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Countdown to Christmas Gift Advent Calendar with Toilet Roll Tubes and Wrapping Paper

Toilet Roll Cardboard Tube Advent Calendar for Kids

Make an Advent calendar from recycled cardboard tubes and wrapping paper. It is an Easy Christmas craft for kids. Enjoy!

How to make an Advent Calendar from recycled cardboard tubes and wrapping paper
Easy Preschool Advent Calendar from cardboard tubes.
So, we save our toilet tubes. Yes, I am one of those people (I save my jars too) here is a post from one who is not, it made me LOL. Just imagine the possibilities?

Jar lids make great messy spoon holders, paint mixing trays, and chimes. Jars make amazing things! When I was a kid, my Dad had a glass cutting kit, and he'd make all kinds of "fancy" glasses from jars. (You know, just like Waterford Crystal.) 

Toilet Tubes are even better. They just cry out for re-purposation. Do you like that word? I just invented it. There, now I copyrighted it too. 12/2012. Maybe, I can trademark it?  "You're fired!" Wait, what was I saying? Toilet Tubes and Cardboard Tubes = Awesome craftability.

So... we save our toilet roll tubes. Except we moved, and then we didn't, so I had to start all over. I barely had enough for 25 days, and they were all different diameters and lengths. We had fun, but it wasn't perfect. Remember, it's the fun that counts.

To make our Advent Calendar tree, we took an idea from something similar we saw on Pinterest and it sparked an idea.  You know, how that goes. Hmmmmm, very pinteresting. I wonder how I can recreate it to make it my own?  

Cardboard tube Advent Calendar Tree.
Cardboard tube Advent Calendar Tree.
Ow, my brain just exploded a little! I'm going to get my crafty blogging buddies together and make a contest. I'll call it, "The American Crafter" and we'll find something pinteresting and give everyone an assignment to make it their own and you can vote but not by phone- maybe just by comments. Copyright, Trademark, and Hashtag that please.


He digressed so often that it was hard to follow what he was saying. 

To turn aside especially from the main subject of attention or course of argument.

I do that a lot when I write on Sundays. It's my little form of meditation. So who's in? Are you up for a Voice/American Idol style Crafter contest? 

I'll make the winner a handmade, toilet tube crown with a fancy jar torch. (wink, wink)

What? You came here to make an Advent Calendar or a cute holiday decoration?  Here goes:

You will need 25 Toilet Roll Tubes minus the toilet paper, but I guess you could use the toilet rolls, now wouldn't that be pinteresting?

Tape or a Hot Glue Gun

Wrapping Paper or Scrap

(Yes, of course, I save the little bits of paper from the previous year that aren't big enough to wrap a package. They are so pretty, I can't bare to throw them away. No, I talk about hoarding, but I'm not really a hoarder not yet anyway. My cat is alive and well, The food in my fridge isn't expired, and you can walk through the rooms of our house just fine. Well, most of them.)

Construction Paper

1.  Cut little squares of wrapping paper and roll onto your tubes. Attach with tape.

2.  Decide how many will be in each row to taper to one on top.

3.  Attach the bottom row together with a little piece of tape inside the end of two tubes.

4.  Stack the next row. Repeat step 3. Choose to glue first row to second row or use tape.

5.  Repeat.

6.  Cut out a Star or Angel from Construction Paper and glue to top of Christmas Tree.

7.  Fill each slot with little gifts or fun notes until Christmas Day.

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Look What You Can Make With Tubes: Creative crafts from 
everyday objects

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Homeschool History Lesson: Levi Coffin House and the Underground Railroad Indiana

Take a Field Trip: Tour the History of the Underground Railroad and Levi Coffin in Richmond, Indiana

Our latest history homeschool adventure included a field trip to the historic, Levi Coffin House near Richmond, Indiana. It is said to be part of the Underground Railroad.

An eight-room, Federal-style, brick home near Richmond in Newport (Fountain City), Indiana became a safe haven to thousands of escaped slaves on their journey to Canada. The home of Levi and Catharine Coffin, North Carolina Quakers who opposed slavery quickly became the most well-known stop on the Underground Railroad.  During the 20 years they lived in Newport, the Coffins helped more than 2,000 slaves reach safety. Read More About it: Levi Coffin House

Levi Coffin House Historic Site and Underground Railroad History Lesson

Take a Field Trip: Tour the History of the Underground Railroad and Levi Coffin in Richmond, Indiana
Learn about the Underground Railroad with a trip to Levi Coffin's Indiana home.

Harriet Beecher Stowe's famous story, Uncle Tom's Cabin is based on, "Eliza" one of the many slaves who hid in the Coffin home. Scholastic offers a great companion piece for an Underground Railroad Lesson. Myths of the Underground Railroad. A good story for younger children is Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky.

