6 Cool Pinterest Father's Day Activities for Kids

Wondering What's Hot on Pinterest in Father's Day Activities for Kids? 

Check out these six fun, easy, and giftable craft projects to make your Father's Day the best one ever. These Father's Day activities are so neat- even the coolest Dads will love them. The best part is Kids can help make them. Enjoy!

6 Cool Pinterest Father's Day Activities for Kids

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Cooking with kids is always fun and a great way to sneak in some Sensory Play Based Learning. How about a lesson in measurement mathematics? Gluesticksblog.com offers up some easy barbecue sauce recipes for dear old Dad. I think these make a great grandpa gift too. I'm in love with those mini-mason jars, how about you?

How to make homemade barbecue sauce in mini mason jars for Father's Day
How to make homemade barbecue sauce for Father's Day gifts 
from gluestickblog.com.

What Daddy doesn't love to eat? Here is a How to make "DAD" sugar cookie recipe from MarthaStewart.

How to make DAD sugar cookies for Father's Day
D.A.D. Cookie Treats from MarthaStewart.

What can a preschooler give Daddy that is homemade and will be cherished? How about this framed picture for Dad and meaningful script from East Coast Mommy Blog. Ask your preschooler a few questions about Daddy, plug them into a favorite photo, and give it a nice frame. Daddy will be proud to sit this on his desk at work. Faboo! 

Preschool picture with why I like Daddy for Father's Day Gift
East Coast Mommy has an easy project for Father's Day gifts from the kids.

While we're talking photos for Dad, how about making some  "DAD" blocks for Daddy's or Grandpa's Desk? These photo blocks from Stories by Me blog are a fun and unique Father's Day gift that is easy to make. Stack them tall or play switcheroo, any design gives Dad something to doodle with while talking on the phone.

How to make photo blocks for cool Father's Day gift from kids.

Okay... I'm doing this one from Lil' Luna for sure. I have some mini Coca-Cola Bottles that I've been saving for a rainy day project. Maybe fill them with pretzel bits, peanuts, spices? 

Can you imagine the possibilities? Ours might not turn out as perfect as this one, but that's no reason not to give it a go. The kids will have fun decorating the packages and filling up the bottles, and you'll have fun when everyone comments on how creative you are. 

How to make a fun Father's Day gift with the kids Pop Bottles

And, while we're on the subject of pop bottle caps, how about making a bottle cap key chain for Father's Day? I searched around for an easy tool-less option and came up blank. This one offers the use of a hammer and nail rather than a drill. 

I'm wondering if you could make it more kid-friendly and easy by hot gluing two pop bottle caps together and inserting the necessary key chain bobbles in the middle. It's worth a try. Choose Daddy's favorite drink and make a cool keychain like this one at Scrap Reused and Recycled Art Projects.

Make your own keychain from bottle caps for Father's Day
Make your own Recycled Bottle Cap Keychain for Father's Day. 
This one is from Scrap Reused and Recycled Art Projects.

So, whadda ya think? Will the Dad in your life enjoy one of these cool Father's Day projects the kids can help make?


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