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20 Ideas and Activities to Plan and Decorate for a Balloon Birthday Party Theme for Kids

Here are 20 Fantastic Things to do with Balloons for your next Kids Birthday Party

Do your kids love balloons? Do they have to get a balloon in every restaurant or beg for balloons at the Dollar or Party Store? Shower your child with these ideas for balloons for a birthday party they'll never forget. We've got some great ideas from our own blog, and we've found several ways to decorate for a balloon birthday party from Pinterest. Enjoy!

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20 Ideas and Activities to Plan and Decorate for a Balloon Birthday

Most Likely to Become a Racecar Driver

Most Likely to Become a Racecar Driver

Tracey is guest posting today for Meijer's most likely to... you still have time to enter the contest ends Sept. 8. 2013.

We all have big dreams for our children. We imagine them growing up to be actors and musicians and, if we are lucky, taking care of Mom and Dad after they become rich and famous! I try not to disillusion myself with these types of thoughts, but lately I’ve started to entertain the idea that maybe, just maybe, I have a future racecar driver on my hands.

Garrett has always loved sports! When he was just a year old, he would play, for easily an hour at a time, just shooting basket after basket after basket into his mini basketball goal in the kitchen. When he was 4, he started t-ball. He is now 12 and has played in Little League every season since then (even 2 seasons one year!). When he was 5 he played his first year of Flag Football and over the course of about 5 years, Garrett was able to put a few seasons of basketball under his belt, as well. In the winter, he plans to play again and is also considering his first season of Track & Field. But even with his wide array of sports interests, there is one sport that stands above the rest. It’s more than just a sport, it is a passion and it is his life. And that is racing.

Garrett’s obsession with racing began at an early age. At just 2 years old, he could easily identify and name many well known Nascar drivers, their numbers, and their sponsors. Of course, over time, his knowledge of drivers grew, as did his drive to become one of them. At 6 years old, it was evident that, if he were to realistically pursue this consuming desire to speed around turns at an alarming rate, and maneuver through tight packs of cars and thrill-seeking drivers at speeds nearing 200mph, that he would have to begin perfecting his craft at a young age (what were we thinking!??).

It just so happened that his father and I both had ties to a local race track that starts children (as young as 7 years old) as drivers of Junior Faskarts, an entry level racecar designed to allow beginning drivers an opportunity to gain racing experience at a young age. And so began his journey into racing, with a real car, real gear, and real sponsors.

It isn’t the cheapest endeavor, and at this level of racing no prize money is awarded, so he hasn’t been able to race in every season. But he definitely seems to have a natural ability behind the wheel and has placed well in the heats and features that he has participated in. Some even ended with the honor of driving the track with the coveted checkered flag in his proud, determined hand.

Garrett doesn’t just work hard on the track. He also works hard in the garage, helping his dad tweak and repair his car between races. And most importantly, he works hard in school. In order to race, he has to keep his grades up and do well in class, which he has done an excellent job at maintaining. Meijer has also been there to help us in keeping him successful in school. We always know that we will be able to find the supplies he needs for the coming school year, his after school sports, and even those Nascar shirts he loves!
As Garrett climbs the ladder of racing divisions, he will gain knowledge and experience that will help him succeed on the track. He has even begun dreams of going to college to learn the science behind the sport and we will have Meijer beside us every step of the way to help with whatever he needs to become successful on his journey.

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Meijer most likely to photo sweepstakes
Meijer most likely to photo sweepstakes.

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Indy 500 activities for kids: It's that time of year again... Vroom Vroom! Let's go to the Races: Balloon Glow

What is a Balloon Glow Festival? Giant Hot Air Balloons with Fun Shapes at the Indianapolis 500 Track!

Benefits truly abound when living near a capital city. We live about 15 minutes from downtown Indy and a few minutes from the Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway. When I saw a tweet inviting everyone to the Centennial Celebration at the track, I immediately 'Googled' it. Just in the nick of time!

Indy 500 pavillion Indianapolis Race Track Start
The Indianapolis 500 Race Track Start/Finish Line.

In celebration of the Track Centennial and the first hot air balloon race held there, a special balloon glow was held in Indy in May. The balloons were on display and began 'glowing' at dusk, and the evening ended with fireworks! This was well worth the money :-) Totally Free! My kids woke up anxious to check the early morning sky for the balloon race. Memories were made. Way to go IMS, you made our day!

Foam Energizer Bunny Hats at Balloon CelebrationEnergizer Bunny Hot Air Balloon at Indy 500
Energizer Bunny Balloon goes up slowly. He is over 60' tall and cannot participate in the race due to size. Here, he looks like he is doing push-ups!

Bunny and Balloon Coloring Sheet

What is a Balloon Glow Festival? Giant Hot Air Balloons with Fun Shapes!The Energizer Bunny Hot Air Balloon!
A crowd pleaser, staff handed out Energizer bunny
balloon ears to all attendees.

Hot Air Balloon Glow at dusk in Indianapolis.
Hot Air Balloon Glow at dusk in Indianapolis.
Hot Air Balloon Festival.
Hot Air Balloon Festival.
Truck shaped Hot Air Balloon United
United Truck Hot Air Balloon.

Mayhem  disliked the fire. At first, Jake did too. He wanted to stay on the pavement and admire the balloons from a distance until he saw the truck. 

Daddy took him to touch the bumper and everything changed...

Demonstration: Learning how a hot air balloon works with fire.
That's one happy face!  He got to make the fire.
Balloon #21 is the Breast Cancer Awareness Balloon. Special thanks to the crew! They were so nice and patient! Jake even got to light the balloon. His little body shook all over as he pulled on the mechanism to start the flame, but you can see from his face- it was worth it. He begged to take a ride!

In the morning, he awoke bright and early because he wanted to race his balloon. Unfortunately, he was only allowed to peek up into the sky in hopes of catching a glimpse of the balloons in flight.

How does a hot air balloon work?
These flames are not only noisy but fiercely hot.
Hot Air Balloon Glow and Go
Hot Air Balloon Glow and Go.