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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a form of Word of Mouth Advertising

Did you ever have a homepage with Microsoft or are you even old enough to remember those? There's been a steady progression in the world of blogging and I've been along for the entire ride. Now, I'm considered a social media influencer. Influencer marketing is the latest trend on the world wide web, remember that term? Ha. It's been a wild ride. What is Influencer Marketing? 

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

What's influencer marketing and a sponsored post?

Influencer marketing is online word of mouth advertising. It goes like this. I went to a new ice cream shop, I loved the pineapple flavor, I took a picture and shared it all over my social media pages. It's true. I do love pineapple ice cream. If I tell you how much I love it, maybe you'll try it and love it too. Generally, influencers are trusted or are recognized as a celebrity or specialist in their area of influence.

Me? The influencer progression went like this: 

  • Microsoft Homepage - I shared my page with my family members to update them on the status of my new baby. (He's 17.)
  • MySpace page for my family - like a scrapbook.
  • Blog - Here's what we've been doing, doesn't it look fun?
  • Facebook page - So, you want how to instructions for the kids activities we've been doing?
  • Twitter profile - Because someone told me I had to have at least 5k followers to be of any value. (Twitter doesn't really fit my niche.)
  • Pinterest profile - Picture this and save it to make later! My stats skyrocketed quickly, so I wrote a how to book which ended up on Amazon's Best Seller's list and that boosted my influencer status.
  • Instagram profile - Everyone's doing it, it's the place to be. So, I did it too.

In between all of those social media platforms, I tried Snap Chat, Periscope, Blog Frog, Google+, and a host of other platforms that you've never heard about. My influencer status grew by leaps and bounds on Blog Frog. Once I caught on to how they got paid when I wrote an article or allowed ads on the page, it was a game changer.

Suddenly,  I realized that I could do that on my own website. I solicited brands, got free product, and a small payment for my articles. This method later became known as the sponsored post. The more sponsored posts I did, the more I was hooked. Next thing you know, I'm a huge (one of the first) Pinterest influencer. It happened while I was looking the other way. 

Over the last several years, my influencer status has grown to include Instagram. People like to see what other people do behind the scenes. That's why these unboxing YouTube videos are all the rage. While I do love to receive free product, as an influencer, it is important that I am compensated for my time. It's how I make my living. Never heard of me? Just Google it.

These days, I like to focus on educational kids' activities and budget friendly family travel. However, my blog is considered a lifestyle/parenting website so I get offered all sorts of influencer marketing proposals. I can afford to be choosy. 

Back in the day, Paris Hilton was one of the first social media influencers. Now, anyone can be an influencer, celebrity not required. You just have to be patient and persistent. There are many bloggers who became influencers by accident. I particularly like this story about the Barefoot Marathoner in the Influencer Spotlight. Like me, she was just doing her own thing, minding her own business when people began to take notice. Surprise, you're an influencer! 

Some Influencers make their money with YouTube advertising. I haven't found the time to focus on YouTube. Notice, I forgot to even mention it my progression list, it fits in somewhere after Facebook. I've helped other websites market themselves with YouTube, but my own profile falls flat. Maybe someday.

We don't have to all love the same things! There are some platforms I just don't love, and they obviously don't love me back. If you want to start building your own influencer marketing business, pick a social media platform that you love. Build it, love it, and they will come. Don't be fake. Just be yourself.

So, how do I use Influencer Marketing?

I get offered products to try. I do a lot of kids' recipes and snacks. So, influencer marketing platforms pair me up with food brands and retail stores who send the product and offer a small payment - they call it a fee. That can be confusing to newbies. It's a fee that I require to publish the article on my website. It's a payment to me.

I also get free tickets to events in exchange to promote the event on my social media pages and write about my experience on my blog.

I get pitched various things to post on my Instagram. I try to curate these to include only things that my followers (largely teachers and homeschoolers) will appreciate learning more about. I charge a fee per post or story.

When I do a sponsored post on my blog, I almost always share it to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. I charge an additional fee to share it to Instagram because it seems to be a premium service. If sponsors just want me to pin something on my Pinterest profile, I'm happy to do it for a fee. Time is money. Even adding a link to an existing blog post takes time, so I charge a fee for that too. 

