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Easy Cinnamon Scones Recipe

This Scone Recipe is Easy to Make

French Scones. They sound so fancy schmancy, don't they? Whether you eat them as dessert or for breakfast, these Easy Cinnamon Scones are a special treat. This yummy scone recipe is flavored with chopped dates, nuts, cinnamon, and cloves. They are perfectly paired with your favorite coffee on a cold winter morning. Enjoy!

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Easy Cinnamon Scones Recipe

Reese Cup Cupcake Dessert Recipe

Chocolate Cake Reese Cup Cupcakes

This Homemade Reese Cup Dessert Cupcake Recipe combines chocolate and peanut butter in a fun new way. A chocolate cake cupcake contains a hidden surprise of a mini Reese's cup. In this Reese Cup Recipe, peanut butter buttercream and chopped Reese cups top the cupcakes. You can make them from scratch or use a box cake mix. Enjoy!

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Tuesday Tots Play with Food Giveaway

Love Edible Arts and Crafts?  Need ideas for Kid's Lunches?  Let your kids Play with their food and have a fun day sharing your work!

Join the Tuesday's Tots Club and link to share how you 'Play with Food'.

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Let's Get this Bloggy started!

In honor of food, on Friday, we'll give away, "Scars of a Chef" by
Rick Tramonto.

(Which I have yet to review.
It is a grown up book about the realities of becoming a chef.)

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Muffin Tin Mini Deep Dish Pizzas Cups

 How to make mini pizzas in a muffin tin. Easy recipe for kids.

Pizza Cups

How to make mini pizzas in a muffin tin. Easy recipe for kids.
Muffin Tin Pizzas.

Cookie Pan Pizzas

Pizza with Decorative Muffin Pans

I got a great deal on this Cookie Sheet for Boys and Tomboys :-) 
It comes in princess crowns too but my little girl likes the Rockets. 
It's designed for thick cookies but makes flat cupcakes and muffins too.

We decided to make kiddie, deep dish pizzas in our cookie pan.

Spray it with cooking spray even thougth it's a non-stick pan the dough gets stuck in the patterns.

We had no dough so we made our own from Bisquick
 Click Here for a recipe.

We added a little garlic salt to taste.

Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake, Baker's Man
Roll it up, Roll it up-
Squish it in a pan!

Make sure your dough is Very thin or they'll be too fat to fill with sauce and cheese.
(See picture above.)

This is the underside.
The patterns give your fingers something to hold onto while you eat.

We rolled out the dough and smashed it in the pan, making sure the edges didn't bleed into each other.

Bake the dough at 375 for 6-8 minutes before adding sauce.
Remove from oven-
Add Pizza sauce - again we didn't have any,
so we used tomato paste, a wee bit of ketchup, garlic salt, basil, and water.
Mix it well and spoon it neatly into the cookie cups.

Lots of Mozzerella and Parmesan Cheese...

Pop it in the oven again and bake until cheese melts.

Let Cool for 3-5 minutes.

Slide out for neat little, hand-held, pizza cups.

We loved making them and eating them!    

Fun Holiday Edible Craft: Cream Cheese Snowman and PBJ Gingerbread Man Toast

Christmas Cream Cheese Sandwich Snacks

This fun, holiday, edible craft is healthier than Christmas Cookies. It is made with cream cheese and food coloring. Add fruit for an after school snack or breakfast your kids will eat. Use your Christmas Cookie Cutters to make holiday shapes with plain, white bread and add food coloring to the cream cheese. Enjoy!

Christmas Cream Cheese Sandwich Snacks Edible Crafts
Christmas Cream Cheese Sandwich Snacks: Fun Holiday Edible Craft.

Want your kids to eat? Let them play with their food! We played and made a Toast and Cream Cheese Snowman, Toast with Peanut Butter and Jelly Gingerbread Man, Toast and PBJ 'hamburger' and Cream Cheese Christmas Tree.

Fake Hamburger with PBJ and Bread edible Craft
Fake Hamburger with PBJ and Bread edible craft.

Cream Cheese Edible Christmas Tree after school Snack.
Cream Cheese Edible Christmas Tree healthier than Cookies Snack.

Just add a drop of food coloring to cream cheese and 'paint' your toast with a plastic knife. You can even paint a tree or snow scene on your toast with our  Edible paint your toast.

This is one of our original, oldest posts from back when flip phones were rad because they had cameras :) For more updated ideas, see below.


Cool Things to do with Chicken Nuggets

More Edible Art Ideas

Healthy Homemade Snacks You and Your Kids Will Love*

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Edible Crafts - Sausage Reindeer and Christmas Tree Waffles - Fun Christmas Breakfast

In honor of Muffin Tin Monday - Edible Sausage Reindeer and Christmas Tree Waffles for Christmas Breakfast

We turned our sausage links into reindeer for a fun Christmas morning breakfast idea for kids. Cheese eyes and ketchup nose, turn our sausage links into Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. This is a super easy holiday meal for kids. We cut waffles into little triangle Christmas trees and decorated them with green sprinkles and other cookie decorating items. I know it isn't healthy, but it's Christmas. Enjoy!

Edible Crafts - Sausage Reindeer - Fun Christmas Breakfast
Eatable Art with Sausage: Sausage Reindeer for breakfast.

Okay, so maybe he looks more like a red-nosed, sausage bunny.
Go create something great today!

Easy Christmas Tree Waffle Ideas for Kids Holiday Breakfast.

Amanda made one too...

Each kid gets their own side. Apples are healthy, so there's that :)

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