Homeschool Science Project: Bread Making Investigation - How Does Matter Change?

Science Curriculum Ideas for Elementary Homeschooling: Investigate the MATTER of bread? 

In this homeschool science project you are required to experiment with bread making ingredients to study how matter can change. Enjoy!

After the experiment, make a loaf of bread and watch how yeast makes chemical changes. Find an Easy Artisan Bread Recipe on the internet like the one in this linky. We've included a link to our free printable worksheet: investigating the matter of bread. Instructions for the project are included in the worksheet.

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Kid Science Lesson on Matter Bread Making Investigation
Kid Science Lesson on Matter Bread Making Investigation.

The Science of Bread and Changes in Matter Homeschool Project

Homeschool experiment with bread ingredients. 

Print out worksheets from the link below.

Science: Homeschool Project and Free Printable Worksheet for Matter and Bread Lesson

What happens when you experiment with bread ingredients? 

Get your safety glasses ready and find out. See the Dew? 

Don't do the Dew! Kid never drank it, just the Mommy. 
She quit, lost weight, and has never felt better! 

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