What should you know? There are regulations on sponsored posts. Sponsored posts should be noted as such. On my social media pages, I am required to add #ad or #sponsored. Amazon affiliate links require a disclaimer at the top of the blog post. I always say, "This post contains Amazon affiliate links for your convenience." For other sponsored posts, I use different language, 'This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own." or "Post sponsored by INSERT BRAND." 

What's the biggest rage in influencer marketing these days? I'd say it's tiktok. Notice I don't have that listed above? I'm still thinking about it. Still. I've never been an early adopter, but I do okay. Juggling all of those different social media platforms is very time consuming. Many times, by the time I get around to thinking about signing up for a platform, it's already obsolete. 

Now, how do I find these influencer marketing gigs? Well, these days most of them find me. However,  if you're just starting out, just do a search for 'influencer marketing,' 'sponsored posts,' or 'become an influencer.' There are a ton of sites that help pair influencers with sponsors.

Good Luck! If you have any questions on your journey, feel free to reach out to me.


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Marketing your Business Yourself

 How to Market Your Business without Hiring a Marketer

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. It is the oxygen of the company, as some say, and they’re not wrong. A strong marketing campaign can help your business get noticed, but it can often be difficult to engineer such a campaign on a strict budget. For some budget-friendly ways to market your business without breaking the bank, try one or more of the following suggestions on how to market your business without hiring a marketer.

This blog contains Amazon affiliate links.

Marketing your Business Yourself

Go Back to School

If you are struggling with creating the next marketing campaign, now might be a good time for you to go back to school and try your hand at a business certificate, specifically a marketing one. 

For example, consider enrolling at the Kelley School of Business, one of the most prestigious institutions in the field. The Kelley Online Marketing Strategy Certificate can be yours in less than five months. 

What’s more, you can take the courses online, which is a lot easier to fit into your busy schedule than heading to class. This program can easily fit into a hectic life, and, most importantly, it equips you with the core concepts and skills that make a good marketer.

Trust in Networking

Many people shy away from networking events because they can take up a lot of time and don’t always provide instant results. Not seeing big results after putting in a lot of work can be frustrating, and you might think, “why bother?” 

But, when you do it right, networking can provide a lot of support. Through a strong network, you can find new opportunities naturally for your company. 

Networking generates organic publicity for your company through the people you meet and the opportunities they bring with them. So, free up your calendar and look for some networking events!

Ask Your Customers

Often, businesses shy away from asking their customers to refer others, but that is an excellent way to generate more organic traffic. By offering your existing customers an incentive for every referral, you motivate them to go out there and bring you more customers. 

For example, you might offer them a discount or a coupon. These new customers are a lot more likely to trust your company if a friend recommends you, rather than if they found you accidentally online.

Experiment with Free Trials

People love a freebie, that’s a given. So, if someone has the chance to try out your service for free for a limited time, they are likely to try it and invest some time in it, to “make the most” out of their trial. 

By the time the trial is done, they will like it so much that they will invest in the full product. This trial could be as short as a week or even extend to a month.

Final Tip: Get Involved with the Local Community

Often, marketers “overshoot it” by trying to cater to a global audience. But thinking small can be infinitely more effective if done right. You can stay involved virtually too. Find local groups on Facebook.

Affirm your presence through various local events (related or not to your field.) The more times people see you and your brand mentioned, the more likely they are to trust you.

If you still need help, we're happy to act as your marketing consultants! With over fourteen years of social media marketing experience, we can direct you to the easiest ways to market your business online.

Happy Fourth of July Posters to Share

Share these Independence Day Posters

Whether you call it Fourth of July or Independence Day, we've got a square image poster for you to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Share these Happy Fourth quote posters to celebrate with your friends. Enjoy!

Happy Fourth of July Posters to Share

This post contains affiliate links.

America celebrates Independence Day on July 4th! We're lazy and we'd rather wish you a Happy Fourth of July than a Happy Independence Day. America declared her Independence from Great Britain in 1776. So, toot your horn, raise your sparklers, and celebrate freedom!

Share these Independence Day Posters

What will you choose? Traditional red, white, and blue? Uncle Sam? Eagles? Firecrackers? Rockets bursting in air? The American Flag? All of these are symbols of America's most fun summer holiday! These fun image posters will wish your friends a happy fourth of July on your social media pages.

