Preschool Bracelet Wreath Craft: Jingle Bangle Bracelet Wreath

Make a Wreath with a Bangle Bracelet

If you are looking for an easy preschool craft for the holidays, this preschool bracelet wreath craft, Jingle Bangle Bracelet, is the answer! It works fine motor skills, auditory sensory, and the sense of touch. Best of all, it is fun to make, and more fun to wear. Psst. It isn't just for preschoolers. Enjoy!

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Preschool Bracelet Wreath Craft: Jingle Bangle Bracelet Wreath
Preschool Bracelet Wreath Craft: Jingle Bangle Bracelet Wreath.

This versatile craft can be used as a tambourine when singing jingle bells, a Christmas Tree Ornament, door knob decoration, or an actual bracelet for kids.

It is a fun craft to do at a Retirement Village too. Choosing the colors and listening to the jingling of the bell is fun for everyone.

Preschool Craft: Jingle Bell Tambourine Wreath
Preschool Craft: Jingle Bell Tambourine Wreath.

Mayhem made the tambourine above in preschool class. They used a plastic bracelet, strips of holiday quilting scraps, and a silver bell (look right, center.)

We loved the idea so much that we wanted to create our own, but we only had holiday ribbons. So we cut the ribbons in 4-6" strips.

For our ring, we purchased a door knob jingle bell decoration from dollar tree, but any bracelet will do. Our ring had a strip of bells attached to a leather strip. We cut it, leaving only one jingle bell.

Then, we simply tied our ribbons around the ring with a single knot in the center. After that, we pulled both sides of the ribbon outside the ring to form a wreath. No sew. No glue. So, easy!

If you want to make it look like a traditional wreath, use green ribbons and fabric, paint your jingle bells red, and glue or tie them onto the wreath.

Our ribbons all had texture- which gives the wreath activity a tactile, sensory element.

When your wreath is complete, gather your group together and sing a round of JINGLE BELLS with Musical Accompaniement. :)


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