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Easter Recipe: Hot Cross Buns & Song Lyrics

Hot Cross Buns Easter Recipe Ideas

You've probably heard the song, Hot Cross Buns- especially, if you've ever learned to play a musical instrument. But, have you ever eaten Hot Cross Buns?Hot Cross Buns are traditional Easter breads made with dried fruit, such as currants or raisins, with a sugar icing cross on top. So, if you are looking for recipe ideas for Easter, you might want to make Hot Cross Buns. If you don't like to bake, just you can play the song. We've included the song lyrics at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Easter Recipe: Hot Cross Buns & Song Lyrics

Cornbread Mexican Casserole: New Year's Eve Recipe

7 Easy Recipes for New Year's Eve

Looking for an easy recipe for new year's eve? Whether you are cooking for a crowd or an informal family get together, this Cornbread Mexican Casserole is sure to please! For more easy New Year's Eve recipes, scroll to the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Cornbread Mexican Casserole: New Year's Eve Recipe
Cornbread Mexican Casserole: New Year's Eve Recipe

TOSTITOS® Scoop Recipes for a Party

TOSTITOS®  Scoop Recipes for a Party

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Are you having guests for the Big Game? We've got recipes that will be a touch down. These TOSTITOS® Scoops Appetizer Recipes are the perfect food for a big party. Get everything in party size so there is plenty to go around. We came up with some delicious baked appetizer recipes that use some of your favorites- SNICKERS® and TOSTITOS® Scoops. Enjoy!

Baked Tostitos Scoop Recipes for a Party
Supreme Baked TOSTITOS® Scoops recipe for a big game party.

Snickers Scoop Mini Pies Tostitos Scoop Recipes for a Party
SNICKERS® Scoop Mini Pies.

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Walmart is just a skip away, so we always pop in to make some purchases before a big party.

The Big Game requires lots of goodies, so we filled the cart with Pepsi™, SNICKERS®, TOSTITOS®, and Skittles® and then went home to create the awesome recipes below.

Supreme Baked TOSTITOS® Scoops Recipe

First down, you need to gather supplies.

1 Avocado

1/2 C. TOSTITOS® Chunky Salsa (Medium)

1/2 Bar Cream Cheese

1/2 C. Shredded Cheddar or Mexican Cheese

1 Bell Pepper, Chopped (Optional)

Grab your favorite Pepsi™ to drink, while you cook! 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. No need to spray pan. Then, place 24 TOSTITOS® Scoops on baking tray (we used a mini cupcake pan).

Peel avocado and remove the pit. 
No need to chop it up, place it in a bowl and mash it with a spoon.

Slice the Cream Cheese bar in half. Add to avocado mixture.
Mash avocado and cream cheese together.

Mix together. If mixing is difficult, mash together with a fork.

 Add in 1/2 C. TOSTITOS® Chunky Salsa.

Now, you have cream cheese avocado dip. Taste it, it's delicious!

With a large spoon, spoon dip into scoops- filling to the top. Then, sprinkle with shredded cheese. Try one, they're even better than the dip by itself! Mmm... so good; wash it down with a Pepsi™.

Place in preheated oven for 5 minutes or less. Depending on your oven, these only need to bake until the cheese melts. So, watch them closely. Remove from oven, sprinkle with chopped pepper, and serve immediately.

Touch Down! This is what your Game Day Scoops look like when served with peppers sprinkled on top.

Baked TOSTITOS® Scoops cheesy avocado appetizer.

Every salty savory needs a companion. So, make SNICKERS® 
Scoop Mini Pies for dessert.

Get the SNICKERS® variety pack.

To Make SNICKERS® Scoop Mini Pies Recipe

35 oz. Variety bag of SNICKERS®

1/2 Bar of Cream Cheese

24 TOSTITOS® Scoops

Whipped Topping

Skittles® (Optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

SNICKERS® Scoop Mini Pies.

Chop the SNICKERS® into 3-4 small slices.

Tear off a pinch of cream cheese, and place it into each Scoop.

Then, add 1 slice of SNICKERS® into each scoop.

Place in preheated oven for 5-8 minutes- just until melted. Remove from oven, and smash the candy and cream cheese together. Let cool slightly and then add a dollop of whipped cream. To dress them up, place 1 Skittles® on top. 

Don't forget to taste just one before serving, you deserve it!

Serve the Scoops to your party guests. Make it a rule: whenever your team gets a touch down, you get to eat a SNICKERS® Scoop Mini Pie and Skittles® . Mmm... perfect with Pepsi™.

Click for more Game Day Recipes and  Snack Stadium Ideas.

Now, it's your turn to play- what is your favorite appetizer for Game Day? Share it in the comments. Don't forget to enter the Game Day Glory Sweepstakes below.


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