Fourth of July Image Poster to Share Social Media

We hope you have an awesome Independence Day with friends and family. Take it easy, you deserve a break. Happy Fourth of July, America!

Independence Day poster image to share Facebook


Learning Quote: Willingness is a Choice

Willingness is a Choice Quote

"The capacity to learn is a gift. The ability to learn is a skill. The willingness to learn is a choice." What a great quote about learning. Make the right choice and be open to learning and it will change your life! Not everyone is given the gift of a capacity to learn, don't waste it. This is an educational quote to share on Facebook or in the classroom. Enjoy!

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

Learning Quote: Willingness is a Choice
Learning quote to share.

How to Find Pinterest Group Boards

Want a Pinterest Group Board Finder?

If you're like me, you probably want an easy way to find Pinterest Group Boards. I pin for this blog and for other websites. Yes, you can hire me, but you can also do it on your own. I used to spend hours searching for the desired board title and then scrolling through all of the boards to find a group board. That's grueling and it takes hours! So, what is a Pinterest Group Board Finder and how do you find Pinterest Group Boards? Read on, and as always, Enjoy!

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

How to Find Pinterest Group Boards
Want a Pinterest Group Board Finder?

Jealous Quote: People Aren't Jealous of Hard Work

Don't Hide Accomplishments: People Aren't Jealous of Hard Work Quote

Here at Kids Creative Chaos, I've had some sort of blog since about 2006. If you count those old 'homepages' on Microsoft, well then, I'm a dinosaur! In 2011, I started thinking of blogging as an opportunity. By 2012, I had enough experience to have two posts go viral. Back then, I said it just happened- I had no idea how. But, that's not true. It was just easier to let people think that. So, I wanted to share this quote about jealousy. "You'll always find people who are jealous of your accomplishments. Know what people aren't jealous of? Hard work!"

Lora's Law #17: Most People Aren't as Dumb as They Act

Quotes about Success

A lot of smart people seem dumb. A lot of smart people feel dumb. The truth is, most people aren't as dumb as they act. Right? I mean, a lot of people always do their best and their best IS good enough. Other people, fool themselves to think that they are doing their best, but, in reality, they really don't care about the thing they are doing. It doesn't matter to them, it isn't as important to them as it is to someone else, and they just don't care. Then, they convince themselves that their best isn't good enough. Lora's Law #17 is a quote about mindset and success.

Get Back on the Horse Quote to Share: Lora's Law #16

Lora's Law #16: You Shouldn't Get Back on the Horse

You know what they say, you should always get back on the horse. It is a good message. It promotes how important it is to keep trying. The more you try, the more likely you are to succeed. It is a saying. Does that make it true? I've literally fallen off of a horse, and I've literally gotten back on the horse. So, I am here to tell you, (figuratively and literally) you shouldn't always get back on the horse! That's right, sometimes the horse is stupid and it isn't worth the risk. The same applies to life. Lora's Law #16 is all about that. Get back on the horse quote to share. Enjoy!

Lora's Law #12: People Don't Mean What They Say Quote

Just Because You Say What You Mean...

As I age, life gets easier. I've begun to understand that no two people are alike. I'd always assumed that when people say something mean or cruel about you, they believe it. Why would they say it otherwise? It has taken me decades to realize that other people don't mean what they say.

I do. If it comes out of my mouth, I believe it to be true. That's why you'll never hear me say, You're ugly! Never. I'd have to believe it to say it. If I believed it, I couldn't say it. You can QUOTE me. I mean, the truth hurts, right? Lots of people say terrible things that they don't mean. They'll say anything to get out of a situation, to hurt your feelings, or to get you to be quiet. Never mind it how it makes you feel, they'll apologize later. Lora's Law #12 is all about how people don't say what they mean. Enjoy!

What is Yummly?

Wondering How to use Yummly?

Yum. Yummy. Yummly. What the heck? Have you heard of Yummly but have no idea what it means? What is Yummly? If you are wondering how to use Yummly, we've got answers. Enjoy!

What is Yummly? Get Recipes
What is Yummly? Get Recipes!

Yummly is a social media platform for sharing recipes. We'd seen it floating around the internet. We even had quite a few nice referrals from Yummly. But, time. Oh time. There just weren't enough hours in the day for Yummly. Until one day...

One of our friends in the real world, who doesn't do a lot with social media, mentioned that she would rather use Yummly than Pinterest to find recipes. Huh. That's weird... What is Yummly?

