Autism Jobs Awareness: Crafter's for Life

Jobs for Autism?

If you have Autism or know someone who does, the idea of a job may seem daunting or impossible. Just like anyone else, you can make your own destiny. That is exactly what the family behind Crafter's for Life did. They created Autism jobs and in doing so, they are promoting Autism Awareness. You can support Autism by purchasing an item handcrafted by people with Autism. Enjoy!

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Autism Jobs Awareness: Crafter's for Life

Help Make a Difference for Autism Awareness

Jobs for Autism?
Lavender Eye Pillow by Crafters for Life promoting Autism Awareness.

In honor of Autism Awareness Month (April), we're highlighting Crafters for Life. Crafters for Life create products that are made and sold by young adults with Autism and other special needs. Their goal is to create paying jobs for Autism and other special needs individuals. These wonderful handcrafted items are sold at Items include beautiful, durable keychains, sachet eye pillows, scarves, sugar scrub, drink coasters, and much more.

Autism Awareness: Jobs for Autism and Special Needs
Rainbow Autism Key Chain by Crafters for Life.

Many choose to homeschool because of Autism while others choose public school to aid in their Autism journey. Whatever you choose, think of ways you can support others on the journey.

Here at Kids Creative Chaos, several of us have been touched by the Autism Spectrum in one way or another. Whether we've worked with children with special needs or raised a child with special needs, we know how important it is to get the word out and help everyone understand the Autism Spectrum. Every child presents differently. As they say, "If you know one child with Autism, then you know ONE child with Autism."  We've include some related articles below.

How are you helping make a difference for Autism Awareness?


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