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YA Book Series Angels Supernatural: Allegedly Mystic

Allegedly Mystic YA Fiction Aurora Series Book One

Allegedly Mystic. It's finally here! If you're a long time reader of this blog, you know I've been talking about it for years. In the early stages, I even published some chapters here to get help with crowd editing and story line content.  (Those have since been removed.) This is the first in a YA Book Series about angels and all things supernatural. Read on for the book blurb and to see how you can read it for free. 

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YA Book Series Angels Supernatural: Allegedly MysticAllegedly Mystic YA Fiction Aurora Series Book One
Check out my Amazon Author Page, Lora Langston, and follow along there.

“Ugly people argue. When I feel ugly, things get ugly around me. I always want to run and hide in a bathtub. Unfortunately, the school frowns on unusual behaviors like that. My school counselor says I walk the halls with the grace of Snuffleupagus and the air of Pig Pen. Apparently, a cloud of woe surrounds me in typical Eeyore fashion.

Troubled kids who cause their parents shame, stress, or miserable pain often get shipped off to some kind of camp. Maybe Fat Camp, Betty Ford, or a Funny Farm? I could never be so lucky.  

Where’s a bathtub when you really need one? “


(Teen & Young Adult Visionary & Metaphysical Fiction eBooks)


Life is nothing if not unpredictable. Navigating adolescence is never easy, but when you’re born into a family of mystic medicine, every moment is a challenge. Aurora thinks she’s got a handle on it until her emotions get the best of her. 

When your feels affect everyone within a city block, you move every six months, and you’re labeled a weird homeschooler, having friends seems like an impossible dream. Having a best friend is completely out of the question. 

Romance? That's a stone that will never get turned over...

After watching her mother perform a strange ritual in the park, Aurora can’t help but think the story of her ancestry is a pack of lies. She’s seen all the movies about witchcraft. Whenever she’s feeling stressed, a green aura haunts her every move, a white cat appears out of nowhere, the school bully suddenly has her back, and she finds comfort in the companionship of a mysterious kid no one else seems to notice. 

Wondering if she’s secretly a witch, but doesn’t know it, Aurora opens up to her new friends and ends up confessing more than just her concerns about her fanatical mother and the green light. Her emotions always run rampant, but once she gets a handle on it all, she realizes those confusing feelings about her new protector might be more than just gratitude. She’s finally ready to sort it all out when her reservation to the Indian reservation is confirmed.


Aurora's mother tries to keep her ancestry hidden. Allegedly born into a family of skilled mystic medicine men and women, Aurora, a home-schooled, thirteen-year-old, high school freshman, tries to navigate her special gifts as a mysterious green aura haunts her emotional outbursts. If she learns to contain her emotions, she can use her gifts for good. If she doesn't... Well, that's exactly what she's trying to prevent.  

Has she created the cloud that hovers over her every move? Is she a danger to society? Serenity Waters is the keeper of secrets. Aurora didn't ask for these alleged abilities and she certainly doesn't want to attend a camp to find her inner medicine man, but her mother is making demands and her mystic grandfather keeps appearing out of nowhere. It couldn’t hurt to meet her estranged father, could it?


*The story is told from a thirteen-year-old girl's perspective with flashbacks to her mother's teen years.

**This is an upper middle grade fiction/YA fiction supernatural novel perfect for reader's 12-18 yrs. 


Here's the original cover from the YA Fictions Supernatural blog series. Aurora, you've come along way, baby. She is my baby. I've started the next book in the series, I hope to have it completed by Christmas. Things are going much faster these days, I've learned a lot over the years. 

Whether you're a future novelist or a seasoned pro, hop over and learn new things or share your books with my Facebook group: Author Friends (Historical Fiction Books)



Book Reviews and Recommendations from Kids Creative Chaos

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Books for 11 - 14 year old Boys: The Last Kids on Earth

Books for Boys: 11 to 14 years

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Are you looking for books that your preteen or teen boys will read and enjoy? Whether they are reluctant readers or love to read, once they've read all of the Harry Potter book series, it is difficult to find new books that will keep 11 to 14 year old boys engaged. No need to worry. We've found the cure! The Last Kids on Earth series by Max Brallier is just what you need. Enjoy!