She started writing recipe posts for us, and we started Yummly-ing them. Well, will you look at that! Yummly is giving us some nice referrals. More referrals than some of the major search engines. And, since Pinterest referrals are down- what happened Pinterest?We decided to try our hands at Yummly!

How do you use Yummly?
How do you use Yummly? This is our recipe box.

Like everything, there is a learning curve. Somehow on our recipe box, we have posts that aren't recipes. So, by the time you've read this, we'll have cleaned those out of there (hopefully).

So, what is Yummly?

Yummly is your recipe box, the one you have on the kitchen counter, but now you can have it on your kitchen counter or in your tablet or phone and save counter space! 

Here's what Yummly has to say:                                                      How does Yummly work?
Yummly puts every recipe in the world in your pocket. The most powerful recipe search, the recipe sites you love, your digital recipe box, recipe recommendations just for you, and a smart shopping list - all with you wherever you go. Yummly has the #1 iPhone, iPad and Android apps in addition to millions of website visitors. As recipes get more Yums, they get exposed more often throughout all of our platforms and features.

How to use Yummly

To use Yummly, go here and sign up: Yummly Sign Up.

Great, but now your recipe box is empty. How do you get recipes on Yummly? How do you get them into your recipe box?

Here's what Yummly has to say:
How do I get my recipes on Yummly?
The best way to get your recipes on Yummly is to add the Yum button to your blog or website. Once the Yum button us up, make sure you or your readers Yum your recipes so we can make sure to get them all on Yummly.

How do I Become a Yummly Publisher?

This seems like a good question. Why do you want to become a Yummly Publisher? More Traffic. More Notoriety. More Yum!

Here's what Yummly has to say:                                                      How do I get featured on Yummly?
Follow the steps above (add the Yum button, announce to your readers, and then fill out this form). Once you have taken all of the steps, you will be eligible for inclusion in various features on our website, apps, social channels, and email.
What are some best practices to increase the exposure of my recipes?
More Yums on your recipes equals more traffic. Bloggers who educate their readers, encourage use of Yummly, and promote their Yummly publisher page see more Yums and more traffic. Volume of recipes is also a factor. More recipes on Yummly will lead to more referral traffic from us.
How do I manage my publisher page on Yummly?
Currently, there is not an option for you to access and change your publisher page, but we plan to add this feature very soon. In the meantime, we will update your page for you if you fill out this form.
How do I find my blog's publisher page?
If you've added the Yum button and started yumming your recipes, a publisher page will be automatically created for your blog on Yummly. To find this, you can go to your personal user profile on Yummly and check to see if the recipe you Yummed has processed yet. Once it has processed, it will show a link on the recipe card to your publisher page. If you need help finding this page, email
Have a question that isn't already answered on our help desk? Email

Important Note:
We read how to add the code for Blogger on another blog. It was missing a few steps. So, our code didn't work. Carefully, follow the instructions here and be sure to look for two instances of 'post-header'. We found 3, but only the two with this text matter:
'post-header-line-1' .

That's it, your own your way to Yummly recipes!

ADS DISCLOSURE: We've partnered with some wonderful advertisers who may sponsor blog posts or send us samples to test. Some companies pay us to review their products. *We also use affiliate links, if you make a purchase we get a tiny commission. Kids Creative Chaos participates in the Amazon LLC Associates Program*, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a mean for blogs to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon properties, including, but not limited to,,,,, or We also offer Tapinfluence, Google Adsense, SoFab, and Izea ads here. Thanks so much for helping us keep the lights on! :)

How to Get Pinterest Followers Fast for your Business or Personal Profile

How to Increase Pinterest Following

Are you looking to increase your Pinterest following? You know, for free, with no fake accounts, and no paying for "real" followers? This free printable PDF eBook shares how we increased our Pinterest following. Since the publication of this eBook, Pinterest has changed the way they do some things. So, let's be clear this is not a guarantee. However, the best way to increase your following on any social media platform is to use it diligently, daily, and truthfully.

What does that mean? Be yourself; don't look for shortcuts. It works, if you work it... just like anything else. Shortly after publication of this book, we stopped working it. In fact, now we only use Pinterest once or twice per week to share our most recent posts.

