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KCC Kids Make Native American Art and Crafts in honor of the Wampanoag Indians contribution to Thanksgiving

Studying Native American Art and Crafts

Get crafty with Alex Toys and celebrate the Wampanoag Indians.  Without them, we'd have nothing to celebrate. Here are companion activities for your lessons on Native American History.

Native American Paper Craft Wampanoag Indians Paper Dress
Mayhem wanted to go outside and collect stones and leaves in her pouch like a real  hunter-gather. "Indian Dress" paper grocery bag tutorial.
What a fun word, Wampanoag. Here is a site with fun facts about the Wampanoag. We learned some Wampanoags are from Natick, Massachusetts where the Daddy was born.

Wampanoags today  See the real Mayflower here. See our version here.  Daddy is not Native American, but Mommy is related to Pocahontas about five different ways- her Indians are known as the Powhatan or Virginia Algonquian. One day, we'll write a post about this relationship.

Tie Dye Fashion Groovy Tote Kit from Alex Toys ~ Fun way to learn about dyeing clothing.
Alex Toys has great products for your Thanksgiving celebration or to help teach Native American ways and honor their contribution to our country in the classroom.

I wanted to teach dyeing with the Tie Dye Fashion Groovy Kit and teach weaving with their Native American Loom, but the projects seemed a bit daunting for a six year old, eight year old, and an OCD Mom. So, I kept  putting it off. 

We'll do that post next week. We can do it tomorrow. It just has to be done by Thanksgiving...

The Tie Dye kit by Alex Toys is awesome, super easy, and nearly mess free ~ we did most of it in a tub in the kitchen sink.

Soaking items to dye before tying off with rubber bands and twist ties.

Knotting off patterns with bands included in the kit and recycled bread bag twist ties.

Easy how to tie dye t shirts
Projects ready to dye. The included, Groovy Tote and some of our old, stained t-shirts.

How to tie dye and other native american indian crafts
I've done some tie-dyeing in the past, but this was so much easier. Although, the kit was for one tote bag we had enough dye to dye several things. I wish we had prepped more items. We decided to use some of the dye to make super messy, water color paintings in the sink.

Leave lots of white space for better contrast and to keep colors from bleeding together.
This is our only mess! How great is that?

Squirting dye on paper and blending with plastic spoon.

Secure your items in plastic bags for 24 hours.
Patience is a virtue. Enclose in plastic bags for 24 hours to set the dye, remove bands, lay flat to dry for another 24 hours, and then wash and dry.

The bag was included in the kit and we did three shirts and several paintings.
All bottles are still half full! This would be great for a birthday party or classroom. 
Tie Dye Paper Art  ~ Less Squeeze is Best
Tie Dye Paper Art ~ Learning Phase

The loom? Oh my the loom, it was far too daunting for this post. See our weaving experiences in Jake's Journey in Art ~  Home-school Weaving. 

Weaving is tedious work that takes time. Imagine if you were a Native American making clothing to keep warm.

Next month, celebrate the spirit of giving with Santa's Elves of Indy as we collect, wrap, and donate gifts for those needing a little extra help this Christmas season. donated these toys for our unbiased review.
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Thanksgiving: Turkey and American Indian Craft Popsicle Sticks for Preschoolers

These Turkey and Native American Indian Stick Puppets are so simple and fun to make they are perfect for preschoolers. 

We always have construction paper and popsicle sticks. So, for Thanksgiving, I grabbed a bag of craft feathers and we started creating. The plan was to make Wampanoag Indians to celebrate the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth. The feathers begged to become a turkey. Afterward, we pretended they were puppets and made a holiday play.

Thanksgiving: Turkey and  American Indian Craft Popsicle Sticks for Preschoolers

We made snowmen and reindeer too. Run to Joann's and buy a bag of fall-colored feathers. Use colored craft sticks or recycle Popsicle sticks. Tacky glue works great. Construction paper, mini-googly eyes, and the smallest pom poms ever!

Native American Stick Puppet for Preschool
Great for Wampanoag Indian Lessons and Curriculum.
Trace a small kid's cup for the head and turkey's body. Then glue on extras as appropriate. It's so simple and lends itself to creativity.

Native American Indian and Turkey Craft for Kids with popsicle stick and feathers. Fun puppets or fridge magnets.
Easy Popsicle Stick Turkey Craft for preschoolers.

I use them for a thanksgiving puppet show with a shoe-box backdrop. Little hands love to move them around the fridge as magnets.

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