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Futuristic Activities for Children: Kindergarten Field Trip to Outer Space

Take a Field Trip to Outer Space Futuristic Activities for Kids

From Angie's Corner: Field Trip to Challenger Learning Center to learn about Astronauts. This Futuristic Activity for Kids is perfect for a Homeschool Field Trip, it is located in Brownsburg, Indiana. Enjoy!

Futuristic Activities for Kids Challenger Learning Center Astronaut Lesson
Futuristic Activity for Elementary Children: 
How Astronauts sit during take off of Shuttle.
I was lucky enough to be able to go along with Bug's Kindergarten class to the Challenger Learning Center (part of our school district) for their yearly field trip. At this very special place, they have different "missions" for the kids.  It is a very hands on place and the children get to learn and do scientific tasks just like real Astronauts. Each area of this place is geared to be age appropriate.  

On this day, each parent was given a station to man, to guide, and help out when needed while the children read and followed the instruction for the tasks they needed to complete.  I personally got to man the Magnetic station and the Magnifying Glass and Mirror stations. 

The children learned how two magnets can either attract each other or push away from each other. With Magnifying Glasses, they were able to see how to read tiny print and with Mirrors they were able to see how, if placed properly, the mirrors would show the other side of a half word or shape. 

This was a fabulous place to discover. Everyone that worked there was excited to have the children learn about not only space and science, but also teamwork.

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