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Indiana State Fair Experience Budget Tips and Tricks

Tips for the Indiana State Fair

So, we earned an entry (free ticket) to the Indiana State Fair with a 4H Exhibit on Small Engines. What's to do at the State Fair? Well there's lots of things to do at the Fair. It isn't just all amusement rides and games. There are so many things to do that you could spend all day there... if you could stand the heat or the walking and had a pocket full of cash! If you have lots of one dollar bills, you can ride the train every time you needed to get somewhere. Well, you could, if you could find a seat. You can enjoy the State Fair on a budget with these Indiana State Fair tips and tricksEnjoy!

Chinese New Year Craft for Kids make a Glitter Dragon

Chinese New Year Dragon Craft Pattern Activity

To make this easy Dragon Chinese New Year's Craft for Kids, we took a simple coloring page, cut it out, glued it to a piece of cardboard (empty cereal box), cut that out, then glued and glittered. Enjoy!

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Want to more learn more about China

The last part takes some patience but the results are worth it. 

Lay out your glitter. Add one color at a time and let dry. For example, take a bottle of school glue and fill in all the areas on the pattern that you would like green. Sprinkle on green glitter. Allow to dry completely. Shake off excess glitter. Repeat until all colors have been filled.

Chinese New Year Glitter Dragon Craft Activity for Kids
Chinese Dragon Craft Stencil with Glitter and Glue.

Happy Chinese New Year!  

Chinese New Year Dragon Printable Pattern Coloring Sheet
Chinese Dragon Printable Pattern Template or  use it as a Coloring Page.

Right click on image of glitter pattern to copy and print.  

Trace your image with a pencil or light colored crayon so the lines do not show through the glitter. Reverse the image and make your Chinese Dragon double sided, and hang it from the ceiling.

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Homemade Christmas Card Printables with Cute Poems and Clipart

Click the Christmas tree clip art for an adorable Free Holiday Card Printable with poem.

Anita Poems offers free homemade Christmas card printables. Design your own card with cute poems and clipart. Click the link below to start a new holiday tradition. Enjoy!

Free Christmas Card Printables and Clipart Christmas Tree
Homemade Christmas Card Free Printables.

Want more?  Click the link below for 12 Free Printable Christmas and Holiday Cards. From  Happy Holidays!

Gift Tag Printables Free

For the full size image and more click the printable.
From Baby Center