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Valentine's Day Skit for Kids: Hide and Seek Hearts

Hide and Seek Hearts is a Fun Play for Valentine's Day   

This Valentine's Day, get into the spirit of kindness with this fun play for Valentine's Day. This skit is perfect for elementary kids and can be adapted for preschoolers or junior high. All of our FREE play scripts include a companion craft. Hide and Seek Hearts is a fun activity that kids will love. Enjoy!

Valentine's Day Skit for Kids: Hide and Seek Hearts
Valentine's Day Skit for Kids: Hide and Seek Hearts.

Hide and Seek Hearts is a play for 8 participants. Get other children involved in creating the hearts and props needed to perform the skit.

This skit has a literacy focus. It teaches adjectives, action words, and encourages brainstorming for positive affirmations. Use it as a classroom companion project for language arts. Have the students come up with a kind, descriptive word for every class member and design a heart to share with them. Isn't that so much nicer than candy? We think so.

Free Printable PDF: Valentine's Day Skit for Kids

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Saint Patrick's Day Play for Elementary Students

Saint Patrick's Day Skit for Kids

We offer FREE seasonal and holiday plays, scripts, and skits for kids from preschool to high school. Enjoy this Saint Patrick's Day PLAY SKIT for Elementary Students: Rainbow Stew. It's a fun classroom skit for the kids. Enjoy!

All of our plays and skits include a crafty element. Let the kids get in on the act by helping make the sets and props too.

Saint Patrick's Day Play for Elementary Students. SKIT

Rainbow Stew is written for 8 lead characters with a role for "everyone else." This Saint Patrick's Day classroom skit for elementary and homeschool is easy to adapt for more children, just give each additional student a line from one of the main characters.

Free Printable PDF hosted on Media Fire:

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Toddler Lost a Glove? Make a Fun Penguin Finger Puppet Play

Recycle your lost gloves into a Penguin Finger Puppet Show

Are your kids constantly losing a glove? Turn that frown upside down and recycle the lonely glove into a handful of fun. Grab a shoe box, decorate it with a green cloth, and you have an instant puppet studio. Enjoy!

How to Recycle your lost glove and make a Penguin finger puppet show
Easy Finger Puppets from Kid's Glove.
Kids can design each finger to go with a story or write their own script. Our puppets include a foamy, Halloween spider, a fun ladybug, a cute penguin, a starry night, and a giant snowflake. Imagine the possibilities.

Grab a copy of Goodnight Moon and make a bunny puppet, a moon, bears in chairs, or kittens with mittens.

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Free Martin Luther King Day stage play for kids "Dreamkeepers" 15 minute Classroom Skit

Free script for Martin Luther King Day: a great elementary class room stage play

Do you need a quick skit for your elementary class to learn about Martin Luther King Jr.? This MLK play, Dreamkeepers, is approximately 15 minutes and teaches about the famous speech "I Have a Dream".  Follow the links for the printable MLK script for kids. Enjoy!

Free Martin Luther King Day stage play for kids "Dreamkeepers" 15 minute Classroom Skit
Martin 'Luther King Play Skit Script for Kids for MLK Day.

Scroll down for Free Play Script Printable for Kids. We also have a Martin Luther King Day Activity for Kids.

Martin Luther King Day plays and skits for kids stage play
MLK Clipart

15 Minute Classroom Plays

Seasonal Celebrations
 Volume 1

All skits are based on a monthly theme with lessons in language, social studies, art and science sprinkled throughout the pages. It's 'Edutainment'. Make a paper handrpint dreamcatcher craft to go along with your lesson.

Enjoy a free copy of the first script in the series: 

In Google Drive: Martin Luther King stage play skit for Kids. 

Volume One:  
"Dreamkeepers" (MLK Day Play for Children)
"Hide and Seek Hearts" (Valentine's Day Play for Kids)
"Rainbow Stew" (St. Patrick's Day Skit for Elementary).

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