Book Blurb: Life after the zombie apocalypse is pretty good for 13-year-old Jack Sullivan: he lives in a mind-clobberingly cool tree fort with his best friends, speeds through town playing Real-Life Mario Kart, has a crew of monster buddies, battles zombies on the regular, and generally treats life like it’s a videogame! 
But then Jack’s friends make a startling discovery: they may not be the last kids on earth, after all. This is great news for everyone… except Jack. Once they’ve found other humans, his friends won’t stick around for long! Jack’s only hope for keeping things the way they are is to prove that everything here is perfect, life is crazy fun, and nothing else could be any better. 

One problem: it’s hard convincing his friends that everything is great when they’re being hunted by a monstrous Nightmare King and an ancient evil who won’t rest until Earth has been devoured. Crud! Maybe life after the monster apocalypse is more complicated than Jack thought…

Books for 11 - 14 year old Boys: The Last Kids on Earth

Read our review about the first book in the series, The Last Kids on Earth book review. These books are page turners. Jake read this book in less than 24 hrs. When he read the first book from this series he said, "They better make this a series!" This time he says, "They better make this series a movie! I'd love to see it."

Per Jake: In this latest book, Jack is always fighting with himself. He knows they need to fix the radio, but he doesn't want to lose his friends. If they fix the radio, the other kids will go back to their families. He doesn't want that!

Pin it!

Books for Boys: 11 to 14 years: The Last Kids on Earth

Max Brallier is the New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty books and games, including the first two books in The Last Kids on Earth series. He is the creator and writer of Galactic Hot Dogs, an ongoing middle-grade web serial and book series with Aladdin. He writes for licensed properties including Adventure TimeRegular Show, and Uncle Grandpa. Under the pen name Jack Chabert, he is the creator and author of the Eerie Elementary series for Scholastic Books. In the olden days, he worked in the marketing department at St. Martin's Press. Max lives in New York City with his wife. 


Also by Max Brallier: Galactic Hot Dogs

Self Help Book for Life: Ordering Your Private World Review

Into Self Help Books?

Handlebar Marketing gave me a copy of this book for review; all opinions are my own.

Are you living in chaos? Do you perpetuate chaos? This blog is titled, Kids Creative Chaos, but several years ago, I was able to squash most of the chaos. I learned to say 'No' and not to overextend myself. I forgave myself for not attending every event or argument that crossed my path.

Self Help Books

Amazon Affiliate: I get a small commission if you make a purchase from a link.

Some people need routines to organize the chaos. For me, the routines bred the chaos. Now, I take one day at a time and try to live every day to its fullest potential. Of course, on some days, life's fullest potential is just relaxing and watching a movie on Amazon- not something I felt comfortable doing in the past. How could I sit idle when so much needed done? If you are looking for a self help book for life, Ordering Your Private World is the perfect choice. Enjoy!

Self Help Book for Life: Ordering Your Private World Review 

The first thing you need to know about Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald, is that it is a Christian book written by a pastor. It references scripture. For some that will be a win, but for others it may be a turn off - don't let it be. MacDonald's personal journey may be different from your own, but it is worth the read. Written in a conversational style, this self help book on life is a quick and easy read.

Book Blurb: One of the great battlegrounds is within the private world of the individual. The values of our Western culture would have us believe the busy, publicly active person in ministry is also the most spiritual. Tempted to give imbalanced attention to the public world at the expense of the private, we become involved in more programs, more meetings. Our massive responsibilities at home, work, and church have resulted in many good people on the verge of collapse.

In this updated classic, Ordering Your Private World, Gordon MacDonald equips a new generation to live life from the inside out, cultivating the inner victory necessary for public effectiveness.

The author shares his personal journey of a Pastor spread too thin. He shares a turning point that gave him insight and helped him realize the time had come to organize and take control of his own life. With a study guide to help you on your own organizational journey, in no time, you'll be on your way to a life led by your own spirituality focusing on what's really important and matters most to you.

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Read Free Books Online: Moon Magic Chapter 7

Moon Magic: YA Fiction Novel Online

Do you have an eReader or Kindle? Do you read free books online? We've been sharing our YA fiction book online. If you're new, start here- Moon Magic Chapter One. If you've been reading the story, the last chapter published was chapter six. Eventually, this will be published as an eBook. Remember this material is copyrighted and not meant to be published on any other website or platform. Moon Magic is a young adult fiction novel with suspense and historical fiction sprinkles. Enjoy!

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Read Free Books Online: Moon Magic Chapter 7

This post contains affiliate links.

Read YA Adult Fiction Online

Moon Magic
Copyright 2017

Chapter Seven 
A History Lesson

You can’t protect your children from everything. Serenity had learned that long ago. She lived in constant fear for her daughter’s safety, so she homeschooled until the third grade when Auri had begged to ride a school bus like the ‘normal’ kids. It went well until everyone hit puberty in the fifth grade

Well, almost everyone. 

Puberty wasn’t typical. Nothing was typical with Aurora, so it took a little longer for the complete transformation. By seventh grade, it was nearly impossible to keep the big secret from her daughter, but Serenity did. At least that’s what Aurora let her think.

It was humiliating to talk to her mom (or anyone for that matter) about her period, hairy underarms, legs, and other hairy places. Difficult, but not impossible. Aurora kept secrets too. It was impossible to strike up a conversation about sanity. “Hey, Mom, I think I might be insane. Yep, I was fine until I hit puberty and then I started making people do crazy things. I don’t do anything really. I just feel. I keep trying not to feel, but this hormone thing makes that really difficult. If I could just feel happy all of the time everything would be fine. Everyone would be fine.” That conversation was never going to happen. Her mother would have her committed.

An awkward afternoon was spent hashing out the school day. Serenity had a series of safe actions in place to help keep an eye on Aurora. Every morning before school she’d ask, “Do you notice anything different or unusual today?” Aurora always had a smart aleck response, “I still haven’t started my period. Don’t worry, you’ll be the second to know.” 

After a snack of cream cheese and jelly sandwiches, Serenity felt energized to push a little harder. As soon as Aurora stuffed the first bite into her mouth, Serenity asked, “Did anything odd happen at school today? Did you feel funny when other people were around?” Did you notice any strange animals following you? 

 “Strange animals?” Aurora gulped down the last bite and shook her head back and forth.

If someone else had had a hand in her child rearing… Well, Aurora couldn’t help but think that she’d be normal. At least a little more close to normal. Environment can make or break a person. Aurora was broken. Her head filled with a scream, but she smiled instead. It was Serenity who needed psychotherapy. Aurora knew she wasn’t like the other kids- she just didn’t know how different. It was her mother who was obviously different. That much she knew for sure. 

No encouragement was needed. Serenity burst into a history lesson. “Did you know your great, great, great grandfather was a Native American Shaman. I think somehow our DNA is imprinted with the memories of our ancestors. I think maybe we see and feel things others don’t. The Creek Indians fought hard and most of them died battling for their land. The mess that followed, ‘The Trail of Tears,’ played havoc with our ancestors. The Creeks that stayed behind crossed over the Cumberland River and joined forces with the Cherokees and blended to stay on their land. They learned English and got along with the White man. They civilized to stay alive. Most shunned all of their ancestral beliefs.”

“That’s awesome, Mom. Can I go now?” Aurora jumped up to leave but was pushed back into her seat by the palm of her mother's hand. “Aurora, listen to me, this is important. Our white ancestors feared the Creek. Our Creek family was shunned and mistreated. The Creek Indians had a reputations of evil! To survive, they had to give up all that they were, all that they lived for, asking forgiveness wasn’t enough because so much prejudice remained. The Cherokee were good people, but there connections weren’t as strong. She stopped, gave her daughter the side-eye, and then screeched. "Aurora, do you know what I’m saying?” Aurora snapped back, “A bunch of boring crap, is there a point?”

Taking a deep breath, Serenity leaned in resting her elbows on the counter and and holding her chin in her hands. “The point is, Aurora, the Cherokee danced for Mother Nature but they didn’t know how to fully harness her powers like the Creek did.” Then, she looked over at Aurora and smiled awaiting a response.

“That’s nice, Mother, or should I say, Your Supreme Weirdness. And, big fat no! I haven’t seen any flying monkey or pigs following me home from school.

*     *     *

Aurora wished she hadn’t always been so rude to her mother. What if her mother never woke up? She’d be all alone and she’d never know the whole truth about her ancestry. 

Now, she longed to discover her true genetic makeup. As a teenager with no job or money and a lame arm, the best she could do was research online and with microfiche at the public library. Believe it or not, they still had microfiche machines in the basement.

She needed to get a DNA test. Todd Lowder, her mother’s boyfriend and her Social Studies teacher, had gotten one done. Apparently, he’d been told that he was part Cherokee. Isn’t everyone? Born mixed, half black and half white, he was anxious to find out if he were more African American or Native American or just another European hodge podge. 

