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Easter Recipe: Hot Cross Buns & Song Lyrics

Hot Cross Buns Easter Recipe Ideas

You've probably heard the song, Hot Cross Buns- especially, if you've ever learned to play a musical instrument. But, have you ever eaten Hot Cross Buns?Hot Cross Buns are traditional Easter breads made with dried fruit, such as currants or raisins, with a sugar icing cross on top. So, if you are looking for recipe ideas for Easter, you might want to make Hot Cross Buns. If you don't like to bake, just you can play the song. We've included the song lyrics at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Easter Recipe: Hot Cross Buns & Song Lyrics

7 How to Preschool Easter Crafts for Kids: Plastic Easter Egg Decorating

Are you looking for Preschool things to do for Easter? 

These Crafts are the Bunny's Hop!

Milk Jug Easter Bunny Basket Things to do with Plastic Easter Eggs
Let your preschooler make an Easter Bunny basket from a milk jug.

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These 7 preschool Easter crafts for kids using plastic eggs are fun for a kid's birthday or toddler Easter party. Make it a play date and have fun crafting these easy egg decorating projects. Don't worry, you can do all of these project in about fifteen minutes. Enjoy!

How to Make a Unique Easter Basket Craft 

Grab a glue gun, a pair of scissors, and gather all those mismatched plastic Easter eggs. This is an easy Easter basket craft the kids will love. Mine were fighting over who got the plastic egg basket, until I made the bunny basket. When they saw the rooster Easter basket my son said, "Wow, Mommy you are a genius!"  Aww... thanks, I like to think so!  ;)

Check out these Easter Basket Stuffers on Amazon.

how to make a milk rooster
Make a Rooster Easter Basket with a milk jug.
plastic egg animal craft: rooster milk jug Easter basket
This rooster art makes a nice basket or sculpture.

How to Make an Easter Basket from a Milk Jug:

Decide where to cut the opening. See the images below. Try to cut so the milk jug's handle can also be the basket's handle. You could also glue one end of a brightly colored string to the base of the handle, and wrap it until the handle is completely covered to give your basket a more finished design. Glue the end down once wrap is complete.

plastic egg Easter basket decoration with milk jug
Decorate a milk jug with plastic Easter eggs.

Back of Milk Jug.

Aerial View of interior.
For the rooster, follow the center-line of the jug at an angle to make your cuts. We added two short egg ends as feet, and then cut out orange chicken feet bases attaching with hot glue.

How to make an Easter basket from a milk jug.
Back of Bunny Easter Basket.

How to make an Easter basket from a milk jug.
Bunny Easter Basket Milk Jug.

Make your own Action Figures from Plastic Eggs

That's right, Easter action figures. Make a cute egg soldier army man, a funny bunny, or a feisty flying duck. These guys are durable when you use hot glue. How to make plastic egg animal crafts and characters is self-explanatory if you look at our pictures of Easter eggs. The duck and bunny are just two large ends of the eggs glued together and laid sideways on two short egg ends.

How to Make Action Figures Decorate Plastic Easter Eggs
Easter Army Egg Men, Funny Bunny, and Duckling action figures.

Bunny Art Lesson: Primary Colors

Plastic Egg Animal Crafts Duck and Bunny Craft for Kids
Bunny and Duck Plastic Egg Action Figures.

Egg Army Man
Egg Captain.
Egg Army Man Action Figure
Army Egg Soldier.

Make a Plastic Easter Egg Duck Figure How to
Plastic Easter Eggs: How to make a duck action figure.
So, I was off to get ready to run errands, and the littles were so engrossed playing with their new Easter action figures they didn't want to stop. They played for a good thirty minutes and wanted me to create more creatures.

How to make Bunny Whiskers Tutorial

The bunny whiskers pictured are made from construction paper. Fold a piece of white paper in half (you determine the size needed), start at the OPEN end and cut down toward the fold. Our whiskers are about 1/4" wide. Leave about 1/4" uncut near the fold. Now, fold them over in half lengthwise to give thickness. At the folded end of each whisker, hold and push to open the whisker in a bowed shape. Glue folded ends together and glue to your bunny. This is a great technique for a kids's bunny mask too.

I started with a simple idea: Glue plastic eggs to a milk jug to recycle, renew, and reuse. I ended up with an afternoon of family fun and some of the most original Easter baskets I've ever seen. I'm sweet on the rooster. I'm gonna enter him into the Hen Craft Challenge.

What's your favorite creature? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Easy Edible Easter Crafts: Things to Do with Marshmallow Peeps

Cute Edible Craft Things to do with Marshmallow Peeps for Easter

Who doesn't love Peeps? Well, besides me. I don't like the tingly feeling on my tongue, but Peeps are oh so cute and perfect for preschoolers crafts. I found these 8 adorable things to do with marshmallow Peeps. Did you know they even have an entire store dedicated to these cuties? You can make all of these Edible Peeps Crafts at home with your kids.

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Easy Edible Easter Crafts: Things to Do with Marshmallow Peeps

I was inspired to surf for recipe ideas for easy edible Easter crafts after visiting an old-fashioned candy store selling chocolate covered Peeps. Everything in the store was decorated in pastels for Easter and the store windows were straight out of Wonka's factory. The Peeps from Your Home Based Mom pictured below are similar.

