Kids Creative Chaos: Ask Amanda "Mommy You Look Beautiful"

Ask Amanda "Mommy You Look Beautiful"


Sweet words out of the mouths of babes, Ask Amanda for Advice.

Ask Amanda advice form kids is the best on beauty.
Ask Amanda for the truth.

My significant other never, ever says a word when I have a bad hair day or when I have a bad face day.  Or when I have a bad dun-lap day.  So, it came as quite a surprise when we were out to lunch and he grimaced, "Did you remember to comb your hair today?"  At first I thought it was a joke.  I looked in the mirror before I left and thought 'I look better than usual'.  I had made the extra effort to apply make-up.

Whenever I'm sick I tend to look better than when I'm well.  I rarely wear make-up. If I have something to do outside the house I might throw on mascara and lip stain.  Whenever I'm sick, I go the extra-inch and add powder or (my new favorite thing) eraser by Loreal.  It was cold.  My hair felt slightly frizzy but I felt good about my overall appearance in my flawless wrinkle remover.

Aghast?  I have no wrinkles just a few seniority lines on my forehead and at the corner of my eyes from scrunching my face into smirks far too many times. By the by, I got this make-up stick for free.  It normally retails for around $30; a price I would never pay for anything, much less for make-up that I wear rarely.

Chris grabbed a glob of my hair, "It looks like Jake's does in the morning, all mangled."  Quickly searching the inner depths of my brain, I wondered...  Did I remember to comb my hair today?  Yes!  I combed my hair with a brush with no handle.  My brush is always walking out of the bathroom.  It never stays in one place.  Amanda screamed, "Don't brush my hair, don't brush my hair!"  So, I brushed her hair right after I pulled the little wiry, oval thru my bangs and sides.  She took off into another room and I made chase.

Amanda's hair looked beautiful when I dropped her off at pre-school.

Before meeting up for lunch I combed my fingers thru my sides and pulled my hair back with sunglasses. I plan to invent lens free hair-glasses one day.  Headbands hurt and make me feel like Hillary Clinton but I digress.  Did I brush the back of my hair?  Signs point to No.

Today I have the same hair.  I can't wash it everyday or it turns brittle and breaks into a thousand tiny pieces all over my clothes.  It has nothing to do with hair product or styling equipment its just always been crappy hair.  I washed it, put it in a scrunchy, started blogging and fell asleep. Yes, Kathy a scrunchy! (Kathy, once posted on her Facebook page that she was not aware scrunchies were back in style.  She wasn't speaking of me but I resemble that remark. Did they ever leave?  Oh I know the real answer but ponytail holders break my hair. Scrunchies are so much nicer for the lazy likes of me.)  I woke up around 2:00 a.m. and pulled the scrunchy ponytail out. If only I had taken a picture of the mess. 

So, the next morning I decided to tame the wild hairs with a curling iron. "Why are you doing that," asked Amanda.  "My hair is yuck and I look ugly," I replied thoughtlessly. "Well, I don't think you look ugly.  I think you look beautiful, Mommy."  This- from a rotten, little, mean-girl, my arch-nemesis.  Instead of crying, I said, "Thank you."  "Yea, 'cuz did you know, I know that you always look good?  You can ask me anytime and I will tell you." "Thank you, Amanda!  That is so sweet.  I love it when you are nice to me."  "You're welcome 'cuz it's true.  Mommy, you look beautiful, you really do."  The expression on her face was priceless.  I'm sure mine was too.

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