Free Online Young Adult Books: Moon Magic Starts Here

Free Online Books for Teens and Tweens: Moon Magic It Begins Here

Teens and Tweens? I'm sharing my young adult novel online for free. If you like magic and suspense this YA Fiction Novel is for you. Each week, chapter by chapter, you'll live Aurora's story as she uncovers the secrets of her birth father, becomes comfortable in her own skin, and gets into a little mayhem along the way.

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Scroll down for the intro and prologue or click here for Chapter One.

Get  the final published paperback edition here, Allegedly Mystic, YA Metaphysical Fiction.

Free Online Young Adult Books: Moon Magic Starts Here


This website is all about kids and education. What better place to share a young adult historical fiction novel one page at a time? Just like Fan Fiction, if you have ideas for the plot, share them in the comment section.

You're the first to see it. Be kind, but make suggestions. We'll make this a team effort and when it is all said and done, I'll publish it as an Amazon Kindle eBook. For now, it is a free online young adult fiction book. Enjoy!   It doesn't go without saying... the following is copyrighted material.

Copyright 2017

Online YA Fiction Novel

Moon Magic: Unfulfilled Wishes

By Lora Langston

"I have the nerve to walk my own way, however hard, in my search for reality, rather than climb upon the rattling wagon of wishful illusions." -Zora Neale Hurston 


This following is copyrighted material. It is not in the public domain. It exists on this website for personal use only. Do not copy or reproduce it in any way. You may add constructive criticism or editing notes in the comments. Thank you!


Serenity Waters, a descendant of a Muskogee Shaman, found herself intrigued by the world of Wicca and White Magic. Her powers of persuasion entangled in emotion when her path crossed with an unworldly witch who practiced Black Magic. Seth wooed Serenity into a whirlwind relationship that left her unwed and with child before he disappeared into thin air.

Flash Forward.

The high school hierarchy has Aurora Waters wishing she were invisible. When Aurora is happy everyone else seems happy too. When she isn’t, ugly things ensue. Struggling to survive as a nameless nobody, Aurora is constantly singled out by the teachers, the cools, the scary kids, and even the Goth guy, no one else seems to know exists.

Her mother is keeping a dark secret and somehow this mysterious guy knows it. Something strange is transpiring, and Aurora is determined to find the truth.


Moon Magic Prologue


Ugly people argue. When I feel ugly, things get ugly around me. I always want to run and hide in a bathtub. Unfortunately, the school frowns on unusual behaviors like that. My counselor says I walk the halls with the grace of Snuffleupagus and the air of Pig Pen. Apparently, a cloud of woe surrounds me in typical Eeyore fashion.  

While clawing at the ratty mess of tousled tresses on my head, I noticed some creepy kid lurking near my locker. His straight hair droops lazily over his blue eyes and he watches me with an icy gaze from under jagged, jet-black bangs. 

His hair is greasy and his face suffers for it.

Up until now, I have avoided him by darting into the nearest classroom. I don’t know if I fear him or love him. Beckoning me with his luscious lashes, he looks at me like he knows me or maybe he thinks he owns me. I can’t decide which. 

What is his problem? 

Does he love me, hate me, or worse- does he really know me? My face burns with humiliation just thinking about it. Where is a bathtub when you really need one?  

Troubled kids who cause their parents, shame, stress, or miserable pain often get shipped off to some kind of camp. Maybe Fat Camp, Betty Ford, or a Funny Farm? 

I could never be so lucky.  

Nope, my mother has decided to send me to an Indian reservation. I suppose it’s not a far cry from those ultra-rich families going to a wellness spa or  hippie liberals attending a yoga retreat.  

Who goes to a reservation to get help? What are they going to help me with anyway? Maybe teach me how to make a water jug or  how to clean a deer pelt? Besides, shouldn’t we be helping the Native Americans? Don’t they need counseling for gambling or alcohol addiction or some other crap like that? We owe them something, that's for sure.

I can barely contain my excitement. Maybe while I am there I can uncover the truth, myth or victim of circumstance: ‘Native Americans have addictive personalities.' That’s it, I’ll make it my college thesis or a documentary film.  

I can’t believe it, I’m the first kid with a reservation to a reservation.


Copyright 2017, all rights reserved.

Well folks, that's the first installment. Let me know what you think. Each week, I'll release a few more pages until it is all out there. At that time, I'll make it available on Kindle. Remember, that's Aurora talking. She's a fictional character!! 

With your help, we'll create something great!


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