Presidents of the United States Homeschool History Lesson

Learn the Presidents of the United States

The history of the United States is exciting and complicated. The U.S. Presidents mold America into an amazing, free country- full of opportunities. It is important to learn the accomplishments and contributions of each President. In this homeschool history lesson, we focus on the Presidents of United States. Be sure to click on the linked text to get information needed to answer the questions. Enjoy!

Presidents of the United States Homeschool History Lesson. Presidents Presidents of the United States Homeschool History Lesson.

Presidents of the United States Homeschool History Lesson

The best place to discover important facts about the United States Presidents is at the White House. Click the link to see a list of the Presidents in order. Use the descriptions to answer the following questions in your journal or a Google Doc.

1. Who was the fourteenth president of the United States?

2. When did Franklin Pierce die?

3. List the 22nd and 24th President.

4. Barack Obama is President number ___?

5. In what county was Abraham Lincoln born?

6. On what holiday did Franklin D. Roosevelt marry Eleanor?

7. List the 2nd and 6th Presidents of the United States.

8. What famous lines did John F. Kennedy speak in his Inaugural Address?

9. How old was George W. Bush when he became President?

10. Name the running mate of President Jimmy Carter (James).

11. Benjamin Harrison was the grandson of what President?


Find out what it is like to be President for a Day with PBS Kids.

President Game from


This Mount Rushmore President Game is cool! After you complete the game, make sure you click on each president to learn more about them.


What is President's Day?

Which President's birthdays were combined to make a National holiday?


Our most famous Presidents are memorable for many reasons. Some made great changes in history, some were impeached, some were assassinated, and other's served for many years. Copy the list below into a Google Doc and then list the Presidential Number, President's years in office (term), Vice President, Dog's name, and one or two things that made him well-known.

For example:  

Barack Obama, 44th President 2009-Present, Joe Biden, Bo, and The Affordable Care Act or First African American President.

Find more about them from, Presidents. If you are not a Brainpop subscriber, you can still click the links and learn a little about each President. However, you won't be able to watch the fun video about the President unless it is offered free. The "Presidents" link above offers lesson plans too. The list below is also linked to Brainpop videos.

*Take the Brainpop quizzes whenever possible.


Recommended for 3rd - 8th Grade, but good info for all grades:

Recommended for 6th - 12th Grade:

In your journal, list these parties in chronological order:

Whigs (Know-Nothings)


After all you've learned, you are ready to make Executive Commands! Play this fun game about Presidents.


Just for fun

Gather the birth years of all your family members. Find out who the President was each year. Hint: The Whitehouse website above can help.

What President is on what money? Draw a picture and cut out your fun money! 


Recommended Reading:

The New Big Book of U.S. Presidents: Fascinating Facts about Each and Every President, Including an American History Timeline


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