Todd circulated a copy of the complicated graphs around the classroom. The results showed that he was mostly from some sect of people in Siberia. That could mean anything, based on current genealogy theory. It seems nothing is simply black and white, not even the color of one’s skin.

The oral traditions in Kentucky were strong. Aurora wanted black and white proof of her ancestry. Was she Cherokee? Creek? Everyone seemed to be part Native American of some sort, but no one had any proof. Serenity Waters had named her daughter Aurora Waters. Strange, but not illogical. However, Aurora might as well have been named Merry Christmas. Names seem to fit the traditions of the people. The only tradition this Waters family had was celebrating Christmas every year. Well, Halloween too, but Happy Halloween didn’t sound like a real name.

That wasn’t all. Aurora had been giving her mother grief. She wasn’t completely sure what Serenity was getting at when she had asked, “Do you feel anything unusual?” She did feel something, but what if her mother was talking about something else? She didn’t want to risk freaking her out with the wrong unusual feeling. Everything was unusual when you were a teenager. Then, there was the big, white, feral cat. He kept popping up all over the place. Outside the band room. At the bus stop. Whenever she felt overwhelmed, he appeared, but he wouldn’t let anyone touch him. He’d look up at Aurora, blink his eyes, purr, wiggle his tail and then disappear. Sometimes, she thought he was beckoning her to follow him.

When everything was deafeningly quiet chaos broke out in Aurora's head. She was fairly certain that she’d heard the so called Great Spirit calling her and positive that whispers from the ancestors tortured her. Maybe other people had the same thing but never took the time to pay attention? It was hard to be certain. What if those were just voices in her head, the kind that make you crazy? No way could she confess. If she feared she might be insane, what would everyone else think?  

If she did hear the Great Spirit what would people think? Buddha, God, the Great Spirit. Jesus, Zeus, didn’t they all have something in common? Human Spirit. Right vs. Wrong. Buddha and Jesus had both walked the Earth as men sent down by a higher power. Religion made Aurora uncomfortable. Other people called it different things, but Aurora’s mother had always taught her that God and the Great Spirit were one in the same. Serenity's bedtime stories had detailed how he watched over his people and sent down his helpers to guide them. Apparently, the Native American’s had learned to harness the powers that guided them. Maybe that was the big secret her mother was hiding.

It was time to eat crow. Aurora needed a plan. Unfortunately, Todd was  in the best position to help. She assumed Serenity probably hadn’t confessed to all of the weirdness in their lives. But, perhaps, she had told him about the Indian heritage and Shaman bloodline.

Todd had been Aurora’s favorite teacher up until he’d called her Mom about a quiz she’d failed. That opened the door for her Mother to ask about her school life and they'd swapped horror stories over dinner one night. The rest, of course, was history. He wasn’t Aurora’s favorite person. Odd Todd. “Easy ‘A,’ my ass, the idiots didn’t know what they were talking about." But, she was thankful for homeschooling, even if Todd had to help out. At least, she didn’t have to live with the constant snickers and glares from the other kids. Anyway, Todd would know how to track these Native American ancestors- that made him worth something.


Moon Magic Chapter Four: YA Novel Online

Chapter Four Moon Magic Young Adult Fiction Novel Online

Here's chapter four of my online Young Adult Fiction NovelMoon Magic. If you haven't read the other chapters, start here: Moon Magic starts here. In Chapter Three, Aurora began to write in her diary. We also got a little taste of how she and her mother get along. It's time for her outing with Lucas, find out how it went in Chapter Four of Moon MagicEnjoy!

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Moon Magic Chapter Four: YA Novel Online

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The Wonderful Things You Will Be Book Activities

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

Explore the possibilities, what are the wonderful things you will be? What can you be? Take a page from the most well-known Tigger when he sings, The Wonderful Things about Tiggers. Perhaps, Emily Winfield Martin, was inspired by Tigger's wonderful song. Penguin Random House gave us a copy of her book for review. We've included book activities as companion book projectsEnjoy!

The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin is a delightful book. It explores childhood dreams, good character, and family relationships. It inspires children to express their hopes and to be themselves. It encourages them to dream big and achieve their dreams.

This easy-to-read book is filled with lots of love as parents express thier support of their children and their imaginations. The beautiful illustrations invite you to explore the pages and the surprising fold out at the end is, well, wonderful.

