Kids Creative Chaos Top 13 Posts: Lots of Pre School Activities and Ideas by Lora Langston, Director of The Play Connection, Inc.

Sensory Messy Play and Preschool Activities

We've had a great year teaching messy play and pre school classes for The Play Connection and hope 2013 will send even more blessings our way. 

Here is a listing of our top posts of all time. Many offer great ideas for fun, preschool activities, clipart, and lots of fun for kids! Enjoy!

Get to know us in 2013
Preschool Activities and Ideas, Homeschool Art, Free Clipart, Christmas Trees and Crafts, Fun for Kids, Marshmallows Ideas for Pre K to Elementary from Kids Creative Chaos, Lora Langston, The Play Connection
Top 13 Posts and Topics of all Time.
  1. Christmas Eye Candy ~ Photos of Christmas Trees in Snow Clipart
  2. Angie's Homemade Artisan Bread Recipe
  3. New Year Pre School Party Ideas and Activities for Kids
  4. Lots of Snowmen and Marshmallows Christmas Crafts and Activities for Kids
  5. Fun for Kids with Phineas and Ferb Printables
  6. Lots of photos of Bread Clipart
  7. Cute Valentine Clipart and Free Printables for Kids Classroom Valentines
  8. 9 New Year Activities for Kids with games for kids too
  9. Marshmallows = fun for kids SENSORY game great for preschoolers
  10. The Tooth Fairy Sagas ~ Free Toothfairy clipart and true Mommy Drama
  11. Activities for Kids = Make your own snow for Sensory play fun for kids
  12. Birthday Party games for Kids and Moms on a budget
  13. Our new Series Made the cut! Creative Country Sayings and Inspirational Quotes
Activities for pre school Pre K Kids Creative Chaos Lora Langston Edible Crafts fun for kids
Memories from 2008 - 2012.
I'm adding my favorite series too, even though it didn't make the list maybe it will next year!

Primary and Complementary Color Homeschool Art and Science Lesson.
Primary and Complementary Color Homeschool Art and Science Lesson.

(Pre K to Elementary)
There are many Homeschool Lessons in this series, so make sure you click the labels under each post. (Still Life, Water Coloring for Kids, Weaving, Self-Portrait activities, Building Models for Science, Christmas Gingerbread House how to diy, Color Theory Lessons, Primary Colors, and even some History  along the way - it's art to me how we've designed our lives throughout the years. I hope you will follow along on the journey.)

We published a Kitchen Kids Cookbook with mix and make recipes for kids- you can find links in the sidebar. We helped fundraise for Santa's Elves of Indy, we started Homeschooling through INCA (Indiana Connections Academy), and we moved to a house in the country. 

2013 holds many dreams as we look forward to gardening, raising chickens, goats, and hopefully bunnies and alpacas, get that YA novel published, and share a few of the many stage plays and skits for kids I've written over the years. Bring it! I am excited to get started :-) What does your future hold? Leave a comment and let us know.

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THANKS for making 2012 a fun year! 


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Lora Langston
Lora Langston

Lora is a homeschooling mom, writer, creator of Kids Creative Chaos, and Director of the Play Connection.

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