How to Get Pinterest Followers Fast for your Business or Personal Profile
How to increase your Pinterest following fast.

What happened? Our followers have stayed steady at around 186,500. We suffered some consequences for being an account with a large following. Many fake accounts followed us, as well as, those intending to use Pinterest actively. Every so often, Pinterest does a sweep and removes fake accounts and accounts that are not active. With each sweep, we suffer a great loss. Generally around 2500 followers. That's the bad news. The good news is the referral traffic to our website has not waned. Though, somewhat seasonal, Pinterest is always the number 1 referrer to this website. When we work it, the referral numbers dramatically increase.

We dare not say what those numbers are. We act as a social media managers and when others hear our numbers, they expect the same results. Perhaps, over time this would be possible. However, a new (er) Pinterest profile will not achieve the same results as this one. We have thousands of pins (maybe millions) out there in Pinterest land. They have a life of their own. We can help you get started. We can tell you how we did it. We can even get you set in the right direction.

Though a few things have changed, overall the information in this FREE eBook will work... if you work it. The main changes to note are highlighted below.

  • Use fewer hashtags. Pinterest prefers it if you only use your brand as a hashtag. For example, #kidscreativechaos. Since the pins are often shared across other social media, we still use hashtags with relevant keywords for the website, #freeonlinehomeschool.  So, it is up to you - choose what you think is best, but never use more than two.
  • Don't go crazy and pin the same pin to several boards at once. This is still true as printed in the book. However, Pinterest warns of repinning the same pin to many different boards. We suggest pinning to your main website board (you should have one front and center) and then a few days later, pick the most relevant board with a lot of followers to repin it.
  • In the book, we talk about following new accounts. In theory, this is a great idea that works. However, in practice this may come back to bite you in the hand. Be careful who you follow. Make sure they are legitimate, active accounts. The concept was to follow people with a  small following. Ideally, they will be more likely to notice you and follow back. Great concept. It only works if they are active users.
So, that's it! Are you ready to download your totally FREE PRINTABLE PDF of the best selling book, How to Get Pinterest Followers Fast? Go for it! 

*We host all of our free printables on MediaFire.

How to Get Pinterest Followers Fast

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Pinterest Savvy: Strategies, Plans, and Tips to Grow Your Business with Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing for Brands and Bloggers

Chocolate Quotes Soothe the Soul Memes

Got Chocolate? Quotes Memes for Facebook or Instagram

We've got quotes and memes to go along with your crutch or vice. Chocolate soothes the soul, and now they say it has health benefits too! Count me in. What does chocolate mean to you? Do you crave chocolate or use it as a pick me up? Chantbou chocolate is waiting for you. Here's annother chocolate quote memeEnjoy!

Got chocolate?  We've got quotes and memes for Pinterest and Facebook.
Here is a chocolate quote meme for your Pinterest Board or Facebook Posts.


ADS DISCLOSURE: We've partnered with some wonderful advertisers who may sponsor blog posts or send us samples to test. Some companies pay us to review their products.

*We also use affiliate links, if you make a purchase we get a tiny commission. Kids Creative Chaos participates in the Amazon LLC Associates Program*, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a mean for blogs to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon properties, including, but not limited to,,,,, or We also offer Tapinfluence, Google Adsense, SoFab, and Izea ads here. Thanks so much for helping us keep the lights on! :)

3 of my Favorite Pinterest Fall Craft Activities

Here are 3 of my all-time fav Pinterest Fall Craft Activities

Sniff sniff. Can you smell it? Fall is almost here! We love a little Fall fun. When I saw these 3 fall activities on Pinterest, I just knew they'd be perfect for preschoolers. So, gather up some supplies and sit down with the littles and make some memories while you craft up your favorite fall preschool activity. Click the links for details on how to make the owl wreath, paperbag scarecrow, and easy Lite Brite pumpkin. Enjoy!

  1. Who's There Owl Wreath by Sherri at About Family Craft
Cute owl fall craft wreath from Pinterest
Cute Owl Fall Craft Wreath from Sherri Osborn.

2.  Paperbag Scarecrow from Easy Child Crafts

cute paper bag scarecrow craft Pinterest
Paperbag Scarecrow Craft from lunch bag.

3. Lite Brite Pumpkin from Giver's Log.

Lite Brite Pumpkin diy decorating from Pinterest
Lite Brite pegs in your pumpkin. Too cute!

