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Free Printable Monthly Calendar with Holidays 2017

Printable Special Days Monthly Calendar for 2017

These free printable monthly calendar (s) with holidays and special days are updated every month. Check back for the latest version. Once you have the link, you can save a copy, and edit it to add your own special days or birthdays. Enjoy!

Free Printable Monthly Calendar with Holidays 2017
Free Printable Monthly Calendar with Holidays 2017.

Blank Free Printable Monthly Calendar (Save a copy to edit.)


Plan Ahead Mom's 18 Month Planner

2016 Calendar Planner, Monthly, Blue Cover, 8.5 x 11 Inches 

June Calendar Special Days Holidays

Planning your Calendar for June? Celebrate these Special Holidays

We've got a fun holidays printable calendar for June, is summer in the states. People are outside, children are frolicking in the park, birds are happily tweeting. How do we celebrate? With picnics, of course. In the states, there are two well-known June holidays: Flag Day and Father's Day. Enjoy!

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June Printable Calendar of Special Days and Activities

Printable June Calendar Special Days Holidays 2021

Flag Day 14 - Make a felt Flag, Make a colored rice flag! For Flag Day, you could dress up like the Statue of Liberty.

Juneteenth 19 - What is Juneteenth? It recognizes the emancipation of African Americans and is a national holiday for celebrating the end of slavery. Celebrate Juneteenth with a Barack Obama Paperbag Puppet.

Father's Day in U.S. - 19 (third Sunday) Father's Day Crafts to Make and Origami with Money for Dad.

June Calendar Special Days Holidays: Father's Day Origami
Origami Money Art from Powerful Mothering.

Summer Solstice - 21 Sunshine Crafts and Activities for Preschool from Inner Child Fun. Tie Dye Suns from Creative Family Fun.

National Doughnut Day - (First Friday in June) Make homemade doughnuts.

Go Fishing Day 18 - Here is a super cute fishing activity and song. Math Fishing Activity for Toddlers. Buddy and Buggy also has a Fish Theme Birthday Party post! 

Paul Bunyan Day - 28  You could go see a Lumberjack show. We did that one year in Northern Michigan. How about a Lumberjack Birthday Party? Little Treats blog has some amazing ideas, like the little tree party favors pictured below.

Lumberjack Birthday Party or Paul Bunyan Celebration Party Favors
from Little Treats blog.

Here is a fun game to play straight from elementary pe class, but play it with teenagers at a birthday party for a real hoot!

Lumberjacks and Farmers

You will need orange cones, if you have a cut up log, that's even better! These are your logs for the lumberjacks to "chop down."

Divide into a team of lumberjacks and a team of farmers. Spread the cones or small stumps around the yard, half sitting up, half lying on their side. 

The farmers have to set up all of the "logs." The lumberjacks have to knock them all over! Players can only use their hands. No kicking over the logs! After a few minutes, call time. The team with the most upright or knocked over wins!

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May Calendar of Holidays and Special Days: Unusual and Unique

Unusual and Unique Holidays and Special Days of May

These dates in May will help you plan fun activities for school, after-school, or camp programs. Want to know if you should wear mismatched socks, a silly hat, or make a special treat to celebrate? You've come to the right place. Here's our printable, editable, downloadable calendar of May holidays.  Enjoy!

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May Calendar of Holidays and Special Days: Unusual and Unique

Printable Downloadable Calendar for May Holidays
Click here for: 

Printable Downloadable Calendar for May Holidays 2020

When is Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May. In 2020, Mother's Day is May 10.

May 1 - National Mother Goose Day! So celebrate by dressing up like your favorite Nursery Rhyme Character, reading a bedtime story, or making a fun Mother Goose craft (We have some chicken crafts). Play a Goose game.

May 3 - International Space Day began in 1997. Celebrate with an outer space craft for kids, a trip to a local history center or space museum, or wear an astronaut suit around town.

May 4 - National Star Wars Day!  Hip hip hooray for Yoda! We've got a Yoda craft. Sport a set of green ears to school today! Make a Yoda mask... and don't judge all those crazed Star Wars fans walking around in authentic looking costumes.

May 12 - National Limerick Day. Memorize a limerick... What is a limerick? You know... you really do. Something about a lady from France? Eh, there are nicer ones too. Go write your own limerick today. It is a nonsense poem. You make a lot of non-sense, right?

May 13 - Yes, Frog Jumping Day is a real day. So, go find a frog and challenge it to a jumping contest. Wait. No, that's not right. Grab two frogs and ask them to have a jumping contest. The frog who jumps the farthest wins. You could dress like a frog and play a healthy game of Leapfrog instead. Hey, if you do that will you make a video and share it with me? Thanks!
Frog Art Lesson for Kids

May 14 - National Dance Like a Chicken Day. Do you know how to do the Chicken Dance? No? What, you've never been to a wedding. Cluck, cluck boy, do we have chicken crafts for kids. We also have Chicken printables and chicken cartoons. Did you take a video of your dance too? Yep. Share it here in the comments.

May 14 - National Endangered Species Day. What is on the endangered species list? The Manatee for sure. The Eagle was, but is it still? IDK there are Bald Eagles after my chickens and ducks every other day. I see how they got to be endangered! Don't shoot, it is a Federal Offense. Endangered Species: Myotis Sodalis Bat

May 17 - National Armed Force's Day. Give thanks to a serviceman or veteran. Send a card, send a craft, give them a hug. Let them know you appreciate their service to our country.
Army Coloring Pages for Teens

May 18 - National No Dirty Dishes Day. I'm getting tired of writing all of these days down, I was going to skip to the end of the month here, but... REALLY? No dirty dishes day? That's a holiday I won't be celebrating. I'll just pretend. Don't open the dishwasher or the oven.  Am I right? Make your own Homemade Dish Detergent

May 22 - National Vanilla Pudding Day. Only because I have some things in this blog to do with Vanilla Pudding. Eat some today and make some edible finger paint with Vanilla pudding

May 24 - National Scavenger Hunt Day. Go outside. It is May, have a real life scavenger hunt. Here are some fun scavenger hunt ideas. Is it raining? Go play our Pinterest Preschool Scavenger Hunt.

May 27 - National Cellophane Tape Day. What the heck is that? It is tape. Don't you just love tape? You probably call it Scotch Tape, but that is a brand. Things to do with tape? Paper crafts! Tape a poster to your wall. Here is a friendship poster for your wall. Go tape it up in your room. Wrap a present. Send it to me! Thanks, I like presents :)

May 29 - National Paperclip Day. Make a paperclip necklace and wear it to school today. Don't steal your teacher's paperclips. The teacher's desk is off limits. Things to do with paper clips.

Looking for coupons to save on your holiday budget? Check out: Coupon Annie for more info.

When is Memorial Day?

May 30, 2016- Memorial Day. Ditto with the National Armed Force's Day, but now we remember those who served and died. Wear a ribbon, lay a wreath on a tombstone, make a scrapbook, share a story. Wave the flag. You could also dress up like a flag and walk in a parade, I guess. Whatever floats your boat. Flag Craft for Memorial Day

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6 Cool Pinterest Father's Day Activities for Kids

Wondering What's Hot on Pinterest in Father's Day Activities for Kids? 

Check out these six fun, easy, and giftable craft projects to make your Father's Day the best one ever. These Father's Day activities are so neat- even the coolest Dads will love them. The best part is Kids can help make them. Enjoy!

6 Cool Pinterest Father's Day Activities for Kids