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Parent Teen Relationship

How To Build A Closer Relationship With Your Teenager

Having teenagers around the house can be tough and challenging. If you take the right approach, it can also be a happy, rewarding experience. Your child is now grown up and able to interact and connect with you on a deeper level, which is an exciting milestone. So, what do you need to do to build a closer relationship with your teenager?
Keep scrolling for some advice to consider as you strive to build a closer relationship with your teenager and get to know them better. While this is often a difficult task, it's possible, with the right strategy and attitude. Stay patient, some days are easier than others and building a stronger relationship with your teen takes time.

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Parent Teen Relationship Advice

Spend Quality Time Together

Build a closer relationship with your teenager by committing to spending quality time with them. You can stay indoors and let them teach you how to play their favorite video game or get active together and do activities such as going kayaking, going to the movies, going out for a bike ride, or simply taking a walk on a nice, sunny day. Know that if anything should happen to either of you while biking that you’re protected under the law if you’re not at fault. Contact The Compensation Experts should either of you have a cycling accident and would like to know if you have a case to seek compensation for your damages or injuries.

Practice Open Communication

Another useful tip for building a closer relationship with your teenager is to practice open and honest communication with one another. It's tough at first. When your teen feels comfortable talking to you, you'll likely hear things that surprise, upset, or even hurt you. Bite your tongue and listen. This is a great way to create trust and get on the same page without counseling. Making assumptions or not conversing much will likely cause a lot of conflict between the two of you. It’s okay to have disagreements, but each of you should try to refrain from yelling, name calling, or other forms of intimidation and instead focus on sticking to the facts and speaking in a respectful tone of voice.

Be A Good Listener

In addition to communicating well, you should also work on being a good listener with your teenager. You can build a closer relationship with them by refraining from judging and instead simply opening your ears and listening to their opinions. You may learn a lot from them when you’re open and willing; they too will appreciate that you're taking the time to hear their side of the story and viewpoints on the matter. Take a deep breath and repeat back what your teen is saying at the time instead of having their words go in one ear and out the other and immediately giving your opinion on the topic at hand.

Show A Genuine Interest in Their Life

Build a closer and deeper relationship with your teen when you show an appreciation for and an interest in their life. For example, this includes asking about what’s going on at school and attending their sports games or activities,. You’ll connect better and be more admiring of each other when you respect one another’s lifestyle and choices. Encourage them to try different extracurricular activities and then be there to cheer them on no matter how it is they decide to spend their time.


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Wondering How to Get Rid of Pimples or Zits in Kids or Adults? When does Acne start?

Get rid of Zits and Pimples with DIY Homemade Acne Scrub

Why do you get acne? When does acne start? Children can start seeing signs of acne as early as eight years old. As kids approach puberty, sweat glands become more active. It is crucial for kids to maintain proper hygiene during the hormonal years. Greasy hair and sweat can cause breakouts and pimples. So, you're wondering how to get rid of pimples? Enjoy!

How to get rid of zits or pimples in kids? At what age does acne start?
Acne or pimple breakouts can occur as early as eight years old, 
depending when puberty starts.

Getting rid of acne is difficult, but there are some inexpensive methods you can try at home. Of course, alcohol and witch hazel can dry up pimples, but these methods often leave redness behind. Here is a homemade remedy that helps to dry up the pimple and remove the redness.

DIY Homemade Acne Scrub Facial Mask Recipe:

1 Ripe Tomato (chopped and mashed), 1 tsp. Lemon juice, 1 Tbsp. Instant Oatmeal or Old Fashioned Rolled Oats.

Blend ingredients until combined into a thick paste. If necessary, add more oats to thicken.  Let dry, then pat off with a soft cloth dipped in warm water.  When dry, dab a drop of pure honey onto blemish with a cotton swab.

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