Recommended Reading:

Fall Edible Crafts and Fun Games for Kids*

Fall Wreath           

Things to do with Pumpkins         

ADS DISCLOSURE: We've partnered with some wonderful advertisers who may sponsor blog posts or send us samples to test. Some companies pay us to review their products.

*We also use affiliate links, if you make a purchase we get a tiny commission. Kids Creative Chaos participates in the Amazon LLC Associates Program*, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a mean for blogs to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon properties, including, but not limited to,,,,, or We also offer Tapinfluence, Google Adsense, SoFab, and Izea ads here. Thanks so much for helping us keep the lights on! :)

Pinterest Tips & a Magic Trick: The Secrets of Bookmarklet

Well.. the Google+ chat didn't work out, but you can see my secret magic trick tutorial here.

Lora from Kids Creative Chaos shares insider tips and tricks for Pinterest.

Check out our other helpful Pinterest Tutorial's:

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How do I get recipes from Pinterest? You've got an account, what's next? Tutorial (Pinterest 102)

Here is your Pinterest Tutorial to get Recipes

You've set up your Pinterest account, you did everything they told you to do. You even started following your friends on Pinterest. Why do you only have 2 followers? Why aren't people finding you and following you? You wonder, " What am I doing wrong on Pinterest? " Here is your Pinterest Tutorial.

Pinterest Tips & Tricks Kids Creative Chaos Road Kill Boards
Pinterest Tips & Tricks.

Nothing- Everything.

You say, " Hey, all I really want is to know, how do I get recipes on Pinterest? My Facebook friends are blocking me. They hate it when I fill their feed with pictures of food, especially my dinner at a restaurant. I think they'd like it if I shared pictures of the beautiful meal I cooked all by myself after going on Pinterest. How do I do Pinterest?"

What kind of recipes do you like? Healthy Recipes? Vegan Recipes? Dessert Recipes? Gluten Free Recipes? Pinterest has you covered. There are three ways to go about finding recipes on Pinterest.

  1. Click the big Pinterest at the top of your page and scroll through your home feed.
Nothing good?  Pictures of your friend's kids? Images of the 1980's? Weird geek stuff? You need cooler friends. No worries, we can help.

  2.   Click the search bar on the left side of the screen. Type in recipes, pick "pins", and scroll through until you find something you like. Heart it. Pin it. This could take a long time. You have unusual taste. There aren't any pins for road kill stew. What's a hungry pinner to do?

  3.  Click the search bar on the left side of the screen. Type in "road kill recipes". Now, you could click pins, or pinners, but this time click boards. Now follow all of the boards titled "ROAD KILL RECIPES".

How do I get recipes from pinterest Tutorial and funny Road Kill Recipes
Funny bunnies road kill from

Scroll through the boards that you find most appetizing. See anything you like? Pin it. Here's where it gets fun! When you come back tomorrow to pin and click the big Pinterest to find your home feed, you will see all the new pins from the road kill boards. Are some of them super stellar? Click the pinner and "follow all"; I'll bet you have a lot in common. 

Boy, oh, boy do you have a lot in common. You are special. Only a elite few share your tastes.

That was easy. Now, you've learned how to search for you favorite topic, follow the boards, pinners, and pin it to your own "Road Kill" board. Go create some fun boards so like minded individuals will want to follow you.  In the right top bar, click on the " + " sign. Choose create a board. Follow the prompts to create your own unique boards. For example, if you are into a road kill theme, you might want to add these board titles:  Things to do with Raccoons, Dead Deer Projects, Awesome Opossums, Skunk Oil Tips, Squirrel Secrets, and Duck Dynasty Fun. Fill your boards, by doing a search in the Pinterest bar just like I taught you in the above paragraphs. Can't find anything good? Oh yeah... you're a little off, but that's okay. Try a Google search, copy the url, go back to the " + " and choose add from a website. Paste your URL in the bar. 

Voila! You've done it.

 Keep it up, I promise you will gain a follower or two if you keep pinning all these awesome pins.

