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Math App for Kindergarten: Zap Zap Math

Fun Learning Game App for Math

This post was sponsored by Zap Zap Math, but all opinions are our own.

Zap Zap Math app for kids in K-6 has a new app just for kindergarten. As homeschoolers, we're always looking for new ways to learn mathematics. The kids always have a tablet, phone, or laptop at their fingertips. And, they are always playing a game. Zap Zap math combines math with fun learning games. The math games are easy to play, full of repetition, and a great way to supplement in the classroom or use for students who need some extra practice. Enjoy!

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We've been using Zap Zap Math with Mayhem who struggles with math principles. She hates math, but she's actually pretty good at it. She doesn't want to practice or get started. "I already know how to do it." Well, sort of, Mayhem. But math isn't something you learn with one lesson and then move on to something new. Practice makes perfect. So, an educational, fun math app is the perfect solution!

The younger they start, the more fun they have with apps. This little one is addicted to smartphone apps! So, she loves Zap Zap Math for Kindergarten.

Zap Zap Math has been around for awhile. You can get the K-6 math app for free. The latest math game app for kindergartners is only $2.99. This is a fun way to introduce younger children to math concepts. The intergalactic math games are fun to play and full of repetition.

The first time you sign in to Zap Zap Math for Kindergarten, you'll probably have to walk your child through it. The instructions for playing aren't clear and although there is some text that pops up to explain how to play- well, if you can't read, you probably won't be able to play the first game. The next level has a mini tutorial - so kids should be able to figure it out on their own.

As math game play continues, you work to reach new levels. Once you master the concept, reaching new math levels is rather rapid. So, it doesn't get boring like some other math apps for kids.

Our take: The Zap Zap Math app for kindergarten is fast-paced and fun for everyone. With a little help from an adult, preschoolers will enjoy this math app it too!


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Great Read for eReaders: Alicewinks eBook is a modern update to Alice in Wonderland. apps

Did you know it is the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland, the legendary Lewis Carroll children's novel? 

Looking for ebook recommendations for kids? In celebration, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is now a multimedia iBook. Alicewinks brings the timeless illustrations of Alice’s Adventures to life for a new generation. Take a look and check out this interactive media book in iBooks.

Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Read Alicewinks on tablet
Alice Winks is a great ebook recommendation for kids.

The beautiful, early 20th-century pictures include one-hundred and ninety-three original, animated illustrations from twelve different artists, and the images are brought to life by nineteen voice actors. It is more like watching a movie than reading an ebook.

What we love about the book:
  • Cultural Immersion. My kids associate Johnny Depp with Alice and Wonderland. While, they love the Cheshire Cat, they thought he was the "Thresher Cat".  With Alicewinks, they learn about classical literature in it's purist form.
  • The voice of Alice brings the story to life. Hearing the inflection as she speaks makes some of the subtle humor easier for kids to understand.
  • The story is long, but reading the iBook version allows you to pause whenever you like.
  •  In May of 2013, Alicewinks received the Kirkus Star for exceptional merit.
  • The book is interactive. Kids can easily skip forwarded and back among the pages.
  • When I asked the kids if they wanted to skip ahead, they both shouted "no".  Translation = 1-hour of peace and quiet.
"Everything's got a moral, if only you can find it." 
- The Duchess.  

So, what is the moral to this post?  "One story is good until another is told."  The re-telling of Alice in Wonderland in digital format is a great way to share a good, classical story with your kids.

In celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland, Alicewinks brings the story’s classic illustrations to life for digital audiences through animated video and rich narration. To download this one of a kind app iBook, click here.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Alicewinks. The opinions and text are all mine.

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