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How to Decorate Kid's Room with Rubber Stamps

Whimsical Kids' Room Decor with Rubber Stamp as the Tool

How to decorate kid's room with rubber stamps: Purchase some cute rubber stamps, your favorite color of ink, and stamp a border around your kid's room. Color it in with crayons for a whimsical flare or use permanent markers. If you want the crayons to last, you can cover with a strip of clear contact paper or spray with a clear sealant. We're sharing our kids bathroom decor ideaEnjoy!

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Whimsical Rooms: How to decorate kids room with rubber stamps and crayons

The Rubber Stamps make an artsy outline to color with crayons or paint to decorate as a border for a whimsical kid's room.

Whimsical Decor: How to Decorate Kid's Room with Rubber Stamps.

Velcro is attached to the wall and to the back of the book, glue ribbon to flaps and tie closed for wall art, and then you can pull the book off the wall to read.

Creative and Fun Ideas for Winnie the Pooh kids room

A lone valance in my favorite color periwinkle was the inspiration. Hang a curtain rod over the toilet and add a fun kids curtain for a splash of color. We have high ceilings, so we hung fabric flowers from the ceiling and let them dangle at 7 feet.  

What's your whimsy? Tell us you two cents and share your ideas in the comments.

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Make Pipe cleaner Sparkly Spirals for your Christmas Tree: Fun for preschoolers

Everyone can make these fun, easy pipe cleaner spiral ornaments for your tree even preschoolers

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS all around our house! There's a tree in the Liv-ing room... A Santa on the mantle... And the Snow is expected very soon. So, we made Christmas Tree Ornaments from Pipecleaners. Enjoy!

Easy pipe cleaner spirals preschoolers can make
Easy pipecleaner craft - make holiday decorations.
I have a gorgeous 9' Tree that I bought one-hundred years ago when I was much younger and less wiser :-) Last year, it ended up on the floor several times due to toddlers or my blind cat who likes to climb it. This year we bought a Wal-mart Special. My grandmother always had a white tree. I remember thinking (even back then) maybe its a bit tacky.

Yesterday's tacky is today's classy?

Well, maybe not...
But I miss my grandma and her Tacky Tree.

White Christmas Tree with Lights.
White Christmas Tree with Lights.
I like it, I really like it! The kids love it. The downfall is lights are on green strands that scream out 'ugly' to me. I am sure I will spend the next few days trying to camouflage them as I discreetly re-hang the ornaments that the kid's spent the afternoon happily placing on the bottom of the tree.

It is very endearing with my Sesame Street Carolers hanging from the lower branches as it sits on a table in hope to avoid the blind cat. The new kitten isn't as easily fooled. He keeps batting a Big Bird. We suspect he might have sprayed it too.  I'm glad he approves.

So, you ask, what's the craft, lady? It is unbelievably SIMPLE. On my last trip  to the Dollar store to purchase UNBREAKABLE ornaments, I found sparkly, green pipe cleaners.

I speculated braiding them into mini-wreaths or garlands. The sparkly green looks nice with the white tree. After we put the tree up those green wires me. I contemplated covering them with garland or ribbons while I distractedly wrapped a pipe cleaner around my finger. Of course, you can wrap them around a pencil too.

Make a pipe cleaner spiral christmas tree decoration.
Wrap a pipe cleaner around your finger to make a spiral.

My son wanted the cool, slinky-like spiral. So, I bent one end into a hanger shape and he placed them on the tree-  faster than I could make them.

Make Pipe cleaner Sparkly Spirals for your Christmas Tree: Fun for preschoolers
Pipe Cleaner Christmas Ornament Spirals.
They don't break! If Mr. Tigger bats them down, c'est la vie, they probably cost a penny a piece. The perfect, artsy-adornment for my tacky tree... Tacky Ornaments. Cute! Fun! Spirals!

My favorite art form - perhaps even my trademark. Choose lots of primary colors for green trees.

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