YA Fiction Moon Magic Online Novel Chapter Five

Moon Magic Chapter Five: YA Fiction

Moon Magic Chapter Five Young Adult Fiction Novel Online. If you haven't read the other chapters, start here: Moon Magic starts here. In Chapter Four, Aurora woke up in the hospital. She thought her mother had finally stopped by for a visit, but Lucas said it wasn't possible. What's up with that? Will we find out in Chapter Five Moon Magic? Read on to find out. Enjoy!

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YA Fiction Moon Magic Online Novel Chapter Five

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Moon Magic: Unfulfilled Wishes

By Lora Langston


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Moon Magic: Chapter Five

“What do you mean, it’s not possible? My mother was just standing at the side of my bed telling me that she’d never leave my side. She’s so reliable and true to her word! I get snippy and she disappears again.” This was the first time Aurora had used that hateful attitude with Lucas. Sarcasm was different. Her hater attitude had always pushed people away. She didn’t care, he had no idea of Serenity’s past histrionics.

“Aurora, listen to me!” Lucas leaned over the bed and placed both hands on her shoulders. Once again, his icy glaze sent chills down her spine.

She jiggled out of his grip. “What’s up with that?”

Lucas stood straight up and stared hard at Aurora. Then, he spoke softly, “What’s up with what, Aurora?”

Aurora was trembling with wonder. She studied his face before speaking. His full lips were tightly pursed. His eyes were stuck in a blank stare. “Your face? You look like you’re plotting to run away or commit a murder or something. You look completely bewildered- lost. I don’t get it.”

He took a step back. As he turned toward the window, he let out a  long breath before speaking. “Aurora, I don’t know what you think happened or what you remember happening. I don’t know what the doctor and nurses have told you...  I couldn’t get past your crazy nurse until this morning.”

Checking to see if he had opened it, Aurora’s eyes darted to the window. Her body rustled with a bit of a shiver. “I didn’t want to see you; rather, I didn’t want you to see me, that’s all. All at once, she felt protective of the frustrating nurse. “Joanie was just looking out for me.”

Lucas squinted and locked his gaze onto her eyes. “Well, they tried to find your next of kin…”

Meeting his gaze, her tone softened. “Did my mother take off on some crazy, hippie excursion again?”

Lucas’s eyes closed as he shook his head from side to side. “No, Auri. Listen to me. Stop interrupting.” he warned.

Lucas was stern. The usual jovial remarks were blatantly missing from this conversation. It was a noted change in character.  Usually, Aurora could sense what someone was thinking. That’s why she hated talking to people. It was pointless. But, this. This was different. Her brain raced to the obvious conclusion, but her emotions wouldn’t let her connect the dots.

Interrupting her thoughts, Lucas spoke with rapid fire, “Aurora, do you know where your father is or maybe your grandparents?  Do you have any aunts or uncles? Cousins? Is there anyone you and your mom are close too?”

She looked at him with a growing sense of bewilderment. Then, cracked a joke to break the tension. “Lucas, why the sudden interest in my family? Are you planning to propose?”  

“Aurora! You weren’t talking to your mother!” Lucas spat.

Aurora had a sense that what he said was true. At least, he believed it, she could tell that much. None of it added up in her heart. Something was off. If only she could take a nap. After a nap, she’d be able to think and feel with more clarity. She shut her eyes waiting for sleep to follow.

No such luck. Lucas wouldn’t stop talking. “Aurora, I really need for you to pay attention for a minute.” He took a long pause as he waited for her to open her eyes. When she didn’t, he continued anyway. “Your mother was not physically here. I think you had a dream. Serenity is in a medically induced coma.”

With her eyes still closed, Aurora listened to the pigeons arguing outside the window. Then, she focused on the only audible sound in the room, the tick tocking of the wall clock. Awaiting her response, Lucas was holding his breath. What he had just said, didn’t register in her brain- it couldn’t. Allowing it to register would make it true.

Snapping her eyelids open, she shouted at Lucas without taking a breath. “I don’t know my father. My mother never speaks his name. I think it was a summer fling. I’m not sure if she even knows his name!” Then, Aurora let her eyelids fall closed again.

Aurora’s next words came out in a stammer. “E-e-e-veryone else has passed on or doesn’t exist. I-I- have a great, great grandfather somewhere.” In doubt, she shook her head. “I guess... He must be like ninety-years old by now- maybe more. Apparently, he’s some sort of Native American.” Without opening her eyes she turned her head toward Lucas and let out a heavy sigh.

“Aurora, did you hear what I said?” Lucas prodded.

The pain meds were winning. “I did hear you, but it makes no sense. I’m trying to wrap my brain around it before I ask the inevitable questions. Why don’t you just let me sleep on it?” mumbled Aurora.

Lucas couldn’t let her sleep on it. “Just relax and try to listen. We can’t talk about too much of it here anyway.” he whispered.

“Why not- are we under surveillance?” she goaded.

Aurora’s sarcasm bounced right off Lucas. He was tired of waiting for her to become rational. “Basically, the doctors didn’t want to tell you until they felt you were out of the woods. Figuratively speaking, that is. You’ve been literally out of the woods for way longer than you think.” he said while attempting a frail smile. “Maybe they thought the shock of it would delay your recovery- I don’t know. Anyway, the lightning that struck you- it also hit a tree. A massive Oak branch fell onto your mother’s head. It knocked her out cold. Aurora, she never woke up.”

Aurora let out a long, dramatic yawn. “Listen; Lucas, that’s a great story, but I know what I know. My mother was just here talking to me.” she yawned again. “Let’s talk about it in the morning, okay?”

Lucas spoke from the heart; he wasn’t sure Aurora was listening or even still awake for that matter. Still it had to be said. “Maybe she was, Auri. I told you, we can’t talk about it here. She’s in a room down the hall in a coma. If you have any idea where this grandfather might be, I can try to contact him for you. Maybe he knows something about your father. I bet Todd would like to help. He needs something to keep his mind off things.”

  *     *     *

Nov. 7   From voice recorder

I take painkillers like every 4 hours. The burns are pretty serious. Sometimes, I drift between reality and dreams. I’ve been having a lot of recurring dreams- some I’ve had since early childhood.  

Until recently, they’ve never made any sense, but I’ve often wondered if they were some kind of vision of the future. I could never tell anyone. I was always afraid the dreams might come true if I said anything out loud. Now, they have.

Was I wrong? My mother is in a coma. I saw it coming. I should have told someone. I should have told her!

Do I have some sort of psychic power? Is that what my mother had been referring to all along? Maybe, it’s just gut intuition? I guess it’s time to admit that there might be something to all of this Indian crap she’s been feeding me.

Looks like I’m going to be here awhile, maybe I can do some research on the internet. I’ll need more than this stupid voice recorder!! Where’s my phone? Joanie, are you listening to this? Get me a laptop!


Lora is a homeschooling mom, writer, creator of Kids Creative Chaos, and Director of the Play Connection.