First Grade Math Activity Games using Tens and Ones

First grade game for math activity center involving tens and ones counting

You can make this game activity at home, and print a free printable tens and ones chart to play it. Playing with dice makes learning tens and ones counting fun for first graders. Enjoy!

Math Activity Game Free Printable Chart Tens and Ones
Visit the link above to print these charts.
Printable Hundreds Chart for First Grade Math
Printable Hundreds Chart.

Tens and ones math activity game for first grade counting
Help your early elementary or preschooler learn 
about tens and ones with this game.

You will need  12 mini cups, 2 dice, and macaroni. 
We used Phineas and Ferb Macaroni.

Mark six of your cups with the number 10 and six with the number 1.

Take turns rolling the dice and building numbers. Child chooses which number to build. For example, the roll shown above can be played as 46 or 64.

Place the dice in the squares on the free printable playing chart. Use the Hundreds chart to help count to 64. 

Then, build the numbers in the cups. For sixty four, place 10 pieces of macaroni in six cups (60) and one macaroni in four number one cups (4).

Once cups are filled, count to find out how many tens and ones. 64 = 6 Tens, Four ones. Mark this on your playing chart. Under the appropriate heading.

For further understanding, use the free printable hundreds chart to check your work. If macaroni adds up to the number rolled score 5 points. First one to 20 points wins.

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