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Ask Amanda funny things kids say and advice from Mandy Mayhem.
Mandy Mayhem has lots of advice. Just ask Amanda.

Amanda always takes her seat-belt off while I'm stopped on the street waiting to pick up the after-school kids.  One school is no big deal, the other is a busy city street.  Policemen and Crossing Guards direct cars.

Amanda: "What?  That policeman saw me and I didn't get arrested."

Mommy:  "What if we have an accident?"

Amanda:  "We're stopped."

Mommy:  "Well if a car doesn't see us stopped on the street and runs into the back of us you'll go flying thru the window.  You could get whiplash or even die!"  "What would I do with your Christmas presents if you died?"

Amanda: "Put them on my carving stone at the cemetery."

Mommy:  Speechless.

You know how people live on golf courses?  We live like that on a cemetery garden.  Yesterday and in the Spring, Hispanics gather to remember a slain country singer who escaped to America to flee would-be murderers.  I don't know the particulars, but they found him and killed him in a small town.  His gravestone is over 6' tall and nestled behind the trees in our backyard.  They bring him gifts, play music, and even have picnics.  I can only assume that is how she formed this hypothesis.

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