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April Showers? Color an Umbrella Craft for Kids

April showers! Spring Umbrella Craft for Kids

Finally, after all the April snows, Mayhem was able to color her
ALEX® Toys - Craft Color A Yumbrella.
 It took Spring forever to... er sprung- and patient she ain't. Anywho...

Color an  Umbrella craft from Alex Toys Super Cute!
Coloring an umbrella with permanent markers.
This cute umbrella craft comes with permanent markers. We used some of our own Sharpies too. She colored one triangle, got tired, and took a break for a week. Now, she can color whenever she gets bored. The craft that keeps on giving! 

You know, she'll be modeling this with her latest rubber galoshes. What am I saying? It's Mayhem, she'll probably wear ballet flats when she goes skipping in the rain.

Kids Creative Chaos Blog Crafts for Kids: Alex Toys
Mayhem colors a lollipop on her Yumbrella.

Cute Umbrella Craft for Spring Birthday Party for Kids
The Umbrella is decorated with cute, yummy sweets.

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Bowling with Pro Bowlers: Osku Palmerma = Perfect way to start Spring Break

Angie's Corner
PBA Pro-Am Osku Palmermaa
With  Pro Bowler Osku Palmermaa
Last Friday, my 9 yr old daughter, got to bowl in a tournament for a chance to win scholarship money with Pro Bowlers that were in town for a PBA tournament. She just got a new heavier ball. So, after school Thursday, I took the kids to the local bowling alley so my daughter could get the feel of her new ball.  My son got to bowl without bumpers to get ready for next fall.

kids with Pro Bowler Ryan Schafer
Angie's kids with Pro Bowler Ryan Schafer
Pro Bowler Dick Allen
With  favorite Pro Bowler Dick Allen

For being nervous she started out great! She bowled a 156 but dropped in scores a bit as she bowled her next two games. In all, she got to bowl with 6 Pro Bowlers.

She quickly developed a crush on the 1st Pro Bowler and at the end left there in awe. The last Pro Bowler complimented her and as he tried to get her dad to meet someone about a camp, her coach (from youth league and who she bowled with) quickly stepped in to hear about it.

It was a great night for everyone; the Pro Bowlers had a great time with the kids, the kids got to meet and see Pro Bowlers. I was disappointed I didn't get to see my bowling crush, but I got to see a few bowlers I grew up watching. We will be doing this again next year if the opportunity presents itself. :)

Valentine's Day Ladybug Activity for Preschoolers: Tic-Tac Toe Game

Cute Ladybug Craft for Valentine's Day for Preschoolers

This adorable ladybug paper craft was made by Mama Mia (she no longer blogs). It is a fun paper project to make with preschoolers or a buggy Valentine to make for your little ones. Get them involved in the process for some hands on learning and fine motor skills. Enjoy!

Ladybug Valentine Paper Craft for Preschool Kindergarten
Ladybug Valentine Paper Craft for Preschool Kindergarten.

Companion Lesson

Draw one heart and one square to use as a template. Have preschoolers trace squares and hearts and then let them cut them out. This focuses on hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

As the children glue the legs on, discuss the differences between spiders and insects. How many legs does a ladybug have?

How to Make Ladybug Tic Tac Toe Game

2 large sheets of red construction paper (or craft foam).
1 large sheet of black construction paper (or craft foam).
1 scrap or half sheet of pink construction paper (or craft foam).
2 googly eyes
1 glue stick

Cut 2 tiny hearts for  the antennae
Cut 5 pink and 5 red hearts for game pieces
Cut 6 long strips of black for legs. Cut these straight and then fold as shown above.
Cut 2 long strips of black for the antennae.
Cut 9 Squares for game board.
Cut 1 half moon from black paper for head.

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