I love the way this book suggests possibilities of things to be and also states positive attributes (like kindness) that they know the child will display. It's a book that works on various levels and makes children think in a playful yet deep way.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be PDF
The Wonderful Things You Will Be PDF.

Wonderful Activities to do with this Book:

1) Play dress up and encourage your child to use their imagination.

Superheroes to the rescue!

2) Bake muffins together to bring to a neighbor or friend to show that heart of kindness.

Donut Muffins

Check out these delicious donut muffins- so fun to make together!

3) Draw pictures of something you might want to be together (like a monster truck driver).

So many imaginative things can be made with pencils, makers, paper, and scissors!

4) Play outside in the mud and maybe even plant some flowers.

Playing outside is always creative!

In, The Wonderful Things You Will Be, the sky is the limit on the wonderful things that your child can be. Be imaginative together. Spend time reading this sweet book and talking about your hopes and dreams. Compliment your child on their many wonderful qualities and encourage them to be their very best self- they are one of a kind (Just like Tigger)!

This book is sure to quickly become a family favorite. The story is beautiful and the message is timeless!


The Wonderful Things You Will Be*

Art Projects for Black History Month

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The Day the Crayons Came Home PDF Activities: Book Review

PDF Lessons Activities for The Days the Crayons Came Home

The Day the Crayons Came Home is a fun story. The crayons are back, and they aren't happy. Find out where they've been when you win your own copy. For the Penguin Books 12 Days of Giveaways. Hop over to their Facebook Page to enter to win! Hurry, you have until midnight tonight. Everyone enjoys the story of the crayons, so we found some PDF Activities and Lesson Plans for The Days the Crayons Came Home that align with k-5 curriculum. Enjoy!

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The Day the Crayons Came Home PDF Activities: Book Review
The Day the Crayons Came Home PDF Activities: Book Review.

We have a fun crossword puzzle for The Days the Crayons Came Home. Can you answer all of the questions? Just read the book.


ADS DISCLOSURE: We've partnered with some wonderful advertisers who may sponsor blog posts or send us samples to test. Some companies pay us to review their products. *We also use affiliate links, if you make a purchase we get a tiny commission. Kids Creative Chaos participates in the Amazon LLC Associates Program*, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a mean for blogs to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon properties, including, but not limited to,,,,, or We also offer Tapinfluence, Google Adsense, SoFab, and Izea ads here. Thanks so much for helping us keep the lights on! :)

Eric Carle Surrealist Lesson Activities: The Nonsense Show Book Review

Surrealism in Children's Literature: Art Lesson Activities

Eric Carle has written and illustrated another book! The Nonsense Show is written to introduce children to Surrealism. Completely nonsensical, the beautiful illustrations will capture the heart of preschoolers while the concept will boggle the minds of everyone else. We've included a book review and Surrealist Activities for your Art Lesson planning, as well as, educational games and online lessons for homeschoolers. Enjoy!

Eric Carle Surrealist Lesson Activities for Art: The Nonsense Show
Surrealism in Children's Literature: Art Lesson Activities.
This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.* 
We were given a copy of "The Nonsense Show" for review.

Eric Carle Surrealist Activities: The Nonsense Show Book Review and Art Lesson
Eric Carle Surrealist Activities: The Nonsense Show Book Review:
Surrealist Art Lesson

Art develops critical thinking. Many beloved children's book authors have tinkered with the idea of surrealism and Crazy Surrealism Art- Think, Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss, Maurice Sendak, Lewis Caroll, and L. Frank Baum. So, it is no surprise that Eric Carle has joined the list. Always an artist first, the illustrations in The Nonsense Show don't disappoint. 

So, let's get started on our online lesson in Surrealism. Mati and Dada is a fun art cartoon for elementary kids. In this episode, they talk about the surrealist painter, Magritte.

The most famous Surrealist, Salvador Dali, is best known for his melting clock painting. Learn about Dali and Surrealism in the video below. The Dali video introduces a fun, group drawing game called, Exquisite Corps. Be sure to watch the full video for instructions on how to play the Art game with friends.

Art History Component. This free online Art History Game focuses on Surrealism. Recommended for (4-12th grade). It is for older children because a lot of reading comprehension is required. At first, it looks complicated, but it is essentially just a drag and drop into the timeline game. So, give it a try!

