Shut Up is a Bad Word: Funny Parenting Quote

Funny Parenting Cartoon Memes: Shut Up!

La, la, la, la, la! Sometimes, you just need to take a nap, right Mom? With kids in the house, that isn't an easy task. You warn, you prep, you let them know you are, very, very tired and in a mean mood. If only they would just be quiet for fifteen minutes... in a row. It never fails, Mommy, you always come out looking like the bad guy. Remember, shut up is a bad word... You said so. Yesterday.

Enjoy our funny parenting quote cartoon!

Shut Up is a Bad Word: Funny Parenting Quote
Shut Up is a Bad Word: Funny Parenting Quote.

It goes something like this:

Mom: Mommy isn't feeling well. I need to lie down a take a nap. Can you please be quiet for fifteen minutes.

Kids: La, la, la! Fight, fight, fight! Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.

Mom: Mommy said to be quiet.

Kids: La, la, la. Hey, we are getting along for once. Giggle, giggle, giggle!

Mom: I asked you to be quiet!

Kids: Fun, fun, fun. Lots of noise. Lots of noise.

Mom: Mommy is trying to sleep!

Kids: Fun, fun, fun. Lots of noise. Lots of noise. Giggle. Snork!

Mom: Will you just SHUT UP for a cotton picking minute!

Kids: Sad, sad, sad. Shocked, shocked, shocked. 

As if this is the first peep they've heard out of you.

Kid 1: Mommy! You don't have to be so mean. Why are you yelling?

Kid 2: SHUT UP is a bad word!!!

*Sigh* Apologize. Go do the dishes.


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