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What is FFA? Future Farmers of America_ Get Involved

Get Involved with National FFA

This is a sponsored post for Mom it Forward. All opinions are my own.

What is FFA? Growing up in the Midwest, I was very familiar with the corduroy navy blue FFA jackets. Not a lot of kids at my school wore them, but attend an event at a rural school and everyone seemed to have one. What did they mean? How was I not a member of this elite club? I felt left out. Flash forward thirty years later, and head to downtown Indianapolis during the National FFA convention and you'll wonder what you're missing too!

What is FFA? Future Farmers of America_ Get Involved
FFA Jacket from

Every fall, the Indiana Convention Center is filled to the brim with navy jacket wearing youth from all over the country. So, what is FFA? FFA stands for Future Farmers of America. You might already know that, but do you know what they do?

The letters “FFA”  are a part of their heritage that will never change. But FFA is not just for students who want to be production farmers; FFA also welcomes members who aspire to careers as teachers, doctors, scientists, business owners and more. For this reason, the name of the organization was updated in 1988 after a vote of national convention delegates to reflect the growing diversity and new opportunities in the industry of agriculture.

Midwest Agriculture

The National FFA Organization remains committed to the individual student, providing a path to achievement in premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. National FFA Convention is held at the Indiana Convention Center.

Farmland, a leading brand of bacon, sausage, and ham, is proud to partner with the National FFA Organization, formerly known as Future Farmers of America, to support the future of agriculture by donating $0.10 to FFA for every Farmland item purchased now through September 30, 2017, up to $75,000.

Get Involved with National FFA

These donations will help FFA continue to further its mission of making a positive difference in the lives of students and shine a light on the agricultural industry.

In addition to the donation, Farmland will provide grants to select Midwestern FFA chapters later this year, providing financial support to high school students working on animal care projects.

Participating Farmland products include everything from Farmland bacon and breakfast sausage to boneless ham and lunch meats., or @FarmlandFoods on Twitter.

Support the Future Farmers of America by going to Kroger and
purchasing Farmland products now through Sept. 30, 2017.

With every Farmland item purchased now through September 30, Farmland will donate $0.10 to FFA, up to $75,000.

Since 1959, Farmland has been passionate about making high-quality foods, working alongside American farm families to offer the best quality products such as bacon, ham, and sausage. So, it makes sense that they support FFA.

More than 50 years later, Farmland’s unsurpassed passion and pride are stronger than ever, serving retail and foodservice customers across the United States. Farmland’s great tasting products – bacon, sausage, specialty cut ham, and more – are tender, flavorful, and made with quality ingredients. All Farmland products are products of the USA and are free of hormones and MSG.

For more product information or recipe inspiration, visit FarmlandFoods.

As hobby farmers, my kids have been active members of 4H and now, as they move into middle school and high school, they are interested in the FFA. So, we've been looking into options for homeschoolers. Want to join? Find out more here: How to join FFA.


Indiana 4H

Gardening with Kids


Baby Chick Crafts Projects: Companion Book

Learn Prepositions with Baby Chick Project

Looking for Chick Craftivities? These baby chick activities for toddlers and kindergartners are perfect companion book projects for the lift-the-flap- book, In Over and On the Farm, by Ethan Long. In need of baby chick craft ideas for Easter? This little chick is cute enough to give as an Easter card too. Enjoy!

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Baby Chick Crafts Projects: Companion Book

Big Red Barn Coloring Sheet and Creative Country Sayings: Farm Edition

Don't you love Margaret Wise Brown Books? One of my favorites is "The Big Red Barn" about animal life on the farm. 

Here's a free printable coloring sheet and some cute country sayings from down on the farm.

Big Red Barn Cow Coloring Sheet for Preschool Creative Country Sayings Farm Edition
Cow coloring page to use with Big Red Barn activity.
Click here for Printable Cow Barn Farm Coloring Sheet
"Moo to you!"

Creative Country Sayings and Farmer Quotes:

What happens in the barn stays in the barn!
Well that just dills my pickle.
What part of moo don't you understand?
Don't go digging for water under the outhouse.
She's so tall if she fell down she'd be halfway home.
How did the farmer fix his jeans? With a cabbage patch!
Knock Knock. (Who is there?) 
Interrupting cow. Knock Knock. 
(Who is-) 
He's as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
Well butter my behind and call me a biscuit!
They are off like a herd of turtles.
It's slicker than snot out there.
Well slap my head and call me silly!

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Creative Country: Big Red Barn Chicken Coop Ideas

Here is a fun idea for a Chicken Coop

Beware! Chicken Coops they sell at the store are not safe for your chickens. They aren't raccoon, opossum, weasel, or mink proof. 

I've heard awful stories of raccoons pulling the animals right through the wires and of minks squeezing through and, like a vampire, sucking the blood from every last animal and then lining them up in a row! 

We had a "friendly" possum and learned the hard way that "opossums sometimes eat sleeping poultry". Did  you get that part, eat? They eat them alive starting with their abdomen. It is very sad. It also ate part of our little girl duck's beak, poor thing. Please don't let this happen to you. The guilt is unbearable.

A friend of mine had some materials left over after building their barn, so they made a Chicken Coop to match! I am jealous! Don't you think they should market these? 

Here's a fun Big Red Barn Preschool Activity to make.

Big Red Barn Chicken Coop Ideas
Chicken Coop Barn. 

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Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown