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Is Chewing Gum Good for Your Teeth?

Is it Okay for Your Kids to Chew Gum?

Is it okay for your kids to chew gum? Two Thumbs Up.
Two Thumbs up for Trident Gum!
My kids love to chew gum, in fact, gum is a good bargaining chip in our house! As a health conscious mom and Dental Hygenist, it's important to me that it's sugar-free and good for their teeth. Trident Gum fits the bill on both counts. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Trident. The opinions and text are all mine.

The kids really enjoy all the amazing chewing gum flavors available - especially the fruit ones! And, I am so happy for it to meet my health requirements. So... Enjoy!

I also love, love, love that Trident supports the non-profit Smiles Across America which provides preventive dental care to underserved children. Their donation of 2.5 million dollars has helped more than 2 million children. That's a win in my book and even better - during the week of September 20, $.05 from every pack sold will be donated to help more kids (up to $250,000). Void in AL,MA, and SC.

Dental care is super important to our family, and chewing gum can actually be a great adjunct to seeing your dentist every six months along with brushing twice and day and flossing daily. Chewing Trident can actually help clean and protect your teeth and 4 out of 5 dentists recommend it to patients. There's a reason Trident was the first and is the leading sugar-free gum - cavity fighting has never tasted better!

Is Chewing Gum Good for Your Teeth?
Check out those Trident happy smiles!

What is your favorite flavor? We all have different favorites! My husband likes the blueberry and mine is one of the mints or cinnamon. My oldest loves anything orange, my middle two like strawberry, and my youngest will take whatever she can get her hands on! Have you tried the Trident Layers Gum? YUM! So many creative flavor combinations.

New flavors of Trident Layers Gum.
Have you tried this flavor?! So many others, too!

So, try a new flavor the week of September 20 and know that your purchase will help a child in need!


Follow Our Tooth Fairy Saga

Teeth Clip Art

The Night Before the Tooth Fairy*

Toothfairy - Do I have to do this 32 times? Includes Free Clipart

Are you looking for toothfairy clipart or coloring pages? We have teeth clipart and cute stories here just follow the links.

How many teeth do little people have?  I feel like we're on our one-hundredth tooth!

I snuck in with a fresh, crispy dollar bill.  When I pushed it under the pillow, it went CRUNCH!

teeth clipart toothfairy clipart
Clipart Teeth are perfect, you don't have to brush them.

Continue for Tooth Fairy Coloring Sheet

My son awoke, and looked at me. He lifted his pillow.  I checked his temperature pretending not to notice (he's been sick).  "Yep, you've still got a fever. I came in to give you your medicine."

Cute Tooth Fairy Coloring Sheet Page Printable
Right Click to save to computer and print or click here to get a PDF file.

When I came back with the meds, he was looking under his pillow.

"She didn't come, again!"  "What!? Are you sure?"  "Yes, here's my tooth, and there is no money!"

How can this be?  I just put the dollar there!  

"Well, maybe she got frightened by something and took off."

I'm running out of excuses here, any ideas?  I couldn't get the tooth out from under his pillow. 

"Hey look around maybe it got lost?"  "No!  My tooth is still here."

Then...  I saw the money on the floor. 

"Hey, look there's a dollar under your bed."

"What should I do with my tooth?"  "Save it for me."

The End. 

Wait, no, if you've been counting, we're only at tooth number seven...  maybe eight.

I can't count; I'm still sleepwalking.  Only twenty-two more to go??

"Mom, my friend gets $5 per tooth.  How come the toothfairy only gives me $1?"

That's a good question- How come I only got a quarter?  

"Hmm," I said. "Maybe you get more for the first tooth and less and less each time?"


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