Next time, Bookmarklet- will it harm my computer? Should I use it? And, the MAGIC secret that will blow your mind. In the meantime, you might like these Raccoon coloring pages. ;)

Pinterest Account Management
Pinterest Tips & a Magic Trick (The Secrets of Bookmarklet) Pinterest (201)
How do I do Pinterest? (Pinterest 101)

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Healthy Living Tips and Ideas on Pinterest: Why I'm Taking Baby Steps to Change my Life

A few weeks ago, I published a post with a BMI calculator asking you to join me in my weight loss endeavor. I've been trying to shift my focus to healthy living. For me, eating isn't really the problem, but I'd like to get the entire family on a healthy schedule and diet. So, I've been visiting lots of healthy living websites looking for tips and ideas and pinning healthy lifestyle pins on Pinterest.

organic gardening healthy Living Tips
Tomato plants in our organic garden.
I'm too young to be a hippie and too old to be a hipster, so I guess I'll just become a crunchy mama. I lean that way for sure, but it isn't always practical for me. I am into attachment parenting though, so I am well on my way. Only... I don't look the part. I lost my way, and I am struggling to get back to an appropriate level of fitness.

Fake it 'til you make it. That's what I intend to do.

Yep, I have a little garden patch, some chickens, and a few ducks. I've been building a coop and a barn for something else. Maybe a goat or a llama? It popped into my head this week that I need to build a greenhouse for my plants. I kill Rosemary every year. This year, I didn't even bother with her!

Healthy Living Tips and Ideas Pekin, Roane, and Wyandotte Chickens at 3 months old Organic Gardening
Wyandotte Chickens and Pekin Ducks at 3 months old.
If you follow this blog, you probably know we're kind of Pinterest superstars. As a visual person, I love Pinterest. No, I probably won't get back to any of the things, but I sure like to look at the pretty pictures and dream. So, what are my favorite boards for healthy living?

  • Crum Creek is a health food company with the motto "indulge in healthy".  They have great Pinterest boards with lots of ideas for making healthy choices.

  • Vegetarian Zen is a blog about a family learning to become vegetarians with the motto "happy body, healthy mind".  This is a great place to learn all about how to be healthy. Vegetarian Pinterest Boards.

  • Pure Health Girls this is a site focused on raising awareness on how to take control of your health and longevity. They provide valuable information about the dangers of pesticides, hormones, and GMO's. See the Pinterest Boards here.

For great healthy living tips be sure to hop over to Pinterest and check out all of these great pinners :)

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Pinterest 1: So, Are you one of the millions of people wondering how do I get on Pinterest?

Pinterest feels like on online gold rush. Everyone's heard of it, but no one really seems to understand it. How do you use Pinterest? How do I get on Pinterest? How do I even spell Pinterest? 

how do I get on Pinterest Pintrest?

Have you noticed a lot of people spell it "pintrest" which makes me laugh. It seems they don't get the pun.

It's an online scrapbook, journal, photo album, diary... if things are of INTEREST to you, you PIN them onto your boards. Pin + Interest = Pinterest. What could be more simple?

Herein lies the problem. Newbies who log in don't understand how Pinterest works. You either see a big mess of stuff you don't really care about or a few things that are of no interest at all to you. Why?

PINTEREST is exactly the opposite from other social media. Your Facebook friends might be completely boring or visually challenged. These are some of the first people Pinterest suggests that you follow. That's okay, follow them. Maybe the will have a moment of inspiration, if not, you can get kicks out of spying on them.

Oh wait. That was in the past. Now, Pinterest lets you have secret boards. In the old days, I was shocked when complete strangers pinned the picture of the thing I planned to do some day. It felt like an invasion of privacy, and then I got a clue. Now, I'm giving you one!

First of all, I wrote THE book on Pinterest. For reals, I did. Well, I wrote a book or e book. That's right, I wrote an eBook about Pinterest. It is very helpful if you are a Blogger or a brand building a profile.

Then one day, I started building profiles for brands. (Yes, I'd love to do yours ~ let's talk HERE.) Instantly, I realized that not everyone gets it. Not everyone wants everyone else to follow them. Some people just want to find cool pictures, pin them, and save a little brain space. So, how do you get on Pinterest?

I'll answer that and all of these questions over the next few weeks:

  • how do i get a pinterest account
  • how do i get followers on pinterest
  • how do i get recipes from pinterest
  • how do i get the pinterest button
  • how do i get started on pinterest

Well, the first one is easy. You no longer have to wait to be invited. Click the link to get a Pinterest account with your email address or to get a Pinterest account with your Facebook account. If you are a business go to and click the "businesses" in the lower right hand corner. Got it? Good.

