April Showers? Color an Umbrella Craft for Kids

April showers! Spring Umbrella Craft for Kids

Finally, after all the April snows, Mayhem was able to color her
ALEX® Toys - Craft Color A Yumbrella.
 It took Spring forever to... er sprung- and patient she ain't. Anywho...

Color an  Umbrella craft from Alex Toys Super Cute!
Coloring an umbrella with permanent markers.
This cute umbrella craft comes with permanent markers. We used some of our own Sharpies too. She colored one triangle, got tired, and took a break for a week. Now, she can color whenever she gets bored. The craft that keeps on giving! 

You know, she'll be modeling this with her latest rubber galoshes. What am I saying? It's Mayhem, she'll probably wear ballet flats when she goes skipping in the rain.

Kids Creative Chaos Blog Crafts for Kids: Alex Toys
Mayhem colors a lollipop on her Yumbrella.

Cute Umbrella Craft for Spring Birthday Party for Kids
The Umbrella is decorated with cute, yummy sweets.

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