Elementary Social Studies Lesson on Fair Trade: Homeschooling Online

Fair Trade Chocolate Homeschool Lesson Online

Fair Trade Chocolate Homeschool Lesson Online
Fair Trade Chocolate Homeschool Lesson Online.
Think Fair Trade doesn't matter to you? You've heard something about Fairtrade Coffee, but you don't drink coffee so who cares- right? Wrong! I'm guessing you eat chocolate or know someone who does. Do you know who picked your chocolate? What is fair trade anyway? In this interactive online homeschool lesson, you'll learn all about fair trade practices and why you should buy fair trade whenever possible.

Suggested for Elementary Social Studies: Grades 3-6

Fair Trade Cocoa Unit

Teacher Resources:
Cocoa Curriculum and Lesson Plans from Global Exchange

Student Lesson:

What is Fair Trade? - Read this Free Printable PDF from BrainPop to find out.

Another example on What is Fair Trade from Funkidslive.com

Grab your daily journal (or a Google Doc.) and explain Fair Trade in your own words.

Read more with Ranger Rick: Comic on Cacao Trees in Ghana.

Name 3 Countries that benefit from Fair Trade practices.




Mathematics Component

Cool Bug Free Math Game on Probability from Brock University.

Language Arts Component

Imagine you were a child in Ghana working in the Cocoa Industry. Describe a typical day of work. Use the information above to help with your paper. Do a safe search with Kidrex.org to research more about fair trade. Make sure your paper has a beginning (intro), middle (main body), and end (summary). We like to say, tell me what you are going to tell me, tell me, and tell me again! Open a Google Doc. or write in your daily journal.

Science Component


Social Studies Just for Fun Online Games

For BrainPop subscribers, try this Game about Supply and Demand.

Make a difference play this fun Fair Trade Chocolate Game and help spread the word.

Recommended Reading:

Math with M and M's Chocolate

The Chocolate Touch

Fair Trade: A Beginner's Guide

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