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Purple Tutu, Pink Leggings, and Combat Boots: She's back! What's She's Wearing Wednesday to Build a Chicken Coop

What she wore to work on our Chicken Coop

Chickens! Who doesn't love a good purple, Target tutu with a pair of combat boots? Pink leggings and a fancy shirt (worn backward) tie it together. This pairing was planned to help the Daddy build the chicken coop/duck pen. "Cause, it's cold and I need pants and boots."

What she's wearing Kids purple tutu fashion Mayhem
These don't look very heavy.  I can help build a chicken coop and duck pen.  I've got my boots! (Okay, Jake's boots.)
Later, she added a pair of grippy work gloves. No diva can be without fancy work clothes, right? There's nothing quite like Mayhem fashion. We need to start our own kid's clothing line, don't you think? Maybe, she'll make the pages of J. Crew someday?

Carrying blocks for the coop's foundation.
Oh! That's heavier than I thought.
"Mommy, Grandma doesn't know that I'm not a girly girl who  likes to wear fancy clothes and keep clean." -Mayhem

Construction of the chicken coop begins.
I can do this!
Our coop is up, but it isn't ready to been published for the world to see. In the meantime, read about a beautiful chicken coop my friend built: Red Barn Chicken Coop.

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How to Make a Rooster or Chicken Hat Band Mask or What She's Not Wearing Wednesday

Looking for an Easy Chicken Hat Tutorial?

Chickens: Rooster, Hen, Pullet, Cockerel or Cock. Whatever you call them, we're on a kick. Our baby chicks are six-weeks-old, and we adopted three duckling companions for them. We're still waiting to see if they turn out to be girls or boys. The waiting is the hardest part. Enjoy!

In the meantime, we are crafting chickens. We've made a chicken hat/ mask for the littles. It's an easy craft for preschool kids. Pair it with The Little Red Hen for a fun companion class lesson. Hopefully, they'll be happy to wear their new cap. You could even perform a little chicken play skit.

how big are 4 week old baby Pekin ducks ducklings
Baby Pekin Ducks, four weeks old. 
They don't want to wear a chicken hat.

Mayhem was not in the mood to wear a chicken hat. So, this post is what she's not wearing. Shh... I'll tell you what she is wearing. She marched upstairs and found a pair of hand-me-down khaki shorts which she paired with last year's favorite rainbow striped dress. This year, it is more like a polo shirt. Maybe she'll be back to her DIVA self next week. In the meantime, hope you enjoy crafting construction paper chicken or rooster hats with the kids.

How to make a rooster chicken hat band mask preschool play costume
Chicken hat for Little Red Hen play skit.
  • Cut two, two inch strips down the length of the construction paper. 
  • Measure one strip band to child's head. Glue ends together. 
  • Now fold the other strip in half to form the chicken's beak. 
  • Bend in half until ends meet, glue together, and attach beak to hat band strip. 
  • Cut out the comb and wattle as pictured 
  • Paste wattle to beak, draw two black circles for nose holes. We cut out two paper "chicken combs" and glued to a piece of cardboard to make the comb stand tall. 
  • Score a slit in each end of the comb and slide into hat band. Ta da!
You've got a preschool chicken costume in less than 15 minutes! 

Here's an idea for a kid's flower hat band or did you ever wonder how to make a chef's hat for kids? Or maybe a Phineas Birthday Party Hat for kids...

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Elizabeth, our "marches to the beat of a different drummer, "Wyandotte Chicken - 4 months old.

What She's Wearing Mayhem Fashion: Things to do with a Paper Bag: Native American Indian Dress Tutorial

How to Make an Indian Costume from a Paper Bag

Things to do with a paper bag Native American Indian Dress Costume Easy
Paper Bag Indian Costume.

She's wearing a paper grocery bag. We turned it into a Native American Indian Dress, an easy costume for kids.

Hiding somewhere in my garage is a bag with a Pocahontas dress (I hope) or maybe some kid walked away wearing it one day. At any rate, I was short one little Indian costume for our "movie." What's a crazed mom to do? I've made a ton of those Indian Vests and Hula Skirts in after-school programs, so I decided a dress couldn't be too difficult. Right? I guess it depends on  your standards and mine are low.

How to make a Native American Indian Dress Tutorial for Kids Costume
Native American Shirt from Paper bag.

