What She's Wearing Wednesday or What Not to Wear

Welcome to What She's Wearing Wednesday.  This week, she wanted her photo taken with her new boots and hat. I didn't understand the hat until she explained.  "It's a cowboy hat to go with my pink, purple, and blue cowboy boots."

Indeed, it is a cowboy hat.  A foamy, bent-out of shape hat from the Dollar Tree store. I think she did well this week but apparently someone disagrees.  Do you see the nasty, Scarecrow?  He is laughing!  Well, Sir, I don't like your shirt and what happened to your shoes and socks you gloveless wonder.

I need another pose by the tree (actually a stump from an overgrown Redbud tree). Lots of practice for those future print ads. Good thing, because with my genes, I'll probably be six foot tall.

Dollar Tree does not compensate me for their mentions but they should. :-)
Kohl's has some cute girl's clothes. You can check them out here:

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