"Same Life, New Story" by Jan Silvious

'Change Your Perspective to Change Your Life'
"A 10-Week Bible Study for Women"

Published by Thomas Nelson Book Publishers, 2010

Jan Silvious is a professional life coach and Christian author.  Silvious writes in a conversational, easy to read style.  Her book, "Same Life, New Story" is an excellent book for women's bible study groups.  Inside you'll find reflective questions for group discussions and journaling prompts. 

Each chapter discusses a different woman from the Bible.  As you read about her struggles and her story, the author guides you to face your own.  Learn to overcome the past and re-write your personal history.

This is a very easy read.  You'll feel as if you are talking to a cherished friend.  Jan teaches the importance of bouncing back.  Women can perservere through resilience. She reminds us to laugh.  "You may not be a natural wit, but everyone can learn to laugh, and laughter is a huge part of reframing or bouncing back." Don't get stuck in a rut - keep moving forward.  I recommend this book to all women who struggle to find themselves.  Get a group of friends together, start a book club, and start building your new stories today.

Find what lies within you- your story is yet to be told!  Learn more about Jan Silvious at http://www.jansilvious.com/ or follow her on Twitter @jksilvious

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Lora is a homeschooling mom, writer, creator of Kids Creative Chaos, and Director of the Play Connection.