First, take a paper bag- and good luck finding one. Talk about a tangent. Why, in this day of recycling are plastic bags everywhere, but no one has paper any more? Remember when the sacker used to ask paper or plastic? Now it's plastic or bring your own.

Once you've found the bag, turn it inside out and crumple it into a big paper wad. The more crumples the more it looks like leather. Next, unfold it and pop it open on the table, laying it on the side. Now, cut the sides all the way to the bottom of the bag. The center fold of each "arm" makes a perfect sleeve. Cut fringe about 3" at the end of each sleeve.

Native American Costume from Paper Bag.
Native American Indian Dress.

At the bag's opening or the bottom of the shirt, cut out triangles/zigzags for a decorative edge. At the bag's base or the shirt's top, cut out a "u" or "v" for the neck. Decorate the shirt with Native American symbols. When done, insert kid and tape sleeves at wrists.

Paper bag fringe Indian Skirt.
Paper bag fringe Indian Skirt.

For the dress skirt, turn bag inside out, wad and crumple, cut the bottom rectangle out, and cut down one seam. Now, cut fringe like a Hula Skirt. Wrap to fit and tape or staple.

We've also made these by punching holes in the waist and weaving yarn through to form a belt which can be tied for a perfect fit. If you want to get fancy, take another bag and cut the panels and then attach inside the sides of the shirt for full coverage.

  Native American Indian Dress from Paper Bag.
Native American Indian Dress from Paper Bag.

This was good enough for our day of pretend play. Afterward, Mayhem gathered rocks and twigs to make a fire.

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Anime Art Lessons and Curriculum for Homeschool Elementary Cartoon Animation Keroro

Homeschool Elementary Art: How to draw Cartoon Animation

Allow your kids to watch cartoons on tv with sketch book. Here is our favorite anime character Keroro. The kids study the drawing style and copy it. Try different cartoons for different techniques.

Keroro Anime Cartoon Characters How to draw lesson
Homeschool Art Lesson with Anime Cartoon Drawing and Keroro.

If your kids are like mine they love to watch cartoons. My kids love the obscure cartoons found on Netflix. One of their favorites (which is questionable if you pay close attention) is the Japanese Anime cartoon, Sergeant Frog or Keroro. For Wikipedia Description Click Here

He says lots of wacky stuff. Luckily, most of it is difficult to understand, and it rarely makes sense. I'm not advocating watching the program, but I am advocating allowing them to watch cartoons while working on an ART LESSON.

Keroro or Sgt. Frog
Sgt. Frog a.k.a Keroro

When I was a kid, I wanted to become a SPECIAL EFFECTS ARTIST.  My younger cousin wanted to become a VIDEO GAME DESIGNER both of us were shot down by parents, teachers, and principals. Who said things like, "Do you know how many people want to be that and how many people actually are?" or my favorite from my high school principal, "Well.. they told Johnny Cougar he'd never make it and he did, but still I don't think you should drop Band for more Art classes." Say what?

What She's Wearing Wednesday: Creative Play Leads to Self-Esteem: Mandy Mayhem 10/03/2012

Creative Imaginative Play and Dress up Leads to Self-Esteem

We attended a practice party for the race pit crew of Rex Norris. It was a special event, so it called for a special attire. Mandy Mayhem styled herself in sparkly, pink slip-ons, black leggings with silver glittery sparkle, a turquoise tee with silver and rhinestone buttons, and her Snow White costume from last year. Enjoy!

Upon, slipping the costume over her clothes she noted it had shrunk. This ability will become very useful later if she goes through a chubby stage. Remember, it is the dryer ~ not you. It always helps with self-esteem if you can blame someone else.

Creative Imaginative Play and Dress up Leads to Self-Esteem
Creative Imaginative Play and Dress up Leads to Self-Esteem.

Her special accessory is a giraffe, perhaps Geoffrey from Toys R Us. She entertained anyone who cared to watch with a puppet show on the deck.

Mayhem is always allowed to dress herself no matter where we go. If the occasion requires specific attire; I give her choices. She is excellent at matching and pretty good at choosing the right outfit.

I never find her clothes embarrassing. I would be embarrassed if they were dirty or too mature for her age because that reflects on me, but fun, self-expression is healthy and makes for great self-esteem. "I can do it!" Allow your child to be themselves- your relationship will appreciate it.

