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Kitchen Kids: Tips for Donut Frosting and Recipe for Icing, Frosted Donuts and How to Make Maple Glaze

Easy tip for donut frosting and easy recipes for icing frosted donuts

You don't need an expensive icing tube or even a fancy bag; here's an easy tip for donut frosting and easy recipes for icing frosted donuts and a maple glaze recipe. Enjoy!

Doughnut Frosting Donut Frosting Frosted Donuts Recipes for Icing and glaze
Plastic Icing Bags with clothespins to keep 
the icing in place (works for toothpaste too).
You can purchase plastic cone/tube bags to use with recipes for icing or you can use plastic Ziploc baggies and cut a tiny hole (about 1'4") on one bottom corner then, roll it up as shown above. With this technique, you can use the tubes as a pen and write names with frosting. Use a larger opening to make and pipe ribbons and roses.

icing tips, recipes for icing, glaze donut recipe
Make maple glaze recipe.

Make Maple Donut Glaze Doughnut

For the glaze:  1 C. Confectioner's Sugar, 2 Tbs. Hot Water, 1/4 C. Maple Syrup

How to make donut glaze: 

Blend confectioner's sugar, hot water, and maple syrup in a small bowl, drizzle over donuts.

For the frosting:  2 C. confectioners sugar sifted, 1/2 C. unsalted butter, 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract, 2 tbs. milk, food coloring (if desired).

How to make frosting: 

In a bowl with a hand mixer (electric mixer on low), beat the butter until well blended and smooth. Beat in the vanilla extract. With the mixer on low speed, gradually beat in the sugar. Add  milk and beat together. On high speed, beat frosting until fluffy (about 5 minutes).Now is the time to add a few drops of food coloring if desired. Keep in airtight container so confectioner's frosting doesn't dry out.  


Easy Donut Recipe? Santa's Doughnut Maker Mistake

Easy Donut Recipe

In 2010, Santa brought the little one a doughnut maker.  She asked for a cupcake maker, but it was the hot item and hard to find that year.

Mommy was tired after all of the Christmas doings, so Daddy was in charge of making the doughnuts. I never even saw one. I heard, "They were so good!"  Mommy has been very busy.  Mommy experienced the Easy Bake Oven with the teenager.  It took Mommy over a year to make the doughnuts.

As a kid, I had a Holly Hobbie, Old-fashioned,  Easy Bake Oven.  What fun I had baking cookies and cakes on the floor of my bedroom...  Wait that seems like an odd memory, true, but odd.  I have no memory of my mother helping with this endeavor.  I do remember my Dad eating the results. As a matter of fact, I remember my Dad eating teenager's Easy Bake Cookies and Cakes.

Holly Hobbie Easy Bake Oven: Easy Doughnut Recipe
Remember how the cookies tasted baked in your Holly Hobbie Easy Bake Oven.

I also had a Baby Alive growing up.  You mixed the baby food  and she pooped and peed.  I liked her food.  I thought. "It was so good!"  Easy Bake and Super Doughnut Factory food tastes exactly like Baby Alive food. My, how my tastes have changed. And, for those of you who read my post on doll collecting, yes, somewhere, I have both of these items.  (Hoarder, Hoarder, Hoarder)

This year (2011), my son wanted a doughnut maker.  He knew exactly which one he wanted. Grandpa took us shopping and when we explained that we needed to leave the toy aisle and find the small appliance aisle both Daddy and Grandpa were perplexed. My son is very practical.  He also asked Grandpa for a new, winter coat. So, he got this one.

Mommy has been ridden with guilt. Knowing she should make the little one's doughnuts but not wanting to make the doughnuts. So, I had a brilliant idea.  We'd have a doughnut maker bake-off. Doesn't that sound like fun?

What I learned from said Doughnut Maker Bake-off:

Good ideas- aren't always. The genius idea to rid the house of Easy-Bake and Super Doughnut Maker packets would be more genius if I secretly tossed them. Easy-Bake is a Misnomer. Super Doughnut is a Misnomer.  

What's Super about it?  Doughnuts are tiny.  You mix them in a tiny bowl with a tiny spoon, put them in a "machine" that squeezes  supposedly squeezes them back out into a tiny muffin tray. We are not elfs, we are humans. The extra step is not easy, super, or fun. It works better if you use the tiny spoon to place the batter in the tiny muffin tray. Then you add the filling.  HA ha ha ha ha. Finally you stick it into the microwave for 45 seconds. Voila! Easy.  

Mommy taught the teenager how to use the microwave with her Easy-Bake supplies when she kept getting the pans stuck in her oven. I should have invented the 'Super Easy Cake Maker', I would be swimming in the dough. Yep, dough.

If you put something off for an entire year forget the guilt; I'm sure you had a good reason. Someone's got to clean this thing! I've made my last Easy-Bake or Kiddie Baker item ever.

It might be possible to persuade me into feeding Baby Alive.  Thank goodness the little one doesn't like dolls, especially babies. I've changed enough diapers in my life. After she ate microscopic, microwaved, mini-doughnuts made from year old ingredients, we grabbed a box of cake, followed the recipe for cake-like cookies, spooned them into the practical doughnut maker, popped them out after two minutes, and coated them with powdered sugar. Now that was easy.

Daddy ate the doughnuts. None of these doughnuts are fat-fried, I guess that's a plus. Here are some of our other Easy doughnut/fun food recipe attempts that really work!

Refrigerator Biscuit Doughnuts (Powdered Sugar Recipe)
Cinnamon Donut Recipe (These were made in donut maker. They are good and beautiful)

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