For BrainPop subscribers: Watch this movie on Surrealism.

After you review the book, The Nonsense Show, create your own nonsensical art. Below, are some fun ideas to try.

easy Surrealist art project for kids
Easy Surrealist Art project for kids from Le Dada de L'enfant Terrible blog.

  • Language Arts Component. To get into the mindset for creating surrealist art, sit down and free write. Start writing whatever pops into your head. Don't edit, don't try to make it go somewhere- just write!
  • The Art Room Plant shares this fun drawing activity. It is similar to the game in the Dali video above.

fun Surrealist drawing activity for kids
Fun Surrealist drawing activity for kids from The Art Room Plant.

Amelia Earhart Lesson Activities: Book Review

Lesson Plan and Activities for Amelia Earhart

The, "I am", series from Penguin Books is a fun way to learn about famous, historical figures. In these Amelia Earhart lesson activities, you'll learn all about the history of the famous pilot. Penguin was kind enough to send us the book for review. Enjoy!

Scroll Down for our Online Lesson Activities and a chance to win.

Amelia Earhart Lesson Activities: Book Review
Amelia Earhart Lesson Activities.

"I am Amelia Earhart", by Brad Meltzer, is told from the point of view of Amelia as a child. The illustrations are fun and lively enough to capture everyone's attention. Read it to younger children, let early readers read it aloud to you, and older children will learn about history with this easy reader.

Dear Teachers and Educators: We searched for the best resources on Amelia Earhart and shared them in this online lesson plan so you don't have to spend valuable time researching for your Amelia Earhart lesson activities.

Students: Follow the links to learn all about Ameila Earhart. When you've completed the lessons, play the games related to flight.

Amelia Earhart Lesson Activities: Book Review
I am Ameila Earhart by Brad Meltzer.

*History Component:

Learn about Ameila Earhart with a Brainpop movie.

Amelia Earhart Biography

Ameila Earhart Plane on History Detectives.

*Language Arts Component:

After watching the video and reading the biography of Ameila Earhart, write your own autobiography in a Google Doc or your Language Arts journal.

Teachers, here's a Free Printable Biography Template for classroom use.

*Educational Science Games about Airplanes:

Make your own Forces of Flight Board Game free printable from NASA.

How Things Fly Online Game

Forces of Flight Online Game

*Physical Education Component:

Play this Forces of Flight Game with your friends, it is sort of like Simon Says. The Pilot calls out the forces of flight, and the other players do the action. For detailed instructions visit Scouter Mom.

  • Thrust: Run forward
  • Drag: Run backward
  • Gravity: Fall down
  • Lift: Jump

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ADS DISCLOSURE: We've partnered with some wonderful advertisers who may sponsor blog posts or send us samples to test. Some companies pay us to review their products. *We also use affiliate links, if you make a purchase we get a tiny commission. Kids Creative Chaos participates in the Amazon LLC Associates Program*, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a mean for blogs to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon properties, including, but not limited to,,,,, or We also offer Tapinfluence, Google Adsense, SoFab, and Izea ads here. Thanks so much for helping us keep the lights on! :)

Happy Pharrell Williams Lyrics in His New Book: Giftable Crafts

What are the Lyrics to Happy by Pharrell Williams?

What makes you Happy? If you've heard the song, Happy by Pharrell Williams, it probably makes you happy! The song is fun and upbeat, and kids love it. So, of course, Pharell turned it into a children's book which we were given for review by Penguin Kids. We paired it with some kid made giftable picture frame craftsEnjoy!

Happy Pharrell Williams Lyrics in His New Book
Happy Pharrell Williams find the Lyrics in His New Book.

The bookHappy by Pharrell Williams* is colorful and vibrant, just like the song. Children are seen dancing throughout the book. The song is reminiscent of the song, "Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bobby Mcferin. Everytime we think of either song, we think of a happy face, better known as an emoji in today's world.

After reading the fun book for kids, we decided to make some crafts that are suitable for gift giving. Read the book with your family or class and then sit down together for some valuable bonding time while you make these easy, giftable crafts.

Giftable picture frame craft for preschool: Happy!
Giftable picture frame craft for preschool: Happy!

For Preschoolers- The picture frame above is colorful and fun- just like the story! Share a picture with your favorite person. 

To make it, purchase unstained, wooden picture frames from Michael's. Then, let your preschooler or toddler paint the frame with yellow tempra paint. Once dry, use a gluestick to stick on the pom poms and then add brightly colored circle stickers. 

