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Wonder What Bento is? This One is Edible Animal Art

Edible Animal Art Bento Lunches

Bento, Bento, Bento! What is it. Basically cute, sushi in the form of edible art. I'd pack it in their lunches, but I don't think my kids would eat it. Perhaps, if I would have started sharing it with them when they were just toddlers. Anyway, those baby chicks are adorable! Want to learn more about Bento? Just Bento is a great site for all of your Bento needs.  What is Bento? It is a single portion lunch packed in a small box or container, it can also mean takeout. Since it originated in Japan, it often includes sushi and rice. Enjoy!

Bento: Edible Animal Art
Wonder What Bento is?
This creative Bento Lunch from Honolulu Magazine is precious.

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Bento Mold and Utensils Kit.
Bento Mold and Utensils Kit.

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Edible Crafts - Sausage Reindeer and Christmas Tree Waffles - Fun Christmas Breakfast

In honor of Muffin Tin Monday - Edible Sausage Reindeer and Christmas Tree Waffles for Christmas Breakfast

We turned our sausage links into reindeer for a fun Christmas morning breakfast idea for kids. Cheese eyes and ketchup nose, turn our sausage links into Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. This is a super easy holiday meal for kids. We cut waffles into little triangle Christmas trees and decorated them with green sprinkles and other cookie decorating items. I know it isn't healthy, but it's Christmas. Enjoy!

Edible Crafts - Sausage Reindeer - Fun Christmas Breakfast
Eatable Art with Sausage: Sausage Reindeer for breakfast.

Okay, so maybe he looks more like a red-nosed, sausage bunny.
Go create something great today!

Easy Christmas Tree Waffle Ideas for Kids Holiday Breakfast.

Amanda made one too...

Each kid gets their own side. Apples are healthy, so there's that :)

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