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Bowling with Pro Bowlers: Osku Palmerma = Perfect way to start Spring Break

Angie's Corner
PBA Pro-Am Osku Palmermaa
With  Pro Bowler Osku Palmermaa
Last Friday, my 9 yr old daughter, got to bowl in a tournament for a chance to win scholarship money with Pro Bowlers that were in town for a PBA tournament. She just got a new heavier ball. So, after school Thursday, I took the kids to the local bowling alley so my daughter could get the feel of her new ball.  My son got to bowl without bumpers to get ready for next fall.

kids with Pro Bowler Ryan Schafer
Angie's kids with Pro Bowler Ryan Schafer
Pro Bowler Dick Allen
With  favorite Pro Bowler Dick Allen

For being nervous she started out great! She bowled a 156 but dropped in scores a bit as she bowled her next two games. In all, she got to bowl with 6 Pro Bowlers.

She quickly developed a crush on the 1st Pro Bowler and at the end left there in awe. The last Pro Bowler complimented her and as he tried to get her dad to meet someone about a camp, her coach (from youth league and who she bowled with) quickly stepped in to hear about it.

It was a great night for everyone; the Pro Bowlers had a great time with the kids, the kids got to meet and see Pro Bowlers. I was disappointed I didn't get to see my bowling crush, but I got to see a few bowlers I grew up watching. We will be doing this again next year if the opportunity presents itself. :)

Introducing Angie's Blog Posts

Today ~ I'd like to introduce Angie as a contributor to Kid's Creative Chaos.  She has been posting recipes for several weeks now and I felt it was time to bring her in as a true blogger. I thought it might be fun to bring a new perspective on living life in true mommy chaos. Don't fret, she'll still post those yummy recipes on Tuesdays, but on Thursdays she'll share some of the fun activities she and her family do together. Angie's kids are into sports and lots of recreational fun.

'Day in the life with two spirited kids'
by Angie of Kids Creative Chaos (the mind behind Angie's Recipes)

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Yes, normally on Tuesday's and Thursday's I put up recipes but I was asked if I would like to post what we do with our kids on Thursday's to switch it up.  I have never actually done a blog of any sort before so please bare with me as I stumble through this. :-)

I will just do a quick introduction of my family today, only because the only things we have done together as a family of late is homework, and I don't think my kids would appreciate me taking their picture during full on "Homework Meltdown". lol.

I am a stay at home with 2 very spirited kids, a daughter 9 soon to be 10 (but thinks she is going on 16 sometimes. lol) and a son that just turned 6 (with the personality and charm that could make him sly like a fox as he gets older. lol).  But, both are extremely sensitive and caring kids who make sure they don't purposely hurt the feelings of others.

Right now, we haven't gone and done much together, well because up until recently it has been cold and we tend to go into "hibernation" of sorts over the winter.  My kids do bowl on a Saturday Youth League so that is where you will find us on Saturday mornings.  My daughter does tournaments where she can earn College scholarships and my son is in a different league for younger kids, but next year he moves up to his sister's league where he can start bowling tournaments. Bowling ends the beginning of May, and then my daughter starts up fast pitch softball and my son wants to attempt football.

As a family we like to camp, attempt gardening, (we start out great and by late summer it all goes down hill) and visit places- even if they are quick, weekend getaways. Spring Break is coming and I have a couple of places I would like to take the kids. Crossing my fingers they will get along and have a good time- periodically our outings end up with one or both kids going into a meltdown over something and ends with my husband or I mad and disappointed the trip didn't go the way we had envisioned it would when we planned it.

Stay tuned as we share our camping, 4-H, and sports activities with you each Thursday.