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Gingerbread House: What's outside the window? Penguin and Snowman Peanuts, Popcorn, and Marshmallow Edible Holiday Craft Snack fo Kids

How to make a fun Gingerbread House with Marshmallows and Popcorn and Cute Penguins and Snowmen

Mayhem and I had a yummy, crafty time making this edible Christmas scene with candy cane sleighs and peanut snowmen and penguins. Enjoy!

Marshmallow and Waffle Cone Christmas Trees for Gingerbread Scene
Marshmallow and popcorn Christmas snow scene.

How to make a Candy Cane Sleigh and Peanut Penguin
Candy cane sleigh with holiday characters including
peanut penguin and gingerbread marshmallow man.


  Halloween candy
  Christmas candy
  Marshmallow shapes
  Unsalted peanuts
  Waffle cones
  Ice cream cones
  Edible Glue
  Gel food coloring

Popcorn snow scene.
Popcorn snow scene.

I made peanut snowmen magnets/pins a few years ago. This prompted me to come up with an edible version for the holiday.  These snowman peanuts are coated with our edible glue, the eyes are Wilton's icing coloring.

Gingerbread House Peanut and Marshmallow Snowman
How to make a cool Gingerbread house scene.
We glued a cheerio on the bottom of the penguin and snowman to serve as a base. The penguin's hat base is also a cheerio, but the snowman sports a circle cut from Fruit Stripe gum.  The noses are made by dipping a toothpick into gel food-coloring.  Use a pair of scissors to cut the top hat and scarf from gum.

The sleigh is made from two candy canes glued together with icing.  The base is a leftover Almond Joy from Halloween with a big, round gum drop as the back of the seat.  Santa's bag is made from the base of an ice cream cone and filled with jelly beans.  The little mouse atop the sleigh is just a peanut sitting sideways. Did you see that little gingerbread man and those Christmas tree reindeer?  Those are store bought mini-marshmallow shapes.

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