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Build Self-esteem with Fashion Freedom

Fashion Freedom can help build self-esteem in Kids.

Girls (and boys) need to feel like they can do things on their own. They have little control over their own life. As parents, we can help build their independence and self-esteem by letting them choose their own clothing each day. The smile on their little faces shows a sense of pride when someone compliments or notices their outfit. I know it is difficult for some parents to let go, but as long as the clothes are clean, I say give your kids fashion freedom

I'd like to introduce my friend Rachael to the world of blogging. This is her very first post...ever. I'm happy to have the debut of a future blogging diva.  In the coming weeks, look for her own blog on fun fashion for girls and their mommas too! 

Lainie, my daughter is only 8, but you can't tell her that when it comes to her fashion sense! Gone are the days of mommy picking out her everyday required collared shirt and pant for school. Oh no, she's not having that, but at least she is subtle about it.

Girl's fashion leather jacket and plaid mini skirt
Showing her style.

She has taken to bargaining with me. "Weelll... Mommy, I could wear that shirt, but what if I wore it under this dress?"  Who am I to say no to my little mini-me when all she is trying to do is imitate her mother??  Now that the chunky statement necklaces are such an "in" thing for "grown-ups", Lainie has to pick out a necklace of her own everyday. With the accessories comes the occasional sneaking of the lipgloss, eyeshadow, and blush.

Oh boy... I think I've created a diva-nista!!

Fun fashion for girls with a sense of style
For a casual day of fun.

On a positive note, on the weekends, I no longer have to drop what I am doing to pick out clothes for her now that she is so into matching outfits herself.  Surprisingly enough, she does a fantastic job for her age! She has an uncanny ability to pick out clothes for me too! On a recent shopping trip, she was colorblocking and pointing out necklaces to wear with the outfits.  

Impressive, I tell ya!

Probably, her proudest moment in fashion was when she "designed" her own shirt online.  She had a smile from ear to ear and a twinkle in her eyes when it arrived. I have high hopes she will continue to have a unique style she can call her very own.  

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What She's Wearing Wednesday ~ Santa's littlest Elf ~ Helping Raise Money for Christmas Gifts

Teaching kids how to participate and help other with Community Service Projects.

This past Saturday, we attended a Craft Fair and Rummage Sale to raise money for Santa's Elves of Indy. A friend organizes the event and often has more families in need than incoming donations.

The organization is young and struggling. Last year, I didn't feel we could take on a family or even a child, so we donated gift bags, tape, and wrapping paper.  

Every little bit helps.

This year, things are a little better for us.  We have "adopted" a family. That's what it is always been called, adopt a child or family for Christmas. When I posted this on another website, someone sent an angry message. It seems, they found the phrase "adopt a child for Christmas" offensive. Organizations have been collecting wish lists for needy children for years and using this terminology. We certainly don't want to offend families who are adopting children forever into their homes. 

We are in no way adopting a child or even meeting a child. To be clear, each volunteer takes a child's wish list which includes clothing and shoe sizes and shops for items for the child. Then, Santa's Elf volunteers wrap the gifts and deliver them to the children's parents or caregivers prior to Christmas Eve so no children miss out on a visit from Santa.

Teaching kids how to participate and help other with Community Service Projects.

The craft fair wasn't bustling as we'd hoped. It is difficult to spread the word. Even for such a good cause, people have little money to spare. Donations are used to purchase gifts for families that haven't been "adopted" by a volunteer.

We manned the booth for Santa's Elves matching volunteer shoppers with families in need. We were also offering deep discount gift cards for Incredible Pizza, but no one was buying. For just $10 you could/can purchase a gift card valued at $20.

Here's your sign.

Mayhem asked if she could wear the sign and walk around the vendor area selling the gift cards. I agreed. She went from person to person and received many a no thank you. The little elf came back with a sad face and a great idea.

"Can I take the cookies and offer a bag of cookies with every card sold?"

What a great idea!

She sold 3 (the fair was almost over) and had a blast.

If you'd like to donate or purchase a gift card visit the Santa's Elves of Indy Facebook Page. There is still time to ADOPT a child's Wish List and play Santa for a family needing a little extra help this season.

Happy Holidays!

I am so Thankful for this magical little Mayhem.

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What She's Wearing Wednesday ~ Elf on a Shelf or What to Wear to a Gingerbread House Decorating Party

Mayhem thought it'd be nice to dress like the Elf on a Shelf.  Note the candy cane stripe socks. She was disappointed Mommy refused to let her wear the the Women's Size 9, Red, Pointy-toe Cowboy boots from the 1980's. See, sometimes I draw the line. It was a safety issue, the bottoms are flat and slippery and the boots are 3 times the size of her feet!
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What She's Wearing Wednesday - Christmas Fashion

Just walked out of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas with candy cane stockings and Santa cap.

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What She's Wearing Wednesday: Power Ranger Costume_Girls are SuperHeroes too

Costume Ideas for girls will she be a rock star kitty or a super hero power ranger?

We spent two hours making a Perry the Platypus costume, but Mayhem decided to wear her Power Ranger costume from last year. Good thing, because last year we searched high and low for a Green Power Ranger costume, and she decided to go as a Lady Gaga style, black cat.

Girls are SuperHeroes too.
Girls are SuperHeroes too.

Green Power Ranger costume
Green Power Ranger costume accessorized 
with black snow boots, green gloves, and glow sword.

Avatar, Power Ranger, and Headless Scarecrow. 

Trick or Treating.
Turns out no one in the country leaves their lights on, 
so we headed to a safer community event.
Classic cars and candy.  
It was so cold most of the car owners took refuge inside.

It's a hearse! It is a car for transporting the dead. 

A superhero with local heroes.

The Trick or Treat event sponsored by firefighters and police.
 A safe alternative to going door to door.

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Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Green Ranger Mask*

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What She's Wearing Wednesday: Creative Play Leads to Self-Esteem: Mandy Mayhem 10/03/2012

Creative Imaginative Play and Dress up Leads to Self-Esteem

We attended a practice party for the race pit crew of Rex Norris. It was a special event, so it called for a special attire. Mandy Mayhem styled herself in sparkly, pink slip-ons, black leggings with silver glittery sparkle, a turquoise tee with silver and rhinestone buttons, and her Snow White costume from last year. Enjoy!

Upon, slipping the costume over her clothes she noted it had shrunk. This ability will become very useful later if she goes through a chubby stage. Remember, it is the dryer ~ not you. It always helps with self-esteem if you can blame someone else.

Creative Imaginative Play and Dress up Leads to Self-Esteem
Creative Imaginative Play and Dress up Leads to Self-Esteem.

Her special accessory is a giraffe, perhaps Geoffrey from Toys R Us. She entertained anyone who cared to watch with a puppet show on the deck.

Mayhem is always allowed to dress herself no matter where we go. If the occasion requires specific attire; I give her choices. She is excellent at matching and pretty good at choosing the right outfit.

I never find her clothes embarrassing. I would be embarrassed if they were dirty or too mature for her age because that reflects on me, but fun, self-expression is healthy and makes for great self-esteem. "I can do it!" Allow your child to be themselves- your relationship will appreciate it.

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Real Family of Indianapolis Takes a Bike Ride: Family Focus

Family Focus: A Typical Outdoor Experience

So, we've been planning to go on a family bike ride for a year now. One thing or another caused delay. The last time our real family of Indianapolis went on a ride, the little ones rode in a carrier trailer behind Mommy's bike. This is the real story behind a typical family fun outing. Enjoy!

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Real Family of Indianapolis Takes a Bike Ride: Family Focus
This is not a bicycle. Do not take one on a bike ride!