A story of the Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman.
A story of the Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman.

Nineteenth century wooden rocker cradle in the Levi Coffin house.
Nineteenth century wooden rocker cradle in the Levi Coffin house.
The tour guides at this historic site are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Prepare to spend at least an hour learning the Coffin family history. On our visit, we were not prepared expecting only a quick walk through the house. Our little one (pictured above) was not up to the challenge. However, rather than becoming irritated at her outbursts the tour guide began speaking directly to her and encouraging participation by pointing out kid friendly historic facts and interesting artifacts like the horse hair poking out of the wall which was used to reinforce and bind the plaster.

Levi Coffin.
Levi Coffin.

Two handled "shovel" for scooping grain.  A chore for children.
Two handled "shovel" for scooping grain.  A chore for children.
Sewing bird to help hold fabric.
Sewing bird to help hold fabric.
Rocking bench with baby guard.
Rocking bench with baby guard.

Iron handcuffs.
Iron handcuffs.

Stairs to the attic.
Stairs to the attic.
Stairs to the attic.
Catharine Coffin's Wardrobe.

Room where runaways (often children) spent the night.
Room where runaways (often children) spent the night.

Underground Railroad = Secret attic access slide bed over to hide the door.
Underground Railroad = Secret attic access slide bed over to hide the door.

Field Trip Ideas for the Underground Railroad

For older students, I encourage you to visit Conner Prairie's immersion history program, Follow the North Star in Indianapolis, Indiana. As an interpreter at Conner Prairie, I participated on both sides portraying a woman who helped runaways find their way to a nearby Quaker family and as a tour guide/runaway experiencing the journey first hand leading a group of runaways thru the prairie at night. Nothing will help your student understand the importance of this historical event like Follow the North Star.

Another great place to visit is The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Anime Art Lessons and Curriculum for Homeschool Elementary Cartoon Animation Keroro

Homeschool Elementary Art: How to draw Cartoon Animation

Allow your kids to watch cartoons on tv with sketch book. Here is our favorite anime character Keroro. The kids study the drawing style and copy it. Try different cartoons for different techniques.

Keroro Anime Cartoon Characters How to draw lesson
Homeschool Art Lesson with Anime Cartoon Drawing and Keroro.

If your kids are like mine they love to watch cartoons. My kids love the obscure cartoons found on Netflix. One of their favorites (which is questionable if you pay close attention) is the Japanese Anime cartoon, Sergeant Frog or Keroro. For Wikipedia Description Click Here

He says lots of wacky stuff. Luckily, most of it is difficult to understand, and it rarely makes sense. I'm not advocating watching the program, but I am advocating allowing them to watch cartoons while working on an ART LESSON.

Keroro or Sgt. Frog
Sgt. Frog a.k.a Keroro

When I was a kid, I wanted to become a SPECIAL EFFECTS ARTIST.  My younger cousin wanted to become a VIDEO GAME DESIGNER both of us were shot down by parents, teachers, and principals. Who said things like, "Do you know how many people want to be that and how many people actually are?" or my favorite from my high school principal, "Well.. they told Johnny Cougar he'd never make it and he did, but still I don't think you should drop Band for more Art classes." Say what?

Free Martin Luther King Day stage play for kids "Dreamkeepers" 15 minute Classroom Skit

Free script for Martin Luther King Day: a great elementary class room stage play

Do you need a quick skit for your elementary class to learn about Martin Luther King Jr.? This MLK play, Dreamkeepers, is approximately 15 minutes and teaches about the famous speech "I Have a Dream".  Follow the links for the printable MLK script for kids. Enjoy!

Free Martin Luther King Day stage play for kids "Dreamkeepers" 15 minute Classroom Skit
Martin 'Luther King Play Skit Script for Kids for MLK Day.

Scroll down for Free Play Script Printable for Kids. We also have a Martin Luther King Day Activity for Kids.

Martin Luther King Day plays and skits for kids stage play
MLK Clipart

15 Minute Classroom Plays

Seasonal Celebrations
 Volume 1

All skits are based on a monthly theme with lessons in language, social studies, art and science sprinkled throughout the pages. It's 'Edutainment'. Make a paper handrpint dreamcatcher craft to go along with your lesson.

Enjoy a free copy of the first script in the series: 

In Google Drive: Martin Luther King stage play skit for Kids. 

Volume One:  
"Dreamkeepers" (MLK Day Play for Children)
"Hide and Seek Hearts" (Valentine's Day Play for Kids)
"Rainbow Stew" (St. Patrick's Day Skit for Elementary).

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