How do I get followers on Pinterest? Well to get them fast you should read my Pinterest eBook, How to get Pinterest followers fast. If you just want to start amassing followers you MUST follow others. Now that you have an account, click the big Pinterest logo at the top of the page. See anything you like? Click on the image and the pinner will show up underneath the picture. Follow them. Maybe they will follow you back. Maybe they won't. It depends- If they like what they see. Don't like what you see? That's okay, click the gray box with three horizontal lines in the top left hand corner. See a list of topics? Pick your favorite. Now, you should see a thing or two that is INTERESTING to you. 

Now for some secret Pinterest tips. You can choose to follow the pinner who pinned the image you like, but you can also click on the board they pinned it to, for example, "Summer Camp Ideas", click the followers of that board in the strip beneath the header on the right hand side and follow everyone. Why? Those people like the same board that you like. They like things you like. Therefore, they'll likely repin things you like. 

Your Pinterest experience should greatly improve. 

How to get started on Pinterest? Well, you're started now, but you still have a lot to learn. Check back next week for more details on what you can do to join the gold rush. And, yes, MEN should use Pinterest. It has something for everyone. I've got some great Pinterest tips and tricks to share. Some you won't find anywhere else. I've become a Pinterest guru. Hope you'll join me.

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How to Get Pinterest Followers Fast: Easy Tips to do Today :)

So, have you been wondering how to get Pinterest followers fast?  

It seems like it takes forever to get just 1000's followers when you are starting out.  Maybe you aren't a blogger and you are wondering why would anyone want to get a million Pinterest followers? We're sharing how to get Pinterest followers fast. Enjoy!

How can I get more Pinterest Followers How to Market with Pinterest
How to get Pinterest Followers Fast. Tips that really work!

One day, I noticed a lot of bloggers had 10,000 followers.  I wanted 10,000 followers.  How did they do that?  I read everything I could.  I did everything I could.  I shared Pinterest everywhere I could.  Now, I have 100,000 Pinterest followers.  

Now, I want to know, how can I get one million Pinterest followers.  The short answer is you must love to pin.  The long answer is you must pin a lot of good content, but that's not always enough.  The easy answer is do something Pinterest likes so that you will get featured by Pinterest. 

Featured or not, my boards are growing quicker than other bloggers who I know have been featured, and I think I know why.

A lot of blogger's in my niche are featured in weekly newsletters, the Pinterest orientation process, and as suggestions to follow. I can't prove it, but I suspect I've been featured too.  I've been jumping up and down trying to get Pinterest's attention.  I have the Pin it! Preschool Scavenger Hunt!  Hey, Pinterest, I'd love it if you would feature this board.  It's my claim to fame.

If or when Pinterest does getting around to featuring you, make sure you're ready.  I don't know for sure, but I suspect they feature the first board on your profile.  I know a few people who've had this board featured.  So, make your first board your best board.  That's a free tip!  

Pinterest features many boards at random.  Many of the big pinners (people who pin to my group board everyday) have been featured. They are not bloggers, so when their numbers started growing they got nervous.  It feels awkward when people are peeking into your life and you don't want that, right?  Bloggers want the stats to help get advertising, sponsored posts, or free stuff for review.

Follow Me on Pinterest Button

If you want to know everything else I did to get Pinterest followers fast, you'll need to hop over to and buy my eBook. If you purchase it at it's better for me (higher royalty, I'm broke so that'd be good :) ).  If you buy it on Kindle it's less expensive, but the photos may not appear correctly.  No worries, I have live links to all those pages, just in case.  You can also borrow it for FREE in the KINDLE lending library.

FYI, my blog stats are mediocre.  I've made nothing with Amazon, and I'm just learning AdSense.  After about four years, Facebook and Twitter are so close to 1000, but not quite there yet.  PINTEREST is my thing.  We connect.  I want to share my secrets to help you in your branding and social media marketing efforts too.

Want a totally free version?  It was nice of you to read to the end. If you become a new subscriber via mailchimp, I'll send you a free full color PDF version.  Just click here to Sign up for our free newsletter!  As soon as I get the notice, I'll email you a copy.  Thanks, I really appreciate it!

And, one more thing, I'd love it if you'd write a quick review on

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