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Flower Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gift Guide, Flower Edition

When is Mother’s Day? This year, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9. Looking for something special besides

flowers for Mom? This gift guide will help you find the perfect present. Whether you get gorgeous gold earrings

or a beautiful spring blouse, you can still give her flowers! Save I love you and gift your mom with these unique,

floral gift ideas for Mother’s Day.  (This post contains Amazon affiliate links for your convenience.)

Giving flowers on Mother’s Day is a tradition. But cut flowers fade and are a waste of money. If a bouquet of roses

on Mother's Day is a family tradition, you can still give your mom flowers this mother’s day! Gift your mom flowers

with these adorable, beautiful gold earrings with a cascade of flowers on the earring backing.

Gold jewelry gift ideas

gold earrings for mom gift

gold floral earrings flower gift guide

floral gold earrings for mothers day gift

Love this daisy print shirt, a variety of floral shirts are available on Amazon. If you've been procrastinating, Amazon is a great place to order online. With Prime, many gifts will arrive the next day. Some cities even have 2 hour delivery services. If this particular pattern doesn't match your Mom's style, you can see the variety of floral blouse patterns by clicking here.

cute daisy top dressy shirt

For another flower gift that keeps on giving, give Mom this Cut Flower Garden book. If she loves to garden or has just been thinking of starting a flower garden, this book serves as a guide to

achieve the best seasonal blooms year round.

If you always give your mom roses for Mother’s Day, kick it up a notch with a gold tipped rose They come in a variety of colors including: red, lavender, pink, and white.

gold tip rose I hate steven singer

Another flower gift option, is Kenzo flower perfume spray. The scent is a mix of orange flowers and sweet spice that apparently smells like sweet dessert. The bottle is pretty cool too. It makes an elegant gift.

For flowers that will last, this flower box garden kit is perfect for the crafty mom in your life. She can grow her
own flowers year after year. If you have children, they can decorate the flower box together. Whatever
you choose, be sure to tailor it to your mom's personality and interests. The more thoughtful the gift the
more meaningful it will be to your mother.

So, go out and make this the best mother's day ever. For more gift ideas for Mother's Day, check out
our recommended reading list.

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Easy Earth Day Pin Craft or Celebrate Multicultural Week for Kids / Teens

Make a cool Earth Day pin to celebrate your next multicultural program! 

Made with wooden buttons and yarn, even teens will enjoy this cute multicultural craft project for kids. Its got personality!

Easy Earth Day Pin Multicultural week easy craft for kids and teens to celebrate
Just paint wooden buttons and circles in different skin tones.

Pin is made from a small wooden circle sold by the bag in craft stores. A gold pin back also sold by the bag in craft stores, Wooden Button Beads, Yarn, Tempera or Acrylic paints, Hot glue or Tacky Glue.
  • Paint your circle to look like the Earth with beautiful blues and greens.
  • After it dries, glue on the wooden buttons - as many as you like - we chose 3.
  • Give each bead "hair" from yarn or embroiderery thread (craft doll hair scraps work too!) 
  • Use permanent markers to draw on faces, freckles, expressions.
  • Remember to make each one different; paint the beads different skin tones.
  • Lastly, affix the pin to the back with hot or tacky glue.

Kids can wear this in honor of a Multi-Cultural week or to celebrate Earth Day!

Wood Craft Cute Earth Day Multi-cultural pin
Backing of multicultural, Earth Day pin.

Change it up and put a magnet on the back for your locker or fridge. 

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