It is super easy, sensory fun for toddlers, and it works fine motor skills.

Happy! Giftable Chalkboard Picture Frame Gifts to make at home.
Happy! Giftable Chalkboard Picture Frame.

Using another plain, wooden picture frame from Michael's, paint it with Chalkboard Paint. Then, draw happy faces and fun phrases! The background is the original store insert covered with wall paper.

Make a Picture Frame Gift Craft for the Holidays.
Make a Picture Frame Gift Craft for the Holidays.

The picture frame above is a plastic picture frame from the Dollar Tree. With a hot glue gun, glue a ribbon to each side of the frame. Then, add mini clothespins, and attach your favorite phrase or name. It makes a fun, graduation gift when you use the word, "Congratulations!"

So, what are you waiting for? Start crafting up some kid made giftable crafts for the holidays.

Hop over to Penguin Kids' Facebook page to win your own copy!


Happy by Pharrell CD*

Winter Themed Children's Books

ADS DISCLOSURE: We've partnered with some wonderful advertisers who may sponsor blog posts or send us samples to test. Some companies pay us to review their products. *We also use affiliate links, if you make a purchase we get a tiny commission. Kids Creative Chaos participates in the Amazon LLC Associates Program*, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a mean for blogs to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon properties, including, but not limited to,,,,, or We also offer Tapinfluence, Google Adsense, SoFab, and Izea ads here. Thanks so much for helping us keep the lights on! :)

Panda Craft Ideas: Companion Book Pom Pom Panda

Pom Pom Panda Gets the Grumps and Companion Crafts

Who doesn't love a cute, cuddly Panda! Maybe another grumpy Panda. Pom Pom Panda Gets the Grumps is a new book by Sophy Henn. What happens when you don't want company and you tell everyone to leave you alone? Read the book to find out and then make some companion Panda Crafts with these ideas. Enjoy!

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Panda Craft Ideas: Companion Book Pom Pom Panda
Panda Craft Ideas: Companion Book Pom Pom Panda.

Pom Pom Panda is grumpy. Help young children understand that it is okay to feel grumpy. Everyone has a bad day now and then. Read the story, make some crafts, and start a dialogue on the grumpy panda inside all of us.

In the meantime, make some cute Panda Crafts with these fun ideas!

Panda Footprint Activity.
Panda Footprint Activity.

Cute Footprint Panda for Preschool from the Pinterested Parent.

Panda Bear Ornament Craft
Panda Bear Ornament Craft. Photo from

Make a Panda Bear Ornament for your Christmas Tree. Just change out the white cotton balls on the ears, arms, and feet for black pom poms. 

Panda Paper Plate Craft Ideas
Paper plate panda craft. This panda is happy!


Mariah Carey Christmas Book Puppy Crafts and Activities

All I Want for Christmas is You, Children's Book Companion Craft

It was bound to happen. The most popular, modern day Christmas Song by Mariah Carey is now a beautifully illustrated book for children. If you know the Mariah Carey Christmas song, All I want for Christmas is you, then you almost know the story. Just insert a puppy! We've created some companion book puppy crafts for you. Scroll down for cute puppy craft activities and free printables. Enjoy!

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Mariah Carey Book All I Want for Christmas Puppy
All I Want for Christmas Book with Companion Crafts.

Colleen Madden brings the puppy story to life with vibrant, fun illustrations.The pictures tell the story. The "You" in the story is a brand new puppy for Christmas. Forget sugar plums, this little girl wants a puppy!

The best part is... you can sing the story together! It makes for a great bedtime story that will become a cherished family tradition. To make your tradition more memorable, we found some companion book  puppy craft activities you can do during the holidays.

Over at Sweets and Brains, you'll find these adorable PUPPY COOKIES. Hop over and get the recipe and then bake some up with your kids.

In the story, the little girl is making a Puppy. If you look carefully, you'll see that it's a Christmas stocking. So, we made a similar Christmas puppy stocking out of construction paper. Made from simple shapes, it was super easy paper craft to make!

Puppy Paper Craft for Christmas.
Puppy Paper Craft for Christmas.

Construction Paper Stocking Craft puppy

                                    Upside down, he becomes a stocking! The ears become the feet.

We also found some cute, Christmas puppy printable coloring sheets at Coloring Home.

Christmas puppy coloring page dog


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