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Tuesday Tots Play with Food Giveaway

Love Edible Arts and Crafts?  Need ideas for Kid's Lunches?  Let your kids Play with their food and have a fun day sharing your work!

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In honor of food, on Friday, we'll give away, "Scars of a Chef" by
Rick Tramonto.

(Which I have yet to review.
It is a grown up book about the realities of becoming a chef.)

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Sensory Game for Children with Marshmallows: Fun for Kids!

Marshmallow Sensory Game for Kids

Need a few minutes of peace and quiet, Marshmallows are fun game for kids and this SENSORY game for children is the perfect fix. Kids can't talk with the straws in their mouths!  Everyone is intent on winning and they all loved it! Looking for more marshmallow activities for kids? In the sidebar, enter marshmallow(s) for a list of our posts with Things to do with Marshmallows. Enjoy!

Sensory Marshmallow Game for Preschoolers Edible
Fold the straw in half and use it like chopsticks 
to pick up the marshmallows. This way is easier for preschoolers.

Sensory Marshmallows Game for Children fun for kids activities
Marshmallows make great sensory games for children.

How to play Sensory Marshmallow Game

  • Open up a bag of mini-marshmallows and spread them in the center of a cloth covered table. Give every kid a cup and a straw. (The teenage counselors liked it too.)

  • Start with a stop-watch to increase the excitement. Let the Marshmallow Games begin!  Ready, Set, Go!  It is a race to see who can suck up the most marshmallows and place them in their cup.  No hands allowed. Suck and hold until you drop into the cup.

  • I quickly realized no stop-watch was needed and let them play until all marshmallows were gone. We counted who had the most.  The winner got stickers and candy and everyone else got to eat the marshmallows!

Aren't marshmallows fun?

Squishy Sensory Marshmallow Edible Game for preschoolers.
For another sensory element, poke marshmallows with straw.
Then, try to pick up and place into the cup before they fall off.