Jealous Quote: People Aren't Jealous of Hard Work

Don't Hide Accomplishments: People Aren't Jealous of Hard Work Quote

Here at Kids Creative Chaos, I've had some sort of blog since about 2006. If you count those old 'homepages' on Microsoft, well then, I'm a dinosaur! In 2011, I started thinking of blogging as an opportunity. By 2012, I had enough experience to have two posts go viral. Back then, I said it just happened- I had no idea how. But, that's not true. It was just easier to let people think that. So, I wanted to share this quote about jealousy. "You'll always find people who are jealous of your accomplishments. Know what people aren't jealous of? Hard work!"

It happened with very hard work. Lots of it! In 2013, I was 'lucky' enough to have more viral posts and return some amazing results for page rank and statistics. Still, I didn't know much about blogging. I just worked really hard at it. Luck had nothing to do with it. So hard in fact, that I almost didn't survive to 2014. I knew things had to change. I had spread myself way too thin.

I kept blogging, but I also asked for help from others when I needed it. And, I taught myself to recognize when I needed it. :)

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quote about jealousy. "You'll always find people who are jealous of your accomplishments. Know what people aren't jealous of? Hard work!"
Jealous Quote: People Aren't Jealous of Hard Work.

In 2015, I declared myself a 'Professional Blogger.' Now, that's what I say when people ask me what I do for a living. That's pretty cool. They always want to blog too. It seems so easy that anyone can do it. Everyone wants advice. I've helped countless people start a blog. Generally, they write one post (if any) and call it quits. Sometimes, I even write the first post for them to give a little extra motivation and emotional support. But, there's usually a lot of moping. A lot of self-loathing. And even more excuses. Basically, most people are too lazy and the rest are too busy.

Blogging takes time. A lot of it. When you think 'free time,' I think 'time to work on the blog.' I've taken financial risks. I've lived without a lot of things that I wanted (or needed) for a very long time. I've learned there are no shortcuts- even for those who have a boat load of money to throw at their website. Hard work is what separates the few from the masses.

People often say they are jealous. They wish they had the time. They wish they had my ability or my connections. They wish they could get as lucky as me with their blog. Offensive. I'm not lucky. I'm still not making it with my blog. There are so many who have surpassed me over the years, but I'm not jealous. I know that they have put in the time.

I know what it takes to achieve that level of success. Up until now, I haven't quite been able to pull it off. This year, (in 2017) I'm bumping up what I do. I'll be doing more, reaching higher, and pushing harder. I'll take more risks, invest more time, and even some money.

I haven't invested much money. Know why? I didn't have anything to invest. People hear that and they assume my idea of 'much money' must be different than theirs. It probably is, but not like they think. I am extremely frugal. My blog fees are $15 per year. A few times a year, I boost a post on Facebook. For $1. Never more than $1. For 2017, I'm going to boost a few for 5 whole dollars.

That's my goal. I know, I know, it is pretty lofty, but I can do it! My blog brings in more than $5 dollars a month now. ;)

Now, my blog pays some bills and puts food on the table. This year, I want/need it to pay a mortgage. While I'm working on that goal, I do social media management and marketing for other websites and bloggers. It pays the bills, but it can be very time consuming. It leaves little time for work on the blog. I homeschool (two kids with me 24/7), work from home full-time, have a hobby farm and tons of pets, and an old farmhouse that needs fixing up all the time.

I used to think people with 'real' jobs were busier than me because I had to rest a lot. I was sick for a very long time. To get anything accomplished required a lot of rest and a lot of downtime. Then one day, I realized, even with all of my resting, I did more than most people do in a day. I beat myself up for not keeping the house crystal clean. Some people do that. People without kids or pets. Some people with kids and pets do that too. But, that's what they're known for, keeping a clean house. I'll never be known for that!! Other people just pay someone to clean their houses. I just have a messy house. Get over it. or don't. It doesn't matter to me.

I make the time for social media because it is a job that I can do. Even when I am sick or bedridden.

While waiting for dinner in a restaurant. While everyone else is sleeping in the witching hour or before they all get up. When my peers are out enjoying the night life. When I'm the passenger on a road trip. When I get in from a day at Disney World or during a relaxing visit with friends. When I should be cleaning the house- you get the picture.

That's not to say that I am always online. I've learned to take breaks and find a balance, but it isn't easy. It isn't always fun. It's a more than full-time job smashed in to less than full-time time. So, don't be jealous! Don't call me lucky. Know that you CAN do it- if you are willing to make the sacrifices that I've made.

If you aren't, you'll need a lot of luck.

It could happen.

Yeah, probably not.

Just do your own thing. Find your passion and focus on your own accomplishments. Stop focusing on what you consider to be personal failures. When I say, #getalife, it isn't a slam. I just mean, find your own thing. That thing that you do, that you can do, that you will do no matter what. It isn't a contest. I don't want to do your thing. I won't be jealous. I don't have time for that crap.

My mind is too full of the things I want to accomplish. Go get your mind busy too. You won't have time for jealousy or to feel sorry for yourself. I promise!

Have I failed? Yes, yes, yes.

What separates me is my ability to bounce back, dust myself off, and keep trying.

I must be super human. I must not feel things the same way others do. I must be as cold as ice (willing to sacrifice).

Wrong, wrong, and wrong again. I just put one foot in front of the other...

Just call me Santa Claus.

Happy New Year 2017! 

Make it great.

You CAN do it! (If you really want to!)


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