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What She's Wearing Wednesday or What Not to Wear

Welcome to What She's Wearing Wednesday.  This week, she wanted her photo taken with her new boots and hat. I didn't understand the hat until she explained.  "It's a cowboy hat to go with my pink, purple, and blue cowboy boots."

What Not to Wear: Encouraging Self Expression: What's She Wearing Today: Mayhem Fashion

Encourage Self Expression to Create Self-Esteem

Mandy Mayhem, Fashionista Extraordinaire. She is one of a kind. We let her wear whatever she wants, wherever she wants. There are some misses, but way more hits! Allowing her to pick her own clothes and letting her know we accept her choices encourages self-esteem. Enjoy!

Layers of Ruffles paired with Cowboy Boots (Wal-mart Special) and a Magician's Hat (Reminds me of Slash). Never leave the house without a purse accessory. Today, the teddy bear backpack.

Encourage Self Expression to Create Self-Esteem
And yes, she almost always picks her own outfits.

I refuse to let grown-up stereotypes or 'you have to do this' or personal insecurities stifle her creativity. Life is too short to be boring. Live a little.

Purple witch skirt over dark, denim jeans.

Even in this one, her favorite tie-dyed onesie.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the many trips to the grocery when Clifford, The Big Red Dog, or Bob the Builder's friend, Wendy, or a Kitty or a Dalmatian in footie PJ's escorted me to the grocery store.

Creative outlets are important around here, ya know.

Tinkerbell Backpack.

Foam cowboy hat, Tinkerbell backpack, pink sundress (too short), 
knee-length skirt, pink monkey rubber boots.
So, wherever you go, strike a pose and never, ever, stifle your child's creativity. It's the stuff of superstars. A real superstar needs a supportive network to thrive.

Green Disney socks with plastic ballet flats.

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Building a Chicken Coop in a Tutu

Wordless Wednesday ~ No words needed today.

  Diva in Training


Wordless Weds.

Wordless Wednesday

In keeping with last week's theme, and utilizing my blog as a memory book, I decided to post this photo from a few years ago.  Amanda preps for a ballet recital. In case you can't tell, that's brown lipstick.

Wordless Wednesday

Blast from the past. I posted this on Facebook over a year ago. The little one dressed herself and bounded in proud of her accomplishment, "I'm ready, Mommy." I wonder if this was the moment that changed her sense of style? She tries to match and dress like a pretty princess these days. Did I over react? I don't remember what went down.  Probably a, "You can't wear that to town."

Note shoes on opposite feet and stylish Elmo infant socks.
Town.  People make fun of me for saying that. I go to town when I go to the store. Do you?  I guess it stems from growing up in between two cornfields just outside of city limits.

While looking at this picture it occurred to me that these were all once a favorite item of clothing.

Ask Amanda

Today, Amanda asks...

While pulling into pre-school at the church, Amanda asks-

"Mommy, What's a G-Spot?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you said?"

"What would happen if we didn't use a G-Spot?"

"Amanda! What are you talking about?"

"Why do we always park in a G-spot? What if we parked in another letter?"

I had no idea what we were talking about until I looked up.

We park in a spot for guest parking with a blue sign marked with a big "G".

New Year's Out of the Mouths of Babes - Ask Amanda

More from Ask Amanda Advice for Moms

First thing out of her mouth New Year's Day- No 'Good Morning'.
She must have had a sad night.

New Year's Out of the Mouths of Babes - Ask Amanda Advice for Moms
Ask Amanda, the funny things kids say.

"Mommy since Jake and Sam are going to grow up am I?"
"I don't know what you mean?  Of course!"
"Last night you said Jake and Sam are going to get a year older but you said nothing about me!"
"Huh?  Oh!  You mean because I said in the New Year Jake will be seven and Sam will be eighteen?"
"Yes, but you said nothing about me.  Am I going to get  older too?"
"Awww.... Of course!  You'll be turning five this year."
"Good because when  you were talking you said nothing about me."


"Jake, I'm going to be five this year!  I'm going to make my second birthday on Easter like Jesus because he has two birthdays."

Ask Amanda "Mommy You Look Beautiful"

Sweet words out of the mouths of babes, Ask Amanda for Advice

Amanda has opinions. In this "Ask Amanda" column, we share her advice and quotes. She's got some doozies!

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Ask Amanda advice form kids is the best on beauty.
Ask Amanda for the truth.

