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Thanksgiving Activity: Broomstick Toss Craft and Game for Parties

Broomstick Toss Craft and Game for Kids for Fall Parties

You are busy working in the kitchen; your kids need something to do. Take a minute to turn some plates and a broom into a fun Thanksgiving Activity. This Broomstick Toss game is perfect for preschoolers and family parties. Bring on the holiday fun! Enjoy.

Broomstick Toss Craft and Game for Kids for Fall Thanksgiving Activity
Thanksgiving Game for Parties.

Jake is happy he got to use scissors, nevermind he did not follow the instructions. Let your kids experiment. Give them a plain piece of paper and a pair of kiddie scissors, and you've just earned twenty minutes of freedom. Cut the center from your mini-paper plate. Grab your broom. Dessert Plates work best.

Use Sensory Motor Skills to make this craft.
Easy Thanksgiving activity game for kids to make and play.

Thanksgiving Game for Parties  

You will need:

6 -10 paper plates, scissors, and a broom.
  • Start by poking a hole in the center of your plate and cutting around to form a ring.
  • Repeat with all plates.
  • Divide into two teams, each team taking half the plates to opposite ends of the room.
  • Get your broom, decide which team goes first.
  • Unlike the traditional ring toss the player holds the broom and actively tries to catch the rings. It can be a boisterously fun game for preschoolers.
  • We found when you toss your plate upside down it flies better, but it is nearly impossible to catch on the broom. So, toss your plates under-handed with the eating side up.
  • When a player tosses all of their plates, tally the 'ringers' and switch sides.
The winner catches the most plates with the broom.

Jake beams after catching a plate- Don't tell Amanda we let her cheat! Italic

The kids really like this game and it is so SIMPLE.  It is a great 'busy' activity while you cook Thanksgiving Dinner. They needed very little moderation, although I can see the broomstick turning into a weapon quickly in a dispute, so don't leave them unattended for too long. :-)

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Thanksgiving Activities: Turkey Game and Craft for Children

Family Friendly Games for Thanksgiving

You've heard of Reindeer Games, so why not, Turkey games? This is an easy, fun activity for Thanksgiving get togethers

Family friendly crafts and games for Thanksgiving day party feasts.
Family friendly crafts and games for Thanksgiving day party feasts.

Mayhem loved playing this turkey game.

Here are a few ideas to brighten up your Thanksgiving Family Feast:

  • While you're preparing Thanksgiving Dinner, have your kids make turkeys out of paper plates and construction paper.

  • They can create it anyway they choose or follow these instructions:

Cut two - 3" slits 2" apart in the bottom of the plate.
Lift and fold this flap out and fold it into a triangle or tent shape.

This is the turkey's head.

Turkey tutorial.
Turkey tutorial.

Add googly eyes or draw your own. 
Don't forget to draw his gobbler :-)

Cut feathers from colored construction paper.  Using a glue stick connect them to the top of your plate, or draw them directly onto the plate with brightly colored markers. You can go all out and use real feathers from a craft store too, it's all good. Or trace your foot onto paper for extra fun and a SENSORY ELEMENT. Now poke a 1/4'" hole in the center of your turkey (the plate).  Get yarn, kite string, Christmas ribbon, etc... remember, it's all good. 

My kids tried it with a shoe string. Cut the string about 6' in length. (Shorter or Longer depending on your spatial restrictions.)  Thread the string thru the hole and knot it in the back of the plate. 

Do this twice - that's two turkeys... 

Set up two chairs and tie one turkey to each chair. Stretch the string taut and lie it flat on the ground with the turkey opposite the chair. This is the starting line, divide into two teams and start the turkey races with kids standing at the opposite end of the chairs.

"Ready, Set, Fly!"

On the signal kids begin gobbling and lifting the string in the air trying to get the turkeys to fly to the chairs. (You are essentially shaking the plate down the string.) If your turkeys refuse to "fly" have the kids race by pulling their turkeys down the line as fast as they can while someone else holds the opposite end taut.

Last kid to reach the chair is a Turkey!

The latter methods works best with smaller children.

HAVE FUN and remember, it is what it is, so make it fun and don't fret.

Post variations and; pictures of your turkeys in action.

We got this idea from an old 1970's  party book that used bats.  You can change anything to fit the theme. 

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