Things to do with Peeps for Easter

Things to do with Marshmallow Peeps Chocolate covered easy edible Easter Craft
Chocolate Covered Peep Chicks Recipe from Your Homebased Mom.

Peeps Recipes Chocolate Casserole Easter
An M and M's Peep casserole! 

Yes, we're gonna try this Peep's Casserole from The Party-Animal Blog.
Did you know you can make a chocolate Peeps casserole? This one from The Party Animal-Blog looks fantastic even to me. I'm going to try to make the recipe for Easter this year.

The Soccer Mom has an awesome, adorable Peeps Cupcake recipe. Check it out!

Peeps Easter Cupcakes from Soccer Mom.

Painting with Peeps is the perfect activity for preschool kids. This one from It Mom is super cute, but I'd do it with edible paint. We have lots of different recipes here just search in the browse us bar for "edible paint."

Easter Craft Painting with Peeps
Painting with Peeps from It Mom Blog.

Inspire Me Crafts offers up "dressed up" Peeps dipped in chocolate and looking like a bunny bride and groom. Wouldn't they be cute wedding party favors for a spring bridal shower? Pair them with the Peeps topiary below for a fun, spring theme bridal shower.

Easy Edible Easter Crafts Recipe: Peeps Marshmallow Smore's
Make S'mores with Peeps like Electic Recipes did.

Peeps Smore's is an easy, fun edible craft for kids. They can construct them and you can pop them in the microwave. This idea came from Electic Recipes.

DIY Decor Easter Craft Peeps Topiary for Kid's party
Peeps Crafts for Easter from

Finally, this home decor idea for Easter is perfect for a kid's party. The Peep's Topiary from CraftsnCoffee is easy to make with kids. 

What are you crafting up this Easter? You better hurry, if you are wondering when is Easter this year? Easter is April 16, 2017.

Wanna Easy Way to Color Eggs

Use a Dudley Egg Spinner!*

This post has moved: Easy way to color Easter Eggs.
You might also like Homemade Easter Egg Coloring Dye.

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Dudley's Spin an Egg Art Easy way to Color and Decorate eggs: Best $5 Ever Spent on Easter Egg Kit

"Dudley's Spin an Egg" is truly the best $5 I ever spent on Easter Egg Coloring Kits: How to Decorate Eggs

It is so easy to color and decorate eggs and make them beautiful. Learn How to decorate Easter eggs with this fun Easter egg coloring kit. These eggs are the best ever. Enjoy!

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Dudley Spin an Easter Egg Easy Coloring Kit How to Make Refill Dye
Dudley Spin and Egg Easy Decorating Kit.

This is so cool! The kids had a blast and I loved it! It is the good, old faithful Dudley brand, "SPIN an EGG," I got mine at Meijer for $5. Look for them on clearance, so you can have a couple for next year. It is so easy, and there is virtually no clean-up. My kids all give it 2 thumbs up (the teenager too)!

Easy Egg Coloring Decorating for Preschoolers and Toddlers Babies
Easy way for Toddlers and Preschoolers to color Easter eggs.

How to Decorate eggs for Easter

Boil your eggs, the old cook books have a recipe for how to boil eggs. I am terrible at it. My eggs always crack or are underdone. Let the eggs cool in the fridge for about an hour, then wipe them dry with a paper towel before coloring.  

how to decorate easter eggs how to boil eggs
Decorating Easter Eggs with Preschoolers with no mess.

'Dudley Spin Art' comes with several coloring packets and the box has color mixing instructions for all your budding little Picassos. If you run out you can make your own Easter egg dye with food coloring. The recipe is at the end of this post.

how to use Dudley Spin an Egg spinner decorating kit make your own dye
Start with a clean dry egg. 
This is essential for the dye to properly adhere to the egg.

Cut open a pouch and drop 8-10 drops in the spinner or use homemade Easter egg dye. Add the room temperature, dry egg, place the lid on top, and have the kids push the button to watch it spin! Kids love to watch the process.

Dudley Marbled Eggs Easter Dye Kit Refill Recipe
Marbled Eggs with Dudley Egg Spinner.

The kit comes with a Dudley "Puppet" (or use a plastic baggie) to retrieve the eggs from the spinner. Between colors, just wipe the spinner with a paper towel to remove excess dye.

How to Decorate Eggs: Decorating Easter Eggs with Kids Dudley Style
Voila! Beautiful one-of-a-kind decorated Easter Eggs.

Look at these beautiful, shiny eggs. Imagine laying them in a homemade nest for a glorious table setting. You can buy perfect nesting material at Walmart. It comes in various colors. It is a string-like, candy substance (looks like colored coconut). The package describes it as edible Easter grass. It would be the perfect complement to these artsy, marbleized Easter eggs. 

How to make homemade Easter egg dye (not die) for Dudley refill 

Can you use food coloring for Dudley Spin an Egg Art? Of course,  you can!

You need: Food Coloring, Vinegar, Water
Optional: White Crayon

In a ceramic cup, mix together 1/2 C. of room temperature water, 1 Tbs. vinegar, and several drops of food coloring. Neon food coloring works best for vibrant eggs. You will need several drops for maximum color. You can also experiment with Kool-aid packets. Use a white crayon to draw circles or shapes that will resist the egg dye.

Use 1 Tbs. of color in your Dudley Egg Spinner or Spin Art kit. 

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Get your own Dudley Spin an Egg Art*

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