My significant other never, ever says a word when I have a bad hair day or when I have a bad face day or when I have a bad bloat day. So, it came as quite a surprise when we were out to lunch and he grimaced, "Did you remember to comb your hair today?"

At first I thought it was a joke. I had looked in the mirror before I left and thought 'I look better than usual'. I had even made the extra effort to apply make-up.

Whenever I'm sick, I tend to look better than when I'm well. I rarely wear makeup. If I have something to do outside the house, I might throw on mascara and lip stain. But, I'm sick, I go the extra-inch and add powder or (my new favorite thing) eraser by Loreal. It was cold. My hair felt slightly frizzy, but I felt good about my overall appearance in my flawless wrinkle remover.

Aghast? I have no wrinkles- just a few seniority lines on my forehead and at the corner of my eyes from scrunching my face into smirks far too many times. By the by, I got this makeup stick for free. It normally retails for around $30; a price I would never pay for anything, much less for makeup.

Chris grabbed a glob of my hair, "It looks like Jake's does in the morning, all mangled." Quickly searching the inner depths of my brain, I wondered...  Did I remember to comb my hair today?

Yes! I combed my hair with a brush with no handle. My brush is always walking out of the bathroom. It never stays in one place. Amanda screamed, "Don't brush my hair, don't brush my hair!" So, I brushed her hair right after I pulled the little wiry, oval thru my bangs and sides. She took off into another room and I made chase.

Amanda's hair looked beautiful when I dropped her off at pre-school.

Before meeting up for lunch, I combed my fingers thru my sides and pulled my hair back with sunglasses.I plan to invent lens free hair-glasses one day. Headbands hurt and make me feel like Hillary Clinton. Did I brush the back of my hair? Signs point to No.

I can't wash my hair everyday or it turns brittle and breaks into a thousand tiny pieces all over my clothes. It has nothing to do with hair product or styling equipment its just always been crappy hair. I washed it, put it in a scrunchy, started blogging and fell asleep.

Yes, Kathy a scrunchy! (Kathy, once posted on her Facebook page that she was not aware scrunchies were back in style. She wasn't speaking of me, but I resemble that remark.

Oh, I know the real answer, but ponytail holders break my hair. Scrunchies are so much nicer for the lazy likes of me. I woke up around 2:00 a.m. and pulled the scrunchy ponytail out. If only I had taken a picture of the mess. 

So, the next morning, I decided to tame the wild hairs with a curling iron.

"Why are you doing that," asked Amanda.

"My hair is yuck and I look ugly," I replied thoughtlessly.

"Well, I don't think you look ugly. I think you look beautiful, Mommy."

This from a rotten little, mean-girl, my arch-nemesis. Instead of crying, I said, "Thank you."

"Yea, 'cuz did you know, I know that you always look good? You can ask me anytime and I will tell you."

"Thank you, Amanda! That is so sweet. I love it when you are nice to me."

"You're welcome 'cuz it's true. Mommy, you look beautiful, you really do."

The expression on her face was priceless. I'm sure mine was too.

Fun Friday - Ask Amanda advice out of the mouths of babes.

My Musings on Life, "Ask Amanda" Kid Advice

Amanda is always full of fun musings on life. This is her column for kid advice.

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Ask Amanda funny things kids say and advice from Mandy Mayhem.
Mandy Mayhem has lots of advice. Just ask Amanda.

Amanda always takes her seat-belt off while I'm stopped on the street waiting to pick up the after-school kids. One of the elementary schools is no big deal, the other one is a busy city street. Policemen and Crossing Guards direct cars there.

Amanda: "What?  That policeman saw me, and I didn't get arrested."

Mommy:  "What if we have an accident?"

Amanda:  "We're stopped."

Mommy:  "Well, if a car doesn't see us stopped on the street and runs into the back of us, you'll go flying thru the window. You could get whiplash or even die! What would I do with your Christmas presents if you died?"

Amanda: "Put them on my carving stone at the cemetery."

Mommy:  Speechless.

You know how people live on golf courses? We live like that on a cemetery garden. In the Spring, Hispanics gather to remember a slain country singer who escaped to America to flee would-be murderers.

I don't know the particulars, but they found him and then murdered him in a small town near our house. His gravestone is over 6' tall and nestled behind the trees in our backyard. They bring him gifts, play music, and even have picnics.

I can only assume that is how she formed this silly hypothesis.


Ask Amanda: Mommy, You Look Beautiful