'd hate art too if that were my teacher's philosophy. Why do you need an art teacher for coloring with crayons. Seems like a lot of busy work to me.

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Lora Langston
Lora Langston

Lora is a homeschooling mom, writer, creator of Kids Creative Chaos, and Director of the Play Connection.


  1. LMBO!! I loved this post. Especially today after a rough go at Homeschooling. We've been at it awhile but today was a burn-out day for all, I guess. Thanks for the laugh and keep chugging away, things'll get better;^)

  2. Wow that is a BRILLIANT Drawing. Love your post. Wonderful.

  3. ahh, love the honesty of this post. Annoying when things don't always go the way we're hoping. Sounds like pretty disappointing art classes to me...? I hope you're able to ignite some passion and give art it's joy back.

  4. Awww, his picture tells the story very well. x

  5. That sounds crazy. I hope that it gets better!

  6. I love how honest his picture reflected his feelings. And I wouldn't like to do something if I had those rules and criticism either! Hopefully with a little encouragement he'll learn to love art. I didn't actually think I was that creative (I am a scientist by trade and was encouraged to focus on science and math from a very young age) but since I've begun to do more and more crafts with the kids, well, let's just say the house is covered in crafts and not all of them are made by people under 5!

  7. Oh that's sad how he feels about art - especially when he is so talented. It shows what damage a bad teacher can do. Hope he can find the love again.

  8. Wow! I guess you don't have to wonder what he's thinking! Definitely let him know there's a group (including me!) who thinks he's too talented to hate art.

  9. It is sad that he does not like it and does so well. Makes me glad that I have good art teachers for my girls. So easy for one bad time to hurt people.

  10. It is great that you are working to help him deal with this teacher and to still love art.


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