Homeschooling Online: Cave Study Lesson

Cave Study Lesson for Homeschooling Grade 3, 4, 5, 6 and up.

Free Homeschooling Online: Cave Study Lesson.
Homeschooling Online: Cave Study Lesson.

Elementary Earth Science: Grades 3-6

Cave Study

Optional Group Activity:
Watch The Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Netflix) Documentary Movie on the oldest human painted images known to man. This is a full-length, artsy, feature film.

PBS Secrets of the Dead: Caveman Cold Case (53 minutes)

Educational Technology Component

Do an internet search for the following terms. Define in your own words.







Mathematics Component

Plot the following terms on the timeline:

Ice Age, Stone Age, Cretaceous, First Neanderthals

65,000,000 B.C. _____1,000,000 B.C. _____250,000 B.C. _____ 30,000 B.C. _____10,000 B.C. _____5000 B.C. _____2500 B.C. _____1000 A.D.  

Making Connections

When did the horse first appear in cave paintings?  What did the earliest ancestor of the horse resemble in size? When did this animal live? Plot it on the timeline.

Language Arts Component

Write (Draw) a simple story describing how you acquired breakfast. What did you eat? Was it a feast or were you still hungry after you ate? Use cave painting symbols and make a key so others can interpret your work.

Science Component

List five things that inhabit caves today.







Watch this Video:  Bats  (BrainPop Paid Subscribers)

Field Trip Op: Learn about the Endangered Bats in Indiana at Sodalis Park.

Art Component

Science Fair

Art History Just for Fun Online Games and Movies

Watch The Croods or Ice Age.

Recommended Reading:

Bats by Gail Gibbons *affiliate link

Science Project: Make a Cave Diorama 

Print